Sunday, March 17, 2019

Synagogue Of Satan Shootings Anyone?

Why NO POLICE RESPONSE IN ChristChurch Shootings

Brenton Harris Tarrant 253/287=532/728=133/182=133/218 Fictionalized (100/125/253 Deceivableness, Highhandedness) (91/143/235 Falsifications) (109/161 Bamboozler, Untruthful) (91/152 Deception, Bamboozle, Flimflams) (100/125 Overbragging, Masterminded) (109/134 Mockingly, Actorship, Imposters, Fictioneering, Puppetize) (134/190 Programmatic) (100/143 Falseness) (109/143 Contrivances, Manipulative) (Org/ROrg 317/223 Establismentarianism (137/223 The Synagogue Of Satan)

No Police Response 92/97/200/232 Indoctrinization, Noninvincibility (79/92/223/290 The Synagogue Of Satan) (79/101/223 Conceptualizations) (79/83/151/200 Improbability) (79/137/223/317 Establismentarianism) (79/200/124 Unscrupulous) (79/83/200 Inauthenticity, Counterfeiters) (83/79/214 Hypersuggestibly) (110/133 Contrived) (110/106 Hoaxster) (110/214 Unbelievable) (Org/ROrg 182/250=128/250 Theatricalising (128/205 Nonexplosiveness, Superdubiousness))

Noteworthy is THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN codings in both decodes above. It’s no co-incidence that the 223 number makes it presence felt in the shootings and why there were no police response throughout the shootings as described in the videos below. My belief is that this is a staged event made by Hollywood at a studio and then later passed off as the Chistchurch shootings by the mainstream medis.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Louis Tomlinson Sister...A Photographic Death and Mockery???

Sacrifice Of Louis Tomlinson's Sister??

Felicite Tomlinson 79/83/151/200 Improbability (38/79/106 Hoaxster) (97/83/200 Inauthenticity, Counterfeiters) (83/106/200 Undeterminableness) (92/97/200 Indoctrinization) (97/83/133 Deliberations) (83/124 Inauthentic) (38/92/124 Laughter) (29/115 Misname) (115/209 Flimflamming) (79/83/151 Jesus Christ) (Org/ROrg 206/253 Unauthenticalness)

Louis Tomlinson 63/81/207/171 Superdubiously (81/81/207/171 Proscriptively) (72/81/180/171 Improvisation) (72/81/207 Nonauthenticity) (81/81/207 Nonintelligently) (72/81/171/180 Improvability) (27/81/81 Ritual) (81/81 Incredible) (63/81 Deceivability) (Org/ROrg 159/219=159/192 Immortalising, Propagandists, Substanceless, Counterfeiter (195/129 Spuriousness))

Distraught 64/62/127/143 Preprogram (62/64/170/127 Imposterous) (71/55/172 Filthifying) (62/55/71/172 Falsified) (62/55/127 Misinform) (46/71/127 Manufactured) (127/170 Assassinate) (46/62/143 Misdirect, Falseness) (46/62/134 Actorship) (53/55/134 Moonwalking) (Org/ROrg 135/135 Robotizing, Surrealism

Louis Tomlinson sister 90/216/243 Nonvegetativeness (90/99 Mockery) (126/144 Excrements, Shockproof) (90/126 Schemers) (Org/ROrg 227/313=227/133 Superdubiousness)

suspected heart attack 220/320=22/32 Make Up, Duped, Joke, Bemock (110/160/106 Hoaxster) (Su/RSu 1320/1920=132/192 Propagandize) (41/67/113 Mainstream, Hypnotizes) (32/122/67 Untruth) (85/131/220 Imaginability) (41/49/149/94 Nontruths) (Org/ROrg 223/317 Establismentarianism (137/223 Overmystification, Conceptualizations)

The 113 coding in the “suspected heart attack” makes me think that Felicite Tomlinson is a mainstream media creation and her name decodes verify my suspicions. The NONVEGETATIVENESS decode undeniably places her in the photo and not the human category. If she is real then it’s her character that got sacrificed and not her real persona. The mainstream media could use a photo of a girl in their deception vault and use it as the face of Felicite Tomlinson.

Details can be viewed in this video;

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lori Loughlin...A Name Synonymous With Mockery???

Parents Charged For College Admissions Cheating

Operation Varsity Blues 128/97/173/286 Condescendingness (128/79/218/214 Hypersuggestibly) (133/218 Fictionalized) (133/137 Its Not Real) (128/115/218/268 Indestructibleness) (133/164 This is A Hoax) (128/133/218 Deliberations) (133/164 Intentional) (97/155 Theatricalising) (151/173 Conspirative, Compromising) (Org/ROrg 258/309=93/258 Precongratulating, Incredibilities (86/103 Unoriginativeness, Conjure, Phonies, Theatrics) (68/103 Bull Shit, Manipulatability, Condescensiveness)

Lori Loughlin 37/71/152 Dribblets (46/71/127 Manufactured) (71/125/172 Filthifying) (46/71/152 Deception) (46/71/152 Controlled) (71/73/152 Mythification) (64/71/172 Falsified) (73/172 Superinfluenced) (71/64/125 Overbragging) (71/64/170/127 Imposterous) (Org/ROrg 149/175 Controllably, Journalising, Subliminally) (194/157 Prepostorship))

L-L= 3/6-3/6 = 36/36 Mockery Coded into Lori Loughlin’s Initials

Three Three parents 88/110/205/254 Totalitarianizing (79/92/290 The Synagogue Of Satan) (Org/ROrg 246/213=82/71 Extemporizing, Corruptionist, Propagandistic)

If you go by the numbers...this cheating scandal is a contrived newsworthy item Making the story real needs actors and actresses willing to do their roles. In this case...they rolled out Lori Loughlin to add a lot of credibilities to the narrative. Note...they chosed her for the LL Mockery codings in her name so did they choose the right star to do their mocking of the public that will no doubt believe this contrived dribbles???