Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Photo Arrangement And Photo Decode Syncs....Tells Me That They Know What THEY Are Doing!!!

Girl, 22 Collapses During Cleveland Marathon

AL Nineteen 45/54/90/99 Mockery (54/45/99/117 Delusion, Hoodwink) (72/99/171 Inconceivableness, Uncreditableness) (27/45/99/63 Untrue) (63/108/180 Disembarrassment) (90/99/207 Conspiratorially) (99/99/270 Overgeneralization) (72/81/216/162 Noninjuriously) (18/45/27/108 Faked) (27/36/54/108 Acting) (Org/ROrg 138/132 Dishonesty, Preknowing (183/123 Superscripts, Mischaracterizing)

WSH Nineteen 55/62/136/161 Counterfeit (55/53/136/107 Improviso, Portrayer) (53/161/136 Trickstress) (35/46/80/136 Gullible) (Su/RSu 816/966=272/322=272/232=136/116=163/161 Impersonator (136/161 Counterfeit, Trickstress) (136/116 Orchestrated)) (Org/ROrg 157/140 Scriptorial (41/175 Staged Event))

WALSH Nineteen 67/59/149/121 Staged Prop, Purposeful (76/149/202 Unimaginativeness) (67/68/130/194 Misleadingly) (68/94/194 Condescensiveness) (Org/ROrg 173/178 Remote Control (187/137 Preposterous, Sensationalising))

Hair Coverup See Above WSH Nineteen (Org/ROrg 133/164 Intentional, This is A Hoax)

Taylor Ceepo 45/54/81/135 Ridicule (45/54/90/99 Mockery) (54/81/135/216 Athletic Actor, Conceitedness) (54/72/135/162 Subvertible) (63/54/135/135 Robotizing) (54/54/135/162 Outlaughing) (81/135/216 Characterizer, Superfinanced) (45/45/135/108 Puppetism) (Org/ROrg 111/186 Anglicizing, Governmentalize, Nefariousness (111/168 Unbelievability)) has the photo that’s decoded.

This decode is my most accurate and the photo’s setup by the perpetrators is equally accurate. Note that the girl in the photo has her hair covering the WSH which when decoded syncs with the HAIR COVERUP decode. It’s a dead ringer and what’s more accurate is the Org/ROrg decode which tells you that this is a scripted hoax. The AL NINETEEN decode is a mockery to the people that think that this girl collasped and died during the marathon. Also note the acting and athletic actor codings in the photo decodes renders this girl an actress doing her part in this ritual which probably means a character assassination. I don’t think she died but acted her part for whatever reasons that only she and her handlers will know and they aren’t going to tell you nor I.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Uranium Enriched With Witamins

Iran Quadruples Production Of Enriched Uranium

Iran Nuclear Program 69/111/204/228 Surrealistically (69/111/282 Miscarriageable) (96/111/204 Superartificially) (96/138/240 Manufacturable, Deliberateness) (69/111 This Is A Lie) (96/120 Shammers) (96/138 Misdirection) (Org/ROrg 229/257 Nondemonstrability)

enriched uranium 89/82/242/163 Nonprosperously (89/82/107/163 Predevised) (89/82/134 Fictioneering) (107/163 Nonfactual)(28/82/161 Doubtable) (82/98/224 Unrealistically) (82/242 Untrustworthy) (Org/ROrg 199/206=199/260 Overfavorableness, Nonterminableness (199/62 Brainwashing, Overdescribe))

uranium 29/43/92/97 Falsity (29/34/97 Mocker) (92/97 Indoctrinization) (34/97/92 Control) (74/97 Noninjuriousness) (97/92 Overseriousness) (Org/ROrg 87/102 Provoke, Brainlessness, Perceivability (78/201 Hypnotisability) (78/102/120 Governmentalize, Superdiabolicalness))

threats and taunts 106/227/205 Unsubstantiality (101/227/205 Nonexplosiveness, Superdubiousness) (101/205/281 Overemphaticalness) (52/110/160 Programmed) (101/61/128 Pyrochemical, Nonbelieving) (110/106 Hoaxster) (Org/ROrg 224/208 Selfpreservatory (82/224 Overpresumptive, Fictionalizing, Unrealistically, Uncontaminated, Preposterously)

Definitely NONDEMONSTRATABLE and a mocker if you think that Iran can harness the power of enriched uranium. The numbers reveals that nuclear weapons is a farce and it should be laughed at. The governments will do what they know best to do and that is to lie and propagandize the public that are asleep and are dumbdown. They did a great job by use of television and chemials to indoctrinate the masses with their FEAR DRIVEN agenda.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Digital Fun Bloody Killing Spree

John Wick Trilogy

Prop gun with Light 79/92/223/290 The Synagogue Of Satan (92/97/232 Noninvincibility, Overdescriptively) (97/92/223/209 Musculocutaneous) (97/101/223/209 Unridiculousness) (97/92/223 Overseriousness, Undexterousness, Uninnocuousness) (29/97 Mocker, Absurd) (74/97 Theatricalising) (97/92 Control) (Org/ROrg 241/191=214/119 Unbelievable, Hypersuggestibly (124/191 Choreographs, Theatricalization) (124/119 Preconceived, All Seeing Eye, Quizzical, Duplicity))

Prop gun 37/44/82/107 Pretend (37/44/82 Concocted) (82/170/208 Fictionization, Dramatizations) (44/46/71 Deceiver) (28/35/73 Crafty) (28/170 Assassinate) (Org/ROrg 113/76 Green Screen, Conceptualistically, Semianimated (67/113 Hypnotizes, Mainstream)

Night vision glasses 228/258=114/129 Robotized (129/141 Questioned, Scripture) (111/105 Monetary) (123/120 Conjurers) (120/150 Illuminati, Connivancy) (132/138 Operations, Controller) (84/132 Shamming) (141/183 Surveillance, Superscripts) (Org/ROrg 197/298=1150/1280=115/128 Surveiled, Convulsed)

Super Assassin John Wick wants out of the organization that hired him. They did something to aggravate his intentions. The three films has John with his prop guns killing thugs armed with lighted prop guns which is comical when you see the movies. So this decode is accurate and true representation of the three movies. I won’t spoil the movies for you so you’ll have to watch and judge for yourself.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Gay Elton John Played By HOMO ERECTUS In ROCKETMAN Movie

Elton John Defends Rocketman’s Taron Egerton

Elton John 41/49/113/130 Dishonest (58/41/113 Hypnotizes, Not Factual) (41/40/113/76 Not True) (41/67/113 Mainstream) (40/41/76/113 DisInfo) (Org/ROrg 132/111 Characterizable, Amusement (123/111 Choreographed, Miscarriageable, Foreshadowed)

Taron Egerton 62/64/125/172 Nonsensical (62/73/206/172 Purposefulness) (64/125/172 Filthifying)
(37/62/91/152 Bamboozle, Flimflams) (64/62/152 Reinvention) (46/62/152 Deception) (46/62/100 Misdirect, Connivance) (Org/ROrg 158/166 Doubtfulness, Sensationalised)

gay icon 38/43/74//115 Masonic (38/43/74/115 Misname) (38/34/74/115 Baloney) (43/74/151 Jesus Christ) (38/34/74 Minion) (74/151 Conspirative, Improvisatory) (74/115 Preconceive) (Org/ROrg 60/129 Scripture, Spuriousness, Questioned (60/192 Propagandists, Substanceless))

songwriter Bernie Taupin 282/312=231/228 Transformationist (123/228 Choreographed) (195/129 Spuriousness) (120/150 Illuminati, Connivancy) (210/195 Extemporization) (123/120 Conjurers) (120/177 Fictionized) (129/141 Questioned) (Org/ROrg 309/285=103/95 Superartificial (103/59 Theatrics, Bull Shit (130/95/59 Preconceivable, Operation, Dishonest, Fraudulency)

songwriter Elton John 99/117/261/252 Unauthoritativeness, Hypermiraculousness (99/108/225 Improvisatorially) (99/99/216 Overgeneralization) (99/99/252 Overpictorialized) (99/99/171/261 Uncreditableness) (99/126/144 Excrements) (99/99/144/261 Amphitheatrical) (Org/ROrg 261/252=87/84 Phototherapeutics, Fabricational, Discreditable, Perceivability (48/87 Fixed, Brainlessness)

If the numbers are true then Elton John and Bernie Taupin are no songwriters but Elton can sing. Elton John is coded with the 113 numeric value which means that he is controlled and does what he is told from his masters. As for Taron Egerton….he, too is a servant for his loyal masters. The numbers reveals that Elton...the gay icon is scripted for him to play the role of gayness.