Tuesday, June 19, 2018



THE SECOND COMING 73/116/154 Fictionize, Saturnalia 
(82/80/154 Fictionalizing) (RF 641= 116p Fictionize
(RFB 487=93p Invented, Unactual) 
(Tri/RTri 1102/2460=112/246=56/123 Conspiracy, Duplifying)

THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS 123/174=41/58 Ludicrous, Dishonest, Character (96/120=48/60 Hoax, Duplifying) (120/123 Collusion) (F 821=142p Tricksters) 
(S 1019=171p Improvisation) (O/RO 234/360=117/180 Undoubtable)

(64/163 Moonwalking, Impersonator) (82/215 Improvisatorize) (169 Improvisatize
(151=36p Mockery/ Jesus Christ) (223=48p Hoax/ The Synagogue Of Satan)

I was walking home one day and came across a poster that read THE SECOND COMING and decided to decode the texts. Of Interest is the word UNDOUBTABLE which leads me to think what would happen if THEY announced that Jesus is a CHARACTER conceived to dupe the masses into a false religion. What would the Christians do when their belief in JESUS is shattered and find that HE’S NOT GOING TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE…..EVER. So…Christians…WHAT ARE you going to do???

Monday, June 18, 2018



CHRIST FIGURE MOVING 106/128/223 Artificialize (110/223 The Synagogue Of 
Satan) (115/128 Convulsed) (101/115 Artfully) (106/110 Hoaxster, Unbelievable
(110/133 Contrived) (O/RO 226/260=113/130 Dishonest, Operation)

Shroud of Turin 71/73/188/163 Unfaithworthy (80/163 Conceived
(71/73/188 Fictionistic) (71/188 Fictitiousness(80/82 Fictionization)
(80/73 Fictioneering, Suspicionable

Christ’s Resurrection 54/54/126 Improvise (72/81/171 Improvisation) (99 Mockery)

There’s always More to discover and decode but from what I‘ve decoded, if Christians aren’t convinced that Jesus is a Manufactured person sent to Earth to dupe you into thinking that he is real then the FICTIONEERED Shroud Of Turin is undeniable proof.


Danney Williams Is Bill Clinton's Son!!!

FATHER’S DAY: Bill Clinton ‘Son’ Calls Paternity Test

Danney Williams 82/161 Doubtable, Concocted (71/161 Impersonator
(161/217=23/31 Lying, Faker, Fraud) (Su/RSu 966/1302=69/93 Misleading) 
(ALW 155 The Great Deceiver)

Bill Clinton is his father 134/109 Imposters (170/127 Imposterous) (109 Trickster) 
(127 Manufactured) (152/244=76/122 Fraudulent) (O/RO 302/292=151/146 Jesus Christ)

Bill Clinton AKA Bill Blythe should be relieved that the decode doesn’t make him a father. Danney Williams should be relabeled as an Actor Agent Used as a Ploy to Duped the public into thinking  he’s Bill Clinton’s Son and throw in a toilet bowl to flush the B.S. away.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

You Can't Win The Big Prize....PERIOD!!!

FEELING LUCKY? National Lottery Isn’t Your Best Bet!!

NATIONAL Lottery 66/87/201/204 Unconsientious (66/201 Insubstantialize, 
Misinstructive, Glorifiable) (22/67 Make Up) (67/68 Lying
(66/87 Blameworthiness) (RPr 669/2=223=48p Hoax/ The Synagogue Of Satan)

One Three Point Six Million Pound Jackpot 184/446=92/223 The Synagogue Of
Satan (178/446=88/223 Artificialize) (185/220 Impossibilities) 
(499=95p Forgery) (KFW 580/5=116 Shameproof)

Who has won a life-changing amount of money 183/222/399=61/74/133 Its Not Real, 
This is a Hoax (183/399=61/133 Flimflammery) (222/546=74/182 Improvisatize) 
(O/RO 395/550=79/110 Characterise) (RPr 1851/3=617=113p Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation….) (LCH,/ALW 399/3=133 Government, Contrived) 
(KFW 487=93p Invented, Unactual)

Two Two Three Two Two Three 110/106 Hoaxster (110/344=55/172 Falsified
(344/250=172/125 Nonsensical) (O/RO 270/324=45/54 Deceptious, Ridicule)

This lotterv corporation is actually honest when they post the numbers online but that’s as honest as they’ll get. The numbers tell the real tale of deceptions and lies…..nobody wins the big prize and the numbers confirm the swindle. Add the Synagogue Of Satan’s number 223 and you’re really being mocked as well as cheated out of your hard earn pounds/sterlings. This lottery scam is global with all world lottery corporations actively scamming the public thinking that there’s a pot of gold at the end of your winning tickets.

Please invest your money elsewhere where you can get rich other than the lotteries...they are the ultimate scam. The photo shows two sets of 223 so I used two sets in the photo decode and it shows that the scam is printed in photos so that actually mocking you. Decode the rest if you want to.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6550365/national-lottery-results-live-w inning-lotto-numbers-for-saturday-june-16-2018-13-6million-jackpot/

Saturday, June 16, 2018

War Of 1812....It Was REALLY Fought???

War Of 1812

War of Eighteen Twelve 97 Imaginary, Mocker (92/223 Artificialize) 
(92/223/290 The Synagogue Of Satan) (223=48p Hoax) 
(O/RO 225/288=75/96 Fabricative)

June 18, 1812 – February 18, 1815

Date Between Numerology – 618-318=300/5=60 Hoax / 816-318=498/6=83 The Great Deceiver / 168-381=213/3=71 Manufactured / 681-138=543/3=181=42p Invented /816-183=633/3=211=47p Contrived / 186-813=627/19=33 Fakery, Phony

From June 18, 1812Feb 18, 1815 is a period of 2y 8m Crafty
                                is a period of 32m Not True
                                is a period of 139w False Knowledge
                                is a period of 975d/5=195 Regurgitating
From Jan 1, 1815 – Feb 18, 1815 is a period of 1m 17d=117 Improvise
                                is a period of 6w (Six-(E 709=127p Manufactured
                                is a period of 48d Hoax

From Feb 18, 1815 – Jan 1 1816 is a period of 10m 14d 1014=114 Inconceivable
                                is a period of 10m (Ten- (Su 234+432=666 Purpose Plan
                                is a period of 45w Mislead
                                is a period of 317d=66p Fakery, Fictionizing

anti-British sentiment 104/130/248=52/65/124 Inauthentic (113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation...) (104/292=52/146 Imaginary, Fairy Tale) (O/RO 296/244=148/122 Fraudulent) 
(FB/ RFB 495/583=45/53 Puppetize)

Upper Canada 89/100/197 Pictorialization (46/197 Manufactured)

Treaty of Ghent 74/70/164/187 Nonuniformist (S 619=114p Inconceivable)

The Synagogue Of Satan Hands are all over this fictitious war.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Are Castles MEDIEVAL As They Say?

Tintagel Castle STONE IN THE DIRT Found

Ancient writing 76/212 Improvisational (76/166 Unrealistic) (76/86 Misinformation) (76/212=38/106 Hoaxster (86/166=43/83 Dupers) (76/86=38/43 Laughing, Laughter) 
(F/RF 192/238=96/119 Shammers) (RTri 2011=211=47p Contrived)

Curator Win Scutt 72/180 Improvability (63/99 Untrue) (63/180=21/60 Hoax) 
(225/180=75/60 Inconceivable, Propagandists)

We can't know for sure who made these marks 176/202 Fraternization 
(175/203 Misinformation) (419=81p Ridicule) (S 1609=169 Pretendingness
(O 381/3=127 Manufactured)

Tintagel Castle 58/122/148 Fraudulent (49/58/122 Ludicrous
(Su/RSu 888/1380=74/115 Baloney, Masonic) (F/RF 200/282=100/141 Shameless
(O/RO 153/225=17/25 Mason. Lie) (Pr/RPr 468/786=78/131 Fraudster, Inconvincible
(RTri 2340=234+432=666 Purpose Plan)

When you get a Laughing/Laughter coding in the words Ancient writing…..you know that you’re being mocked….bigger than time. And to make the mockery more mockier, the tourists that visit the HISTORIC CASTLES and are OOOing and AWWWing at their Medieval Castles are greeted royally as CASHCOWS.


Build Your Own Nuclear TinkerToy City!

America's Secret Nuclear Suburbs

Nuclear Suburbs 94/176/202 Militarization, Impossibleness 
(F 228/2=114 Holocaust, Inconceivabile) (S 666=36T Mockery, Fakery) 
(J 1013=113 Dishonest, Mainstream…..) (O/RO 180/198=60/66 Trickster
Improbable, Misleading, Fabricated, Extemporize) (ALW 180 Improvability)

Manhattan Project 62/91/253 Hallucinational (62/179 Sunburnproof, Noninjurious, MoneyGrubber) (O/RO 220/212=110/106 Hoaxster) (F 231=21T Hoax)

Hanford 42/66/123 Trickster (39/42/123 Invented) (33/66 Fakery) 
(O/RO 114/75 Inconceivable) (ALW/LCH 62/91 Hallucinational, Fictitiousness)

D-223=DBBC 97 Imaginary, Mocker (F 115 Baloney) (S 151=36p Mockery, Fakery) 
(O/RO 76/32 Taunt) (KFW/ALW 59=17p Lie)

K-Two Five 39/42/111/105 Monetary (39/111/105 Illusion) (39/111 Amusement, Corrupt) 
(48/111 This is a Lie) (Su 666=36T Mockery, Fakery) (O/RO 96/120=48/60 Hoax
(Tri 1006=106 Hoaxster)

The picture of the K-25 computer array cost numerous tax dollars and the decode point out the monetary aspects as well as it being a massive lie and deception. They either fabricated the whole nuclear suburbs or the mainstream media used photos from various sources to give the appearance of a Town built to manufacture a H-OAX Bomb.