Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Crying Over The Avengers....Must Have Liked It Too Much

Woman Hospitalized After Crying Too Much Watching The Avengers!

bawling their eyes out 103/130/113 Bull Shit, Dishonest, Operation (104/94/167/238 Imaginativeness) (94/113/238 Overintellectualized) (41/94/113/184 Debatefully) (Org/ROrg 226/287=226/278=113/139 Superimprobableness (131/139 Fictitiously, Ridiculous) (131/193 Illusionable))

fingers got stuck in a 'clawed' position 338/184=169/92 Improvisatize, Nonsensible (169/209 Pretendingness) (149/148 Duplicitous) (184/194 Orchestrations) (148/176 Skepticizing) (139/158 Controlling, Implausibly) (185/193 Quizzification) (Org/ROrg 364/500=91/125 Overbragging (91/215 Scriptitiously, Improvisatorize) (91/152 Deception, Bamboozle, Flimflams)

clawed 21/15/48 Hoax (51/48/114 Exploitage) (48/114 Scripture) (33/48/141 Untruths) (Org/ROrg 57/105 Preplanned, Quibblers) (57/150 Transformer))

Could a woman cry at the Avengers movie and be hospitalized for crying too much. It could be possible but in this narrative with the 113 codings makes this news item a fictional account of the hospitalization. The last decode is undeniable and it makes this news item a scripted hoax.


Singleton.....Where's The John!!!!

 John Singleton : Filmmaker Dead????

John Singleton 63/81/189/216 Unwoundableness (18/27/27/108 Faked) (36/36/90 Mockery) (72/81/198/207 Nonauthenticity) (54/63/198/126 Untruthfully) (63/81/198/180 Supermentality (Org/ROrg180/171 Improvisation, Improvability) (81/171 Superdubiously) (117/180 Inconceivabilities))

John Singleton not looking at camera 140/157 Scriptorial (104/166 Actor Agent, Fictioneer, Falsifiers) (149/148 Duplicitous) (149/175 Controllably, Subliminally) (158/166 Doubtfulness) (139/158 Controlling, Freemasonry, Choreography) (112/158 Delusional) (104/211 Inapprehensibility) (Org/ROrg 366/471=122/157=122/175 Staged Event, Deceitfully)

died Monday in Los Angeles 226/368=113/184 Green Screen, Debatefully, Superimprobableness (116/181 Bamboozling) (116/154 Shameproof, Fictionize, Untalented) (Org/ROrg 260/334=130/167 Gullability, Fraudulency, Conspirators (103/167 Superartificial)

Unwoundable is John Singleton and a picture decode that’s coded as a stage event makes John as a fraudster and he duped his fans. A 113 coding makes this death as a fictional narrative so if you believe that John’s kicked the bucket then you are programmed to believe the mainstream medias words and reportings.


Monday, April 29, 2019

Giant's Sixth Pick Shot Bloodlessly

Sixth-Round Pick Corey Ballentine Injured In Shooting

Dwane Simmons 50/67/149/175 Controllably (50/76/149/175 Subliminally) (59/76/157 Scriptorial) (67/194/157 Prepostorship) (50/67/86/157 Falsifies, Misleader) (50/67/157 Mainstream, Hypnotizes)
(Org/ROrg 140/184 Mockingstock, Questionable (41/148 Nonabusive, Fraudulent)

Corey Ballentine 70/83/160/191 Bloodlessness (Su/RSu 96/147 Fairylike (96/174 Characters)) (70/110/160 Programmed) (83/61/137/160 Entitlement) (83/61/119 Hoodwinkable, Preconceived) (38/70/110/106 Hoaxster) (Org/ROrg 191/214=119/124 Mythicism, Vaporware, Duplicity, Quizzical)

early Sunday morning 100/116/235 Condescending (91/107/251 Ritual Sacrifice) (Su/RSu 1410/1506=141/156 Extemporize) (98/91/235 Counterfactually, Questionableness) (Org/ROrg 236/250=118/125 Thwartman (118/152 Controlled, Unhuntable))

Washburn University 110/106/191/268 Theatricalization (110/106/268 Characterisation) (61/110/133/218 Deliberations) (Su/RSu 1608/1308=138/186 Misdirection) (110/88/137/241 Prefabrication) (110/106 Hoaxster) (88/110/281 Commericalization) (Org/ROrg 252/234=225/234 Superscandalously, Improvisatorially (126/117 Improvise))

The numbers tell me that this is a ritual sacrifice whereby the two players were shot EARLY SUNDAY MORNING reported by the mainstream medias. With words such as NONABUSIVE and BLOODLESSNESS coded into the two players names….one wonders if they were shot or part of a script. The numbers reveals multiple HOAXSTER word codings which in my mind leads to a contrived deception. The location of the shooting is also evidences of a hoax by the numbers.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Victim Dragged 3 Miles In A Media Driven Hoaxmobile

John William King Vs  James Byrd Jr....

John William King 167/238 Imaginativeness (Org/ROrg 189/216 Unwoundableness)

James Byrd Jr. 125/172 Filthifying (Org/ROrg 134/163 Moonwalking (136/134 Awlessness)

by injection on Wednesday evening 452/160=113/40 DisInfo, Not True (133/218 Fictionalized) (133/137 Its Not Real) (133/191 Flimflammery, Choreographs) (133/164 This is A Hoax) (Org/ROrg 398/394=199/197=199/179 Fraudulentness, Suspectfulness, Improvisations)

just punishment 169/209 Pretendingness (196/209 Sensationalists) (65/115/209 Flimflamming) (97/92 Control. Falsity) (29/74/115 Baloney) (74/79/151 Revivifying) (79/74/151 Improvising) (88/74/209 Deceitfulness) (Org/ROrg 207/171 Superdubiously, Proscriptively, Resultlessness (72/171 Inconceivableness, Improvisation) (72/117 Deceptious))

Dragged for nearly three miles 274/428=137/214 Collaboration (124/173 Inauthentic, Nontalented) (139/185 Choreography) (139/212 Deceptibility) (139/239 Infeasibleness, False Knowledge) (149/148 Duplicitous, Provocation) (148/176 Skepticizing) (122/148 Nonabusive, Fraudulent) (140/184 Mockingstock) (Org/ROrg 333/369=111/123=111/132 Woundless, Amusement (111/213 Choregraphic) (111/231 Transformationist))

If you believe the numbers then this news item is bogus and faked. The coded word UMWOUNDABLENESS is all you need to determine that John William King did no such dragging of James Byrd Jr. for 3 miles.

Additional details in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT2No_Pbru0


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mainstream Make Believe Lottery

24 Year Old Man Wins Lottery

two four year old man 226/332=113/131/166 Preconceptional, Unrealistic, Programming, Humiliation (82/107 Pretend, Predevised) (82/89/233 Organizationally) (82/233 Superinfluenced) (89/82/226 Propagandistic) (Org/ROrg 205/254 Totalitarianizing (205/245=41/49 Conjurer, Not Real, Phonies, Nontruths, Dishonest, DisInfo (41/94 Faker))

This decode has the 113 coding so it’s a mainstream contrived Lottery complete with fake winner and bogus prize jackpot. Don’t spend your devalued dollars on this fakery…..bet on rigged sports. Gematria Effect Sports has the details.