Friday, March 29, 2019

11:11 - A Mainstream Medias Concoction?

Watch The Three Videos First And Know Why I Decoded 11:11

Four Ones 40/50/103/113 Bull Shit (50/49/113/130 Operation, Dishonest) (58/41/113 Hypnotizes) (58/41/113/ Green Screen) (103/113 Nondiscriminatingly) (Org/ROrg 92/124 Laughter (92/142/209 Artificiality, Deceitfulness) (29/142 Shameless))

One One One One 64/80/136/188 Fictionistic, Orchestrated (Org/ROrg 132/192 Propagandize (132/219 Fear Mongering))

Eleven Eleven 54/54/90/99 Mockery (45/72/126/198 Lifelikeness, Celestialize) (148/176 Skepticizing)

41=13 Prime

Thirteen 45/45/99/117 Delusion, Hoodwink (45/45/99/90 Mockery) (Org/ROrg 126/90 Schemers (90/261 Amphitheatrical)

One Three Forty One 80/91/224/208 Selfpreservatory (Org/ROrg 218/214 Hypersuggestibly)

Eleven Four Three 80/91/179/226 Programmability (Org/ROrg 148/176 Skepticizing)

Zera Starchild 81/72/144/180 Lifelessness (18/27/27/108 Faked) (Org/ROrg 160/191 Bloodlessness)

Marie D Jones 59/67/113/184 Green Screen (67/50/103/130/113 Bull Shit, Operation, Dishonest) (67/113 Mainstream, Hypnotizes, Not Factual) (Org/ROrg 129/168 Sensational)

Larry Flaxman 55/71/145/179 Namelessness (55/71/197 Manufactured) (Org/ROrg 165/159 Transformism, Fraudulently, Mythologized)

Solar Eclipse 62/73/134/190 Programmatic (Org/ROrg 113/211 Newsworthiness)

The FOUR ONES decode stands out because of the 113 103130 numbers coded into the words. So...the question is…..Is this 11:11 contrived by the medias or is it a natural phenomenon???

When you take into account that Zera Starchild is a fictional author and Marie D. Jones has the 113 Mainstream coding then it’s clear to me that this 11:11 is a Mainstream medias creation. You’ll have your own opinion on this decode.

Videos below:

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Was It Murder Or An Accident??

Leroy Stanton, Former Seattle Mariner, Murdered |For Mariners Opener??

Leroy Bobby Stanton 80/100/224/235 Superdevilishness (80/91/224 Selfpreservatory (91/80/224 Disbelievingly) (91/71/224 Conceptualized) (71/91/235 Condescending, Falsifications) (Org/ROrg 246/213 Irreproducibility (82/71 Corruptionist, Propagandistic)

Leroy Stanton 74/146/178 MisInforming (52/56/146 Imaginary) (74/61/146 Revivifying) (Org/ROrg 157/167 Conspirators (176/175 Conspiratress))

he disregarded a stop sign 124/227 Falsification (110/133 Contrived) (133/137 Its Not Real) (133/218 Fictionalized) (133/191 Flimflammery, Choreographs) (Org/ROrg 271/323=172/332=86/166=68/166 The Big Lie. Programming)

struck a tree and was ejected 255/393=85/131 Indeterminable, Imaginability (58/113 Green Screen, Hypnotizes, Not Factual) (/111/204/255 Superartificially) (111/159 This Is A Lie) (111/105 Monetary, Illusion) (Org/ROrg268/380=134/190 Programmatic)

The 113 Green Screen decode stands out because if Leroy was murdered and then later the perpetrators made it look like it was an accident then no one would know. Assuming that Leroy is deadthen it’s murder by the numbers but if it was a hoax death then Leroy Stanton’s alter ego will have sold out his fans to the devil.

Is It Another Character Assassination?

Ranking Roger, Dead After Release Of Public Confidential

Ranking Roger 70/74/187/137 Preposterous (47/70/137/79 Puppetry) (70/83/187 Impersonations) (83/88 The Great Deceiver) (Org/ROrg 160/164 Exploitation, Hypothesized (106/164 Malidentification, Ridiculing) (61/146 Revivifying))

Roger Charley 63/72/135/189 Insufficient (18/27/27/108 Faked) (72/81/135 Ridicule) (72/90/135 Characterising) (72/135/108 Puppetism) (27/36/108 Acting) (27/27/81/81 Stooge) (Org/ROrg 135/189 Buffooneries, Unwoundableness)

suffering a stroke last summer 110/106 Hoaxster (142/155 Immortalism) (155/160 The Great Deceiver) (155/214 Creditability) (137/241 Prefabrication) (Org/ROrg 301/401 (103/140 Scallywag, Theatrics) (130/41 Dishonest))

two brain tumors and lung cancer 71/127/197 Manufactured (179/118 Truthlessly) (71/172 Falsified) (116/127 Misinform) (116/181 Bamboozling, Underacting) (Org/ROrg 352/377=352/737=32/67 Make Up, Untruth, Joke (23/67 Lying) (32/76 Not True, Taunt))

nearly nine minute video 110/133 Contrived (101/115 Diverter) (115/182 Deceivingly, Preconceive) (133/218 Fictionalized) (119/151 Dupability, Impossible) (133/191 Flimflammery, Choreographs) (Org/ROrg 285/282=95/94 Forgery, Hyperhilariously, Sensationalised (49/95 Bamboozled) (59/49 Theatrics))

Additional Details in this video:

Either this is a murder by the numbers or a death hoax to sell the new album. The numbers decoded suggest to me that Ranking Roger is part of a ritual,,,,,,that is …..his character Ranking Roger was the sacrificed but his alter ego is suffering from I AM ALIVE SYNDROME and is partying on a remote island somewhere on this planet Earth.