Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Phony As A Federal Reserve Note!!

Reese Fallon Mourned At Visitation

Reese Fallon 58/68/112/185 Imagination (77/112/185 Implausibilities
(49/104/112 Conjurer) (59/49/77/112 Shammer, Fumbler) 
(68/103/185 Manipulatability) (59/49/113 Operation, Dishonest, Not Factual) 
(Or/ROr 123/174 Superbelievably, Divinizing)

Julianna Kozis 72/81/198 Nonauthenticity (54/81/162 Hoodwinked) 
(45/63/81/189 Deliberate) (S 617=113p Mainstream, Dishonest, Operation….) 
(Or/ROr 145/206 Counterfeited, Suspicionable)

Faisal Hussain 76/95/193/212 Improvisational (67/139 Fictitious) 
(59/49//139 Damn Lies) (Or/ROr 128/223 Artificialize 
(223=48p Hoax/The Synagogue Of Satan))

a gunshot wound 65/70/128/169 Nonsensible (182/169 Improvisatize)

One Three others injured 112/131 Fraudster, Profiteer (149/121 Purposeful
(121/176 Contrivable) (112/185 Imagination) (113 Mainstream Operation…..) 
(Org/ROrg 288/279=96/93=69/93 Characterizable)

Julie Steel Wearing Sunglasses 151/146 Revivifying, Jesus Christ 
(151=36p Mockery)

Female Wearing Sunglasses 93/132 Invented (255/366=85/122 Staged Event,
Fraudulent) (Org 226/2=113 Mainstream Not True, Not Factual) 
(Org 226/2=113 Mainstream…..) (ROrg 395/5=79 Laughter

With multiple 113 codings in this decode renders this news item a hoax. The victims are contrived by the mainstream medias as is the shooter.The photo decode makes it clear that anyone that believes this story will be mocked. The final decode make this fictitious story a stage event made possible by the mainstream medias. Please save your money and donate it to a worthy cause and not to this obvious hoax duping the public.


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Stooge PhotoShopped For Headlines!

Wall Street Taught Zuckerberg Lesson He Deserved

Mark Zuckerberg 69/84/159/192 Substanceless, Propagandists 
 (78/102/159 Improbabilities) (Or/ROr 169/209 Pretendingness)

One One Nine 56/43/110/106 Hoaxster (56/79/110/160 Programmed
(79/101/160 Increditability) (Su/RSu 660/960=66/96 Fakery
(Or/Ror 132/138 Operations, Controller)

Photoshopped 59/76/167/157 Conspirators (Or/Ror 170/154=85/77 Jester)

Mark Zuckerberg is an actor agent disguised as the CEO of Facebook. Its very likely that the 119 billion dollars loss was a contrived amount for the sensational reporting by the mainstream medias. As for the photo….the decodes AND the photo speaks for itself.


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Jewish Rabbi See Messiah As GO(L)D!


Rabbi Kaduri 51/84/96/201 Fabricative (84/96/201 Unconvincibility
(51/84/96/201 Fictionable(60/84/96/201 Glorifiable) (51/48/96/120 Shammers
(51/84/96 Characters) (Or/ROr 156/141 Extemporize, Exploitage)

Messiah 29/34/74/115 Baloney (43/74/151 Jesus Christ) (70/74 Fictionalized
(Or/ROr 59/130 Fraudulency, Dumbfounding)

the Messiah (Or/ROr 103/167 Superartificial) decode the rest

Jesus 20/34/74/61Tempt (29/34/74 Baloney) (61/74 Deceitfulness, Immortalism, 
Tricksters, Preposterous, Conspirative, Hoodwinkable, Preconceived
(Or/ROr 42/93 Invented)

Jesus Christ 43/74/151 Temptableness (47/52/101/115 Diverter) 
(47/61/151 Dupability, Impossible(34/74/115 Baloney) (70/101 Sensationalising) 
(52/101 Sensationalists) (61/74 Deceitfulness, Immortalism, Tricksters, Preposterous
Conspirative, Hoodwinkable, Preconceived) (Or/ROr 121/176 Contrivable)

The Jewish rabbi is a fictionable character used to sell the story that he saw the Messiah. He may have seen the Messiah when there’s a monetary incentive to do so.

I wanted to do a better decode on Jesus and Jesus Christ and as you can see by the Or/ROr Cipher that Jesus Christ is an INVENTED and CONTRIVABLE person. How fitting that the words TEMPT and TEMPTABLENESS were found as he is a very tempting made in that fashion by the various Christian followers that spread the messages in the Bible. As one can plainly see that Jesus Christ is a character concocted by BIBLE HOAXSTERS.


Friday, July 27, 2018

Did Vic Morrow Die From Pilot Error?

Vic Morrow

Vic Morrow 55/53/136/107 Improviso, Portrayer (37/35/107 Pretend
(53/55/163 Moonwalking) (53/73/170 Imposterous
(53/91/170 Sensationalism) (Or/ROr 101/142 Shameless)

Myca Dinh Le 59/94/176 Conspiratress (49/94/68 Puppet) 
(68/94/167 Imaginativeness) (50/49/94 Nontruths, Forgery) (49/68/167 Gullability
(49/59/167 Fraudulency) (50/49/77 The Big Lie) (Or/ROr 126/144 Excrements)

Renee Shin-Yi Chen 73/89/163/161 Impersonator 
(89/109/244 Unassociativeness) (89/82/161/136 Trickstress
(73/116/154 Fictionize) (82/161 Doubtable) (Or/ROr 197/208 Corruptibility)

pilot Dorsey Wingo 226/206=113/103 Bull Shit, Operation, Dishonest 
(80/91/170 Conspiratorial) (89/91 Improvisatorize) (109/107 Trickery) 
(100/170 Connivance) (100/89 Improvisations, Deceptive) (82/107 Pretend) 
(80/91 Fictitiousness) (Or/ROr 194/238 Sensationalizing)

Vic Morrow or whoever he is was part of an operation that deceived the public into thinking that he and 2 children were killed in a helicopter mishap during the filming of the movie TWILIGHT ZONE:THE MOVIE. If you go on Youtube and watch the clip...you’ll see that Morrow and the two child actors were crossing the staged river and the helicopter blades comes down and seemingly kill the three. Hollywood can do all sorts of deceptions and magics to dupe the public….remember the MOON LANDINGS.

The decodes confirm that Vic and the children are actors doing their parts to please their masters. The decode of the pilot as the scapegoat is nothing more than a mainstream media deception. The person is fictitious and used as a prop for the purpose of making up a person to take the blame.