Monday, October 15, 2018

Golden Gate Bridge OR Golden Gate....My Decodes And Thoughts.

Golden Gate Bridge Or Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge 135/297=45/99 Delusion, Hoodwink, Mockery (Su/RSu 810/1782=90/198 Questionability) (81/81/180/171 Improvisation) (81/81 Ritual) (81/135 Ridicule) (Org/ROrg 202/230=101/115 Indestructibleness, Diverter)

Golden Gate 45/63/90/180 Ecliptical (Su/RSu 540/1080=54/108 Hoodwinked) (45/81/81 Ritual) (45/54/81 Ridicule) (81/81/180 Improvisation) (45/63/81 Deliberate) (18/63/45 Plot) (18/18/45/63 Fund) (Org/ROrg 111/159 Governability)

Jewish Messiah 67/77/148/203 Inconvertible (148/203=148/230=74/115 Misname, Baloney) (Su/RSu 888/1218=888/1128=111/141 Irreproducibility) (Org/ROrg 125/226=152/226=76/113 Mainstream, Not True, DisInfo)

London Breed 45/54/63/81/189 Incredible, Deliberate (27/36/54/108 Acting) (63/108/189 Sensationalistic) (72/81/198/207 Nonauthenticity) (18/27/27/108 Faked) (81/90/180 Nonqualification) (36/45/90 Schemers) (72/81/180 Improvisation) (27/45/81/81 Ritual) (45/54/81 Ridicule) (Org/ROrg 174/123=147/123 Conspiracy, Duplifying)

arrives at the Golden Gate Bridge (137/214 Collaboration) (187/137 Preposterous) (146/259 Disagreeability) (155/196 Misconception) (61/106/164 Ridiculing) (182/169 Improvisatize) (Org/ROrg 350/406=175/203 Misinformation)

arrives at the Golden Gate 236/358=118/179=197/181 Corruptibility ( 119/124 Mythicism) (110/133 Contrived) (133/191Flimflammery) (119/205 Hoodwinkable, Preconceived) (Org/ROrg 259/335=295/335=59/67 Humiliation, Theatrics, Delusional, Hilarious)

Is it the Golden Gate Bridge or is it a Golden Gate that is the target for the ORDER OUT OF CHAOS event that’s predicted to happen on Aug 11, 2019. My decodes reveals that the Golden Gate Bridge is a diversion and it is a logical target for the planned event. The Golden Gate is to vague but it does contain codes that make it a more reasonable target than the Golden Gate Bridge.

My thoughts are that if they used the GOLDEN GATE theme and whatever prop that they can dream up to cause an event to happen will have more chaos.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

GPS Tracks Your Every Movements?

GPS:Global Positioning Satellites

Global Positioning Satellites 318/411=183/141 Surveillance, Fictionizing (106/137=61/137 Preposterous, Government) (120/204/309 Superdiabolicalness) (120/177 Fictionized) (129/141 Questioned) (138/186 Misdirection) (138/240 Manufacturable, Deliberateness) (174/204 Intentionalism) (174/177 Extemporising) (Org/ROrg 307/422=370/422=185/211=185/112 Imagination, Impossibilities, Implausibilities)

Global Positioning Satellite 299/403=23/31 Joker, Fraud, Faker, Duped. Lying (119/178 Star Of David) (119/151 Dupability, Impossible) (128/169 Crookedness, Nonsensible) (187/137 Preposterous) (182/169 Improvisatize) (146/178 MisInforming) (151=36p Mockery) (Org/ROrg 301/401=31/41 Not Real, Joker, Faker, Phonies)

Global Positioning 196/263=196/236=98/181 Unrealistically (205/88/110 Commericalizations) (97/92 Control, Falsity) (101/97 Shameless) (79/101 Increditability) (79/92/290 The Synagogue Of Satan) (Org/ROrg 205/254 Totalitarianizing)

GPS 39/42/93 Invented (24/39/51 Mocked) (24/39 Made up, Farce, Magic) (15/21 Hoax) (39/51 Amusement) (24/39/51 Man Made) (12/42 Phony) (21/42 Craps) (Org/ROrg 37/44 Concocted, Revenues, Unreal, Bamboozle)

GPS Tracking 53/64/125/172 Nonsensical (53/64/71/172 Falsified) (62/64/125/172 Sheepmonger, Telephoning) (46/71/127 Manufactured) (73/71/170 Enterprising) (37/53/152 Flimflams) (46/53/152 Controlled) (53/64/125 Complicity) (64/53/127 Preprogram) (64/71 Bogus, Funds) (Org/ROrg 136/161 Counterfeit, Trickstress)

I thought it would be informative to decode GPS and its derivatives and if you think the numbers are true then GPS is a farce manufactured by the government to make you think that you’re being tracked via GPS tracking. They may be able to access your cellphone remotely and track you while your connected. I don’t think they can monitor your every movement as depicted in the movies….that’s all movie hype and you shouldn’t believe what you see in the movies. CASE IN POINT….FIRST MAN.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


No American Flags Backlash In FIRST MAN Movie

No American Flags 119/259=17/37=37/107 Pretend, Revenues (56/65/79/119 Hoodwinkable, Preconceived, All Seeing Eye, Superficial) (65/88 Creditability, Mischievousness) (65/97 Superdubiousness) (65/97 Absurd, Mocker) (Org/ROrg 152/226=76/67/113 Semianimated, Mainstream, DisInfo)

planting American flag on moon surface 342/549=141/183=114/183 Fictionizing (108/162 Hoodwinked) (81/162 Premanufacture) (81/135 Ridicule, Knockoff) (135/189 Insufficient) (198/126 Untruthfully) (81/198 Nonauthenticity) (Org/ROrg 389/502=398/250=199/125=199/152 Mythification, Truthlessness)

every hour was life-threatening 333/396=111/132 Amusement (153/144 Purpose Plan) (126/144 Excrements) (117/171/153 Deceptious, Extemporised) (108/162 Hoodwinked) (FB 666=36T Mockery) (Org/ROrg 340/389=304/398=152/199 Truthlessness, Mythification)

he commanded the blastoff of the Apollo Eleven 378/666= 43/74 Tricksters, Masonic (108/189/243 Sensationalistic) (171/180 Improvability) (81/189 Incredible) (198/207 Questionability, Nonauthenticity) (198/126 Untruthfully) (198/126 Untruthfully) (Org/ROrg 488/565=488/556=139/212 Thinkableness)

First Man (Su/RSu 600/696=150/174 Perpetuators, Extemporizer (53/46/116 Shameproof) (53/64/116 Underacting) (53/100 Connivance) (37/53/35 Flimflams. Pretend) (Org/ROrg 118/98 Shunners)

Ryan Gosling 60/57/114/156 Exploitage (60/156/141 Extemporize) (57/141 Unscrupulously) (57/141/75 Untruths) (Org/ROrg 133/164 This is A Hoax, Intentional)

The omission of the American Flag was a sales gimmick to stir up interest in the movie. The FIRST MAN on the moon didn’t happen and the decodes reveals the truth of NASA’s deception and lies.
The movie was a toe-biter with the excitement and the deep historical lesson that all moviegoers will live to tell the tale of the FIRST MAN on the MOON which never happened!!!