Sunday, August 12, 2018

Funded By The Duped Americans League

Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip 101/115/209/277 Overcapitalisation (101/133 Government 
(110/133 Contrived) (79/101 Increditability) (101/97/277 The Great Deceiver) 
(97/101/196 Sensationalists) (79/101/151 Conspirative) (101/97/169 Improvisatize
(151=36p Mockery) (Org/ROrg 238/248=119/124 Insidious, Mythicism, Vaporware)

Paperclip 51/48/96/147 Engineers (51/66/96/174) Characters
(51/75/96 Fabricative) (66/96 Fakery) (84/96 Unconvincibility) 
(Org/ROrg 127/116 Misinform)

V-Two rocket team 79/83/187/191 Impersonations (83/106/191Theatricalization) 
(56/79/119/178 Superficial, Star Of David) (56/61/119 Hoodwinkable
(79/83/151 Conspirative) (Org/ROrg 152/226=76/113 Mainstream, Not True)

Space Race 44/55/71/172 Falsified (46/71/127 Manufactured
(44/64//172 Nonsensical) (71/91 Conspiratorial) (44/46/71 Deceiver) 
(64/71 MoneyGrubber, Funds) 
(Org/ROrg 70/173 Conspirative, Compromising)

One Zero Four Scientists 133/137 Government, Its Not Real 
(106/133/191 Choreographs) (119/124 Con Artist) (137/214 Collaboration
(119/124 Insidious, Mythicism, Vaporware) (Org/ROrg 239/328 Indistinguishableness)

If the number of scientists is correct then the choice of 104 is fitting for the operation known as PAPERCLIP. Paperclip was the word chosen for its coding of PAPERCLIP as you can see by the decode. The space race was created to finance NASA and their propagandas and as an excuse to borrow money from the government. There’s always more to decode so if you have the time then decode away!

Fredericton Shooting....Believe And Be Mocked

1st-Degree Murder In Fredericton Shooting

Lawrence Robert Costello 98/260/334=49/130/167 Fraudulency 
(98/127 Imposterous) (89/127 Manufactured) (98/181 Not Real Name)
(89/163 Mystification) (89/107 Improviso
(Org/ROrg 251/343=152/334=76/167 Conspirators)

Sara Mae Helen Burns 77/103/167/238 Imaginativeness, Superartificial 
(68/130/167 Culpability, Gullability) (68/166 Falsifiers) (77/112 Shammer) 
(Org/ROrg 206/253 Unauthenticalness)

Donald Adam Robichaud 150/363=50/121 Invention, Ludicrous (111/105 Illusion
(78/111 This Is A Lie) (111/78 Corrupt) (Org/ROrg 240/273= 91/80 Corruptibility)

Bobbie Lee Wright 79/83/142/236 Characterizing (79/110/214 Unbelievable
(97/146 Imaginary, Fairy Tale) (79/110 Hoaxster) (79/182/142 Unworshipful) 
(Org/ROrg 203/202=23/22 Duped)

Matthew Vincent Raymond 267/300=89/100 Unauthenticalness 
(111/96/201 Fabricative) (96/201 Fictionable, Glorifiable) (141/183 Fictionizing)  
(156/141 Extemporize) (69/111 This Is A Lie) 
(Org/ROrg 294/273=98/91 Improvisations, Truthlessness)

bullets from a long gun 234/279=78/93 Misleading, Invented, Improbable 
(90/99 Mockery, Characterising) (81/171 Improvisation, Improvability) 
(81/99 Deliberate) (Org/ROrg 244/269 Nonjournalistically)

third storey of a building 261/333=87/111 This Is A Lie (117/126 Improvise) 
(RFB 666=36T Mockery) (RS 1103=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, 
Not True, Bull Shit) (Org/ROrg 306/288=102/96 Fabricative, Fictionable
Glorifiable, Shammers)

David MacCoubrey (83/88 The Great Deceiver
(Org/ROrg 168/237 Unbelievability)

The four victims decodes as frauds and they are completely made up. So...too is the mastermind as the numbers bears witness to the crime. The news reporting of a long gun use in the shooting was decoded a mockery. More mockery if you believe that the gunman shot the victims from a third floor storey which decodes to the infamous 666 and 113….. those two numbers alone tells me that this is a hoax.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Is It Real Or A Hoax???

Has Egypt's Second Sphinx Been Found?

Sphinx of Giza 73/71/154/170 Enterprising (37/35/82/107 Pretend) 
(82/62/170 Extemporizing) (46/53/107 Trickery) (53/46/154 Shameproof) 
(62/82/170 Improvableness, Skulldugeries(Org/ROrg 154/170 Delusiveness,
Drollishness, Trickishness, Revivability)

Sphinx 9/27/36/72 Scam (36/36/90 Mockery) (36/45/90 Schemers) 
(27/72/63 Money) (27/45/72 Culpable) (72/90/207 Characterising, 
Questionability, Incredulousness
(Org/ROrg 100/62 Falseness, Connivance, Misdirect)

Valley of the Kings (Org/ROrg 192/240=96/120=69/201 Fabricated) Decode at will

Second Sphinx 75/60/174/150 Extemporizer (60/57/150/147 Questioning,
Dishonestly) (57/69/147/150 Improvisate) (69/57/147 Divinizing
(60/66/96/174 Facsimiles, Characters) (78/57 Phony) (57/60/93 Invented
(66/60/93 Improbable) (RFB 226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation….) 
(Org/ROrg 165/159 Manipulators, Conjurations)

stunned construction workers (Org/ROrg 339/363=113/121=131/112 Profiteer
(113 DisInfo, Not Factual, Not True, )

I’m amazed at the accuracy of this decode. The Sphinx Of Giza is an enterprising venture...without it, where would Egypt be on tourism list???? That aside… the Sphinx and it’s second comming are manufactured pieces concocted for the purpose of making money. The last decode is STUNNING to coin a phrase...short but to the point…..the stunned construction workers are seeing dollars signs as the decode points out.

If you think that the pyramids or the sphinxes are ancient relics then you’d believe that the dinosaurs walked this Earth billions of years ago. All are manufactured aspects of history fabricated to dupe the public into sending their money on a wonderland trip of a lifetime to see how the Pharaohs and dinosaurs lived and died.