Wednesday, December 12, 2018

NASA Exposed Definitively??

Did Voyager 2 Hyper-Drive To Interstellar Space???

Voyager Two 52/56/151/119 Unexistent (47/61/119/151 Dupability, Impossible) (151=36p Mockery) (Org/ROrg 99/171 Improvability, Remanufacturing, Corporification)

Interstellar space 71/197/127 Manufactured (71/109/197/262 Conceptualisation, Unembarrassedness) (80/91/197/262 Overembellishment, Photoluminescence) (F 223=48p Hoax/The Synagouge Of Satan) (Org/ROrg 205/254 Overscepticalness, Unconquerableness)

after four decades 70/92/151/281 Nonalgebraically (92/151/281 Radiotelegraphic) (151=36p Mockery) (70/151/146 Jesus Christ) (70/92/151/146 Improvising) (70/92/151/173 Conspirative) (70/119/151 Dupability, Impossible) (70/92/209 Artificiality) (Org/ROrg 188/244=94/122 Overintellectualized, Condescensiveness, Overpictorialize, Unbelievableness)

Details can be viewed in the Youtube video
Is this the definitive decode that exposes NASA as a fraud that dupes the readers into thinking that they launched Voyager2 forty years ago??? The numbers reveals that Voyager2 is a contrived entity that is Overintellectualized and Overpictorialize as well as an Unexistent spacecraft. What other proof is there that exposes NASA????

Monday, December 10, 2018

141 And 156 Prime Numbers For 811 And 911 Coded In World War III

Chichijima Incident: Was George H.W. Bush Captured?

Chichijima Incident 151/335=115/335=23/67 Joker, Lying (Su/RSu 906/2010=96/210 Fabricative, Misadventurous, Unconvincibility) (97/151/173 Conspirative) (97/119/151 Impossible) (97/110/151 Unfeasibleness) (79/110/137 Preposterous) (79/137 Collaboration, Laughing) (79/110/128 Characteriser) (97/151/146 Improvising) (Org/ROrg 223/263 Conceptualizations)

killed and consumed five American airmen 332/613=323/361=17/19 Bogus (28/82/161 Doubtable) (82/170/208 Fictionization) (188/271 Demasculinisation) (127/197 Manufactured) (197/235 Counterfactually, Questionableness) (Org/ROrg 423/522=423/225=141/75 Untruths, Fictionizing)

WORLD WAR I 51/57/123/120 Conjurers, Collusion (51/123/120 Trickster) (57/132 Propagandize) (51/57/123 Conspiracy, Invented) (51/57 Phony, Dishonestly, Preplanned) (Org/ROrg 114/129 Robotized (129/141 Questioned))

WORLD WAR II 60/66/132/138 Operations, Preknowing, Dishonesty (60/132/138 Followings) (60/66/132 Woundless) (60/66/123 Invented, Conjurers, Trickster, Glorifiable, Characters) (60/66 Fictionable, Preplanned, Directorial) (Org/ROrg 123/147 Duplifying, Conspiracy, Divinizing)

WORLD WAR III 75/69/156/141 Extemporize (69/75/114/156 Exploitage) (60/75/156 Fictitiously) (75/114/156 Practicabilities) (141/75 Untruths) (48/51/141 Questioned) (75/69/213 Lamebrained) (69/75 Laughable) (69/57/132 Propagandize) (69/75/165 Preplanned, Directorial) (Org/ROrg 132/165 Mythicalism)

The Chichijima Incident is a fictional account of George H.W. Bush’s misadventures during WWII. The roleplaying future president went along with the charade and did it well when the mainstream medias propaganda machine makes him into a POW in distress. Details can be seen in the Youtube video

Why decode the three World Wars??? The answer is in the decodes and the word PREPLANNED appears in all three wars. The significant War is yet to come if it comes at all. Note the 141 which is the prime number for 811 and the 156 is the prime number for 911. Truthers are anticipating on the date August 11, 2019 which is foretold to bring about the Jewish Messiah which he will enter through the Golden Arches. Will WWIII start on that date also or will it be delayed until 9/11, 2019???
WWIII has very curious codes that should raise alarm bells or tinker bells. Stay ALIVE for 2019 is going to be an interesting year.

Friday, December 7, 2018

You Wanted To Know OR Who Cares...

Is Barbara Bush The Daughter Of Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley 89/91/215/190 Improvisatorize (89/91/190 Fictitiousness) (91/152 Flimflams, Deception) (73/152 Mythification) (89/91/190 Ridiculousness) (89/91/170 Conceptualistic)
(Org/ROrg 152/253 Hallucinational)

Daughter of Aleister Crowley 295/380=59/76 Taunt, Conspirators (Su/RSu 1770/2280=177/228 Unnaturalizable) (133/137 Its Not Real, Government, Preposterous) (124/146 Mesmeriser, Fictionist) (142/209 Artificiality) (182/142 Unworshipful) (Org/ROrg 280/395=820/935=164/187 Nonuniformist)

Barbara Pierce Bush 77/112/130 Preconceivable (77/149/121 Purposeful) (68/77/166 Character) (77/211/194 Hypermystically) (31/86/103 Phonies) (Org/ROrg 223/236/263 Overmystification, Conceptualizations)

mother of George W. Bush 104/103/238 Superartificial (103/113/238 Overintellectualized) (85/104/121/230 Characterized) (113/103/130 Bull Shit, Dishonest, Operation) (113/157 Mainstream, Not Factual) (Org/ROrg 220/293=220/392=110/196 Sensationalists, Pretendingness)

George graduated from Yale 233/388=332/388=83/97=83/79 Dupers, Characterizing (172/233 Superinfluenced) (116/181 Bamboozling, Underacting) (116/154 Fictionize, Untalented) (161/109 Untruthful) (163/161 Impersonator) (Org/ROrg 249/372=83/124=38/124 Laughter, Con Artist)

The numbers says that Barbara Bush is person that portrayed Geroge H,W. Bush’s wife and that she is not the daughter of Aleister Crowley. The clincher is her motherhoood to George W. Bush which is a fraud as the 113 coding can attest. A further decode of George H.W. B|ush’s Yale graduation does not paint the former president as Yale Skull And Bone Man. These people are chosen as roleplayers to suit the Shadow Government’s agenda.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Perilous Perils Of Pauline Bush???

Robin Bush...Is She A Real Person?

Pauline Robinson Bush 90/108/234/279 Overintellectualize (90/108/243/243 Overoptimistically) (234/279=78/93 Invented, Improbable, Characterizable) (90/99 Mockery) (108/153/279 Classificational) (81/108/135 Nefarious) (18/108 Faked) (90/108/162 Hoodwinked) (90/108/216 Unimaginable) (99/108/243 Sensationalistic) (108/144/180 Lifelessness) (90/81/180/171 Improvisation) (Org/ROrg 264/249=88/83 Artificialize, The Great Deceiver, Condescendingness, Prefabrication)

Pauline Bush 47/61/128/169 Crookedness, Nonsensible (74/79/182/169 Improvisatize) (70/74/169 Pretendingness) (74/88/128 Artificialize) (70/74/128 Tricksters) (65/88/128 Characteriser) (61/56/97 Fairy Tale) (61/65/97 Mocker) (56/61/128 Dupable) (128/97 The Great Deceiver) (RE 2230=223=48p Hoax/ The Synagogue Of Satan) (ROrg 151=36p Mockery) (Org/ROrg 146/151 Improvising, Jesus Christ)

Robin Bush 45/54/108/135 Nefarious (45/54/81/135 Ridicule) (45/45/81/135 Knockoff) (45/72/180 Lifelessness) (72/108/135 Characterising) (54/54/153 Purpose Plan) (45/54/108/153 Holy Bible) (45/54/153 Deceptious) (54/72/108/216 Unimaginable) (54/45/108 Hoodwinked) (63/108/180 Disembarrassment) (45/27/108 Faked) (63/108/207 Incredulousness) (63/81/162/216 Premanufacture) (Org/ROrg 142/101 Shameless) (110/214 Unbelievable, Characterise))

advanced leukemia 59/94/131/301 Bull Shit (59/94/113/184 Green Screen) (59/49/113/130 Operation, Dishonest) (68/131 Programming) (59/94/131 Unrealistic, Illusionable) (59/131/139 Fictitious) (Org/ROrg 167/265 Nontraceableness, Impracticalities)

Died two month before her fourth birthday 407/538=740/835=148/167 Skepticizing, Ungenuineness (191/268 Theatricalization) (119/178 Superficial, Star Of David) (119/124 Mythicism, Vaporware, Quizzable, Duplicity, Con Artist) (119/205 Hoodwinkable, Preconceived) (119/187 Characteristically)(119/223 Conceptualizations) (Org/ROrg 521/424=512/424=128/106 Artificialize, Characteriser)

Details are in the youtube video linked below. In this decode...I wanted to prove that the daughter of Barbara Bush is a contrived person possibly made up by the Bush Clan for the greater glory of being a family. I think that they made up Robin Bush and that she’s a character in their family. The decodes enhances my thoughts that she’s a fictitious person contrived so that she...Robin was a mmember that passed away from ADVANCED LEUKEMIA.