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Was George Michael A Freemason Creation To Do With At Their Will????

George Michael

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (25 June 1963 – 25 December 2016), known professionally as 
George Michael, was an English singer, songwriter, and record producer who rose to fame as a member of the music duo Wham! He is best known for his work in the 1980s and 1990s, including hit singles such as "Last Christmas" and "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", and albums such as Faith (1987) and Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 (1990).

333 Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou 135 /3=45 Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa (333/3=111 This is a Lie)
95 Georgios 50 (145/5=29 Deceits)
101 Kyriacos 38 Death (139=34p LIE)
137 Panayiotou 47 WEDO (137=33p Laughable) (184/8=23 Faker)
108 George Michael 72 (180=18 Faked)
57 George 39 (96 Freemason)
51 Michael 33 Gay (84/2=42 Freemason)

Born 25 June 1963 – 25+6+1+9+6+3=50/25+6+1+9+63=104/25+6+19+63=113, 50 Dishonest                                                                                                                     Mainstream, Operation, Scottish
Died 25 Dec 2016 –25+12+2+1+6=46/ 25+12+2+16=55/25+12+20+61=118 Death

Birth Year Numerology –1+9+6+3=19/1+9+63=73/19+63=82/2=41 Fradulent (73=21p Hoax)
Death Year Numerology –2+1+6=9/2+16=18/20+61=81/3=27, 18 Faked

From 25 June 1963 – 25 Dec 2016 is a period of 53yr 6m (536 Fake Exposed)
                                                         is a period of 642m/6=107=28p Deceit
                                                         is a period of 2791wks=406p/29=14 Sham

From Jan 1,2016 – 25 Dec 2016 is a period of 11m 24d or 51wks Freemason, Conspiracy                                                                                                                                  (1124/4=281=60p Believe)
                                                     is a period of 360d=36=666/6=111 This is a Lie
From 25 Dec 2016 – December 31, 2016 is a period of 6d = Six-52 Heart

162 Last Christmas 45 Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa (162/9=18 Faked) (207/9=23 Faker, Duped,                                                                                                                                                           Fraud)

Michael sold more than 100 million records worldwide. His debut solo album, Faith (1987), sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Michael garnered seven number one singles in the UK and eight number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, including "Careless Whisper" and "Freedom! '90". He ranks among the best-selling British acts of all time, ranked by Billboard magazine as the 40th-most successful artist ever. Michael won various music awards throughout his 30-year career, including three Brit Awards—he won Best British Male twice, four MTV Video Music Awards, four Ivor Novello Awards, three American Music Awards, and two Grammy Awards from eight nominations. Michael, who was gay, was an active LGBT rights campaigner and HIV/AIDS charity fundraiser.

In 2004, the Radio Academy named Michael the most played artist on British radio during the period 1984–2004. The documentary A Different Story (released in 2005) covered his career and personal life. Michael's first tour in 15 years, the worldwide 25 Live tour, spanned three tours over the course of three years (2006, 2007, and 2008). In the early hours of 25 December 2016, Michael, aged 53, was found dead in bed at his Oxfordshire home.

On 26 October 2011, Michael cancelled a performance at London's Royal Albert Hall due to a viral
infection. On 21 November 2011, a hospital in Vienna admitted Michael after he had complained of chest pains while at a hotel two hours before his performance at a venue there for his Symphonica Tour. The singer was later confirmed to have suffered from pneumonia and, until 1 December, was in an intensive care unit. Michael appeared to be "in good spirits" and responded well to treatment following his admittance, but on 25 November hospital officials said that his condition had "worsened overnight". This development led to cancellations and postponements of Michael's remaining 2011 performances, which had been scheduled mainly for the United Kingdom.

From 26 Oct 2011 to 21 Nov 2011 is a period of 26 days Lie
190 Two hours before 73=21p Hoax (19 Bogus) (263=56p/4=14 Sham)
244 Suffered from pneumonia 109 =29p Deceits (244/4=61 This is a Hoax) (353=71p=21p Hoax)
174 In good spirits 75 (249/3=83=23p Faker, Duped, Fraud)
221 Worsened overnight 95 (221/13=17 Lie) (316/4=79=22p Liar)
338 Cancellations and postponements 113-Dishonest Mainstream, Operation, Scottish (338/13=26                                                                                                   Lie)(451/11=41=13p B.S., Fraudulent)
223 Two thousand eleven 70-This is a Hoax (223=48p Hoax) (293=62p/2=31 B.S.)
356 Two thousand eleven performances 131=32p (356/4=89=24p Fakers) (487=93p Propaganda)

On 1 December 2011, doctors at the hospital in which Michael had stayed announced that the singer was "steadily improving" and that he had moved out of the intensive care ward. On 21 December 2011, the hospital discharged him. On 23 December 2011, Michael made a public speech outside his house in Highgate, London, in which he stated that the staff at the Vienna General Hospital had saved his life and that he would perform a free concert specifically for those staff. While making the speech, he became emotional and breathless. During the speech, he also mentioned that he had undergone a tracheotomy. After waking from the coma, Michael had a temporary West Country accent, and there was concern he had developed foreign accent syndrome.

218 Steadily improving 92 (218/2=109=29p Deceits) (310 Disappear)
23 December 2011 - 23+12+20+11=66 This is a Lie
232 Emotional and breathless 88 (232 Pinocchio) (320 To Be Free Indeed)
247 Undergone a tracheotomy 103=27p Faked (247/13=19 Bogus) (350 Life After Death)
233 Foreign accent syndrome 107=28p Deceit (233=51p Freemason, Conspiracy)(340=34 Lie)

On 16 May 2013, Michael sustained a head injury when he fell from his moving car on the M1 motorway, near St Albans in Hertfordshire, and was airlifted to a hospital.

Michael died in his bed at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, aged 53. He was found dead by his partner Fadi Fawaz on Christmas morning, 25 December 2016.

122 Fifty three 59=17p (122/2=61 This is a Hoax) (181=42p Freemason)
139 Aged fifty three 76 Michael (139=34p Lie) (215/5=43=14p Sham)
229 On Christmas morning 94 Gilda Fake Death (229=50p Dishonest Mainstream)
                                                                                                                        (323/17=19 Bogus)

No cause of death was immediately determined, although his manager Michael Lippman said that heart failure was the cause of death, and that Michael "passed away peacefully." A post-mortem was to be undertaken to determine the exact cause of death. He is survived by his father and two sisters.
In its obituary of Michael, the BBC described him as a "pop superstar" and wrote, "Blessed with good looks and a fine singing voice, his stage presence made him a favourite on the live concert circuit as he matured from teen idol to long term stardom."

George Michael's name is a Freemason creation so it's fit the script that he would die at age 53 because that's what the Freemasons want. RIP whoever you are but the other person lives on.

Why Did Carrie Fisher Die At Age 60 And Of Heart Failure???

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Frances Fisher (October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016) was an American actress, screenwriter, author, producer, and humorist. She was the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds. Fisher was known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars film series. Her other film roles included Shampoo (1975), The Blues Brothers (1980), Hannah and Her Sisters 
(1986), The 'Burbs (1989), and When Harry Met Sally... (1989).

185 Carrie Frances Fisher 104 /4=26 Lie (185/5=37 Concocted) (289/17=17 Lie)
54 Carrie 36 =666/6=111 This is A LIe (90/2=45 Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa)
66 Frances 30 (96 Freemason)
65 Fisher 38 - Death, Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa) (103= B.S.)
119 Carrie Fisher 74 – Jesus (119 Star Of David) (193=44p Kill, Hope, Deceptive)

Born October 21, 1956 – 10+21+1+9+5+6=52/10+21+19+56=106/10+21+91+5+6=133, 52 This is A                                                                                                                         Hoax (106 Prophesy)
Died December 27, 2016 –12+27+48/1+2+27+20+16=66/1+2+27+20+61=111.66,48 This is a Lie

Birth Year Numerology –1+9+5+6=21/19+56=75/91+5+6=102/2-51 Freemason, Conspiracy
                                                                                                                                          (21 Hoax)
Death Year Numerology – 2+1+6=9/20+16=36/20+61=81/3=27 Faked

From Oct 21, 1956 – Dec 27, 2016 is a period of 60y 2m 6d =26 Lie (6026/46=131=32p Unnatural)
                                                         is a period of 722m /19=38 Death
From Jan 1,2016 – Dec 27, 2016 is a period of 11m 26d /2=563=103p=27p Faked
                                                      is a period of 51w - Freemason, Conspiracy
                                                      is a period of 361d /19=19 Bogus
From Dec 27, 2016– Dec 31, 2016 is a period of 5d =Five=42 Freemason

Fisher was also known for her semi-autobiographical novels, including Postcards from the Edge and the screenplay for the film of the same name, as well as her autobiographical one-woman play and its nonfiction book, Wishful Drinking, based on the show. She additionally served as a script doctor, working on other writers' screenplays. In later years, she earned praise for speaking publicly about her experiences with mental health and drug addiction.

During a transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles four days earlier on December 23, 2016, Fisher died at the age of 60 on December 27, 2016, after going into cardiac arrest. A fellow actor seated near Fisher reported that she had stopped breathing. A passenger performed CPR on Fisher until paramedics arrived. After being taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center by ambulance, she was placed on a ventilator.

52 Six=52 Heart

288 During a transatlantic flight 117 /9=13 B.S. (288/2=144 Time, Forty Four) (405=45 Kabbalah                                                                                                                                        HaHaHAHAHa)
218 London to Los Angeles 74 /2=37 Concocted (218/2=109=29p Deceits) (292/4=73=21p Hoax)
177 Four days earlier 78 /2=39 Deceived (177/3=59=17p Lie) (255/5=51 Conspiracy. Freemason)
207 Died at the age of sixty 90-Hahahahahahahahahaha (207/9=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud)                                                                                                                                                (297/11=27 Faked)
280 After going into cardiac arrest 136 /4=34 Lie (280/14=20 WeDo) (416/8=52 This is a Hoax)
224 She had stopped breathing 107 =28p Deceits (224/2=112 Sandy Hook) (331=67p=19p Bogus)

Fisher died at age 60 on December 27, 2016, at 8:55 am local time in Los Angeles. Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, confirmed the actress's death in a statement given to the press shortly afterward by family spokesperson, Simon Halls. Fisher was survived by her daughter, her mother Debbie Reynolds, her brother Todd Fisher and her half-sisters Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher.

110 Age sixty 38=Death, Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa) (110/5=22 Liar) (148/4=37 Concocted)
192 At eight fifty five am 93-Propaganda (192/4=48 Hoax) (285/3=95 Yes We Can)

In her book, Wishful Drinking, Fisher wrote: "I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra." Several obituaries and retrospectives featured the quote.

Why did she hoax her death at age 60???? If you go by the numbers then it's obvious that 60=6=Six 52 which relates to Heart 52 and which is why she died of heart failure. That aside.....Carrie Fisher is a character that died but the other persona lives on under her real name.

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Did Charles Lindbergh Execute Three Hoaxes In His Lifetime???

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Augustus Lindbergh (February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974), nicknamed Slim Lucky Lindy, and The Lone Eagle, was an American aviator, author, inventor, military officer, explorer, and social activist. At age 25 in 1927, Lindbergh emerged from virtual obscurity as a U.S. Air Mail pilot to instantaneous world fame as the result of his Orteig Prize-winning solo nonstop flight from Roosevelt Field on Long Island, New York, to Le Bourget Field in Paris, France. He flew the distance of nearly 3,600 statute miles (5,800 km) in a single-seat, single-engine, purpose-built Ryan monoplane, Spirit of St. Louis. Lindbergh was the 19th person to make a Transatlantic flight, the first being the Transatlantic flight of Alcock and Brown from Newfoundland in 1919, but Lindbergh's flight was almost twice the distance. The record-setting flight took 33 1 ⁄ 2 hours. Lindbergh, a U.S. Army Air Corps Reserve officer, was awarded the nation's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his historic exploit.

274 Charles Augustus Lindbergh 103=27p Faked (274/2=137=33p Laughable) (377/13=29 Deceits)
66 Charles 30 (96 Freemason)
129 Augustus 21 Hoax (129/3=43=14p Sham (159/3=53=16p False)
79 Lindbergh 52 (79=22p Liar) (131=32p Unnatural)
145 Charles Lindbergh 82 (227=49p Laugh)

Born February 4, 1902 – 2+4+19+2=27/2+4+19+20=45/2+4+91+20=117– Bruce Wayne
Died August 26, 1974– 8+2+6+19+7+4=46/8+2+6+19+74=109/8+2+6+91+7+4=118 – Death

Birth Year Numerology –19+2=21/19+20=39/91+20=111– This is a Lie
Death Year Numerology –19+7+4=30/19+74=93/91+7+4=102 /2=51-Freemason, Conspiracy

From Feb 4,1902 – Aug 26,1974 is a period of 72 yrs 6m 22d-622/2=311=64p Thelema
                                                      is a period of 870m=87- Bill Gates, Rand Paul

From Jan 1,1974 – Aug 26,1974 is a period of 7m 25d or 33wk-Destiny, Reward
                                                     is a period of 238d /2=119 Star of David
From Aug 26,1974 – Dec 31,1974 is a period of 4m 5d or 18wk-Faked (45 Kabbalah                                                                                                                                                   HaHaHAHAHa)
                                                        is a period of 127d=31p B.S.

227 Spirit of St. Louis 74-Masonic (227=49p Laugh) (301/7=43=14p Sham)
277 Was the nineteenth person 106 =16 False (277=59p=17p Lie) [283=61p=18p Faked)
214 Transatlantic flight 79.=22p Liar (214/2=107=28p=Deceit) (293=62p/2=31 B.S.)
284 Thirty three and a half (33 1/2) hours 122 /2=61=18p Faked (284/4=71=20p WeDo)                                                                                                                                         (406=46=Deception)

Before the United States formally entered World War II, some accused Lindbergh of being a fascist sympathizer. He supported the isolationist America First movement, which advocated that America remain neutral during the war, as had his father, Congressman Charles August Lindbergh, during World War I. This conflicted with the Franklin Roosevelt administration's official policy, which sought to protect Britain from a German takeover. Lindbergh subsequently resigned his commission as a colonel in the United States Army Air Forces in April 1941 after being publicly rebuked by President Roosevelt for his isolationist views. Nevertheless, Lindbergh publicly supported the war effort after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and flew 50 combat missions in the Pacific Theater of World War II as a civilian consultant, though President Roosevelt had refused to reinstate his Army Air Corps colonel's commission. In his later years, Lindbergh became a prolific prize-winning author, international explorer, inventor, and environmentalist.

May 20–21, 1927: Lindbergh's New York to Paris flight

Six well-known aviators had already lost their lives in pursuit of the Orteig Prize when Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field on his successful attempt in the early morning of Friday, May 20, 1927. Prior to fueling The Spirit, Lindbergh's crew had strained and restrained the Shell Aviation fuel to eliminate as much sediment as possible. This was to prevent any fuel line blockages during the flight. Burdened by its heavy load of 450 U.S. gallons (1,704 liters) of gasoline weighing about 2,710 lb (1,230 kg), and hampered by a muddy, rain-soaked runway, Lindbergh's Wright Whirlwind-powered monoplane gained speed very slowly as it made its 7:52 am (07:52) takeoff run, but its J-5C radial engine still proved powerful enough to allow the Spirit to clear the telephone lines at the far end of the field "by about twenty feet [six meters] with a fair reserve of flying speed". Over the next 331⁄2 hours, he and the Spirit—which Lindbergh always jointly referred to as "WE"—faced many challenges, including skimming over both storm clouds at 10,000 ft (3,000 m) and wave tops at as low at 10 ft (3.0 m), fighting icing, flying blind through fog for several hours, and navigating only by the stars (whenever visible), and dead reckoning before landing at Le Bourget Airport at 10:22 pm (22:22) on Saturday, May 21. The airfield was not marked on his map and Lindbergh knew only that it was some seven miles northeast of the city. He initially mistook the airfield for some large industrial complex with bright lights spreading out in all directions. The lights were, in fact, the headlights of tens of thousands of cars all driven by eager spectators now caught in "the largest traffic jam in Paris history."

286 Six well-known aviators 88..133-This is a Hoax (286/13=22 Liar) (419=81p/3=27 Faked)
272 Had already lost their lives 110 /5=22 Liar (272/8=34 Lie) (382/2=191=43p=14p Sham)
349 In pursuit of the Orteig Prize 151=36p=666/6=111 This is a Lie (349=70p/2=35 Deceive)                                                                                                                        (500=50 Fraud, Dishonest)
203 Seven fifty two am 68 /4=17 Lie (203=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud) (271=58p/2=29 Deceits)
320 Seven fifty two am takeoff run 113-Dishonest Mainstream, Operation, Scottish (320=32                                                                                                      Unnatural) (433=84p/2=42 Freemason)
440 Over the next Thirty Three and a half hours 179 =41p Ludicrous (440=44 Deceptive)                                                                                                                            (619=114p/2=57 Magician)
222 Dead reckoning before landing 132 /4=33 Phony (222/2=111 This is a Lie) (354/6=59=17p Lie)
477 At Le Bourget Airport at ten twenty two pm 153 /3=51 Freemason, Conspiracy (477/9=53=16p                                                                                                                     False) (630=63/3=21 Hoax)
409 The headlights of tens of thousands of cars 157 =37p Concocted (409=80p/4=20 WEDO)                                                                                                                           (566/2=283=61p=18p Faked)

The Crime of the Century

On the evening of March 1, 1932, in what the press of the time came to sensationally refer to as "The Crime of the Century," an intruder kidapped 20-month-old Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. from his crib in the second-story nursery of his family's rural home, Highfields, in East Amwell, New
Jersey, near the town of Hopewell. While a 10-week nationwide search for the child was being undertaken, ransom negotiations were also conducted simultaneously with a self-identified kidnapper by a volunteer intermediary, Dr. John F. Condon ("Jafsie"). These resulted in the payment 
on April 2 of $50,000 in cash, part of which was made in soon-to-be withdrawn (and thus more easily traceable) gold certificates, the serial numbers of which had been recorded, in exchange for information about the child's whereabouts that proved to be false. The child's remains were found by chance by a passing truckdriver six weeks later on May 12 in roadside woodlands near Mount Rose, New Jersey.

March 1, 1932 – 3+1+19+32=55/3+1+91+3+2=100 Sync with Century (55 Kidnap)

241 The Crime of the Century 106 -16 False (241=53p=16p Sixteen-Freemason) (347=69p/3=23                                                                                                                                     Faker, Duped, Fraud)
274 Kidapped twenty month old 103 =27p Faked (274/2=137=33p Phony, Laughable) (377/13=29                                                                                                                                                    Deceits)
453 From his crib in the second story nursery 163 =38p Death, Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa                                                                    (453/3=151=36p=666/6=111 This is a Lie) (616/8=77 Damn LIes)
323 By chance by a passing truckdriver 134 /2=67=19p Bogus) (323/19=17 Lie) (457=88p Program)
333 Six weeks later on May twelfth 108 /6=18 Faked (333/3=111 This is a Lie) (441/21=21 Hoax)
302 Near Mount Rose, New Jersey 104..113-Dishonest Mainstream, Operation, Scottish                                                                                                              (302/2=151=36p 666/6=111 This is a Lie)

In response to the highly publicized crime, Congress passed the so-called "Lindbergh Law" on June 13, which made kidnapping a federal offense under certain circumstances. Known formally as the "Federal Kidnapping Act of 1932" ( 18 U.S.C. § 1201
( ), the new statute provided for federal jurisdiction over all future kidnappings in which any victim(s) were taken across state lines and/or (as had occurred in the Lindbergh case) the kidnapper(s) used "the mail or any means, facility, or instrumentality of interstate or foreign commerce in committing or in furtherance of the commission of the offense", including as a means to demand a ransom.

115 Lindbergh Law 61 – This Is A Hoax (115 Freemasons) (176 Abracadabra)

The assiduous tracing of the serial numbers of $10 and $20 gold certificates passed in the New York City area over the next year and a half eventually led police to Richard Hauptmann, a 34-year-old
German immigrant carpenter, who was arrested near his home in the Bronx, New York, on September 19, 1934. (Hauptmann was identified by the license plate number of his automobile, 
which a gas station attendant had written on the bill after receiving it from him in payment for fuel.) A stash containing $13,760 of the ransom money was subsequently found hidden in his garage. Charged with kidnapping, first-degree murder and extortion, Hauptmann went on trial for his life on January 2, 1935 in a circus-like atmosphere in Flemington, New Jersey. Six weeks later, he was convicted of first degree murder following 11 hours of deliberation when the jury delivered its verdict late on the night of February 13. Judge Thomas Trenchard immediately sentenced Hauptmann to death. Although he continued to adamantly maintain his innocence, all of Hauptmann's appeals and petitions for clemency were rejected by early December 1935. Despite a last-minute attempt by New Jersey Governor Harold G. Hoffman (who believed Hauptmann was guilty, but expressed doubts that he could have acted alone) to convince him to confess to the crimes in exchange for getting his sentence commuted to life imprisonment, 36-year-old Hauptmann refused to admit guilt and was electrocuted at Trenton State Prison on April 3, 1936.

169 Richard Hauptmann 79 =22p Liar (169/13=13 B.S.) (248/8=31 B.S.)
61 Richard 43 =14p Sham (61=18p Faked) (104/4=26 Lie)
108 Hauptmann 36 =666/6=111 This is a Lie (108/4=27 Money) (144 Killer, Time, Forty Four)

September 19, 1934 – 9+1+9+1+9+3+4=36/9+19+1+9+3+4=45/9+1+9+91+34=144

898 A stash containing thirteen thousand seven hundred sixty dollars of the ransom money 331=67p=19p Bogus (898/2=449=87p/3=29 Deceits) (1229=201p/3=67=19p Bogus)

January 2, 1935 – 1+2+19+35=57/ 1+2+91+35=102/ 12+91+3+5=111

171 Six weeks later 54 – Forty-Five-Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa (171/9=19 Bogus) (225/9=25 Trick)
367 He was convicted of first degree murder 169 /13=13 B.S. (367 73p=21p Hoax) 
                                                                                                                           (536/8=67=19p Bogus)
214 Judge Thomas Trenchard 88..97=25p Trick (214/2=107=28p Deceit) (311=64p Chosen)
270 Sentenced Hauptmann to death 99 /3=33 Phony, Laughable (270=27 Faked, Money) 
                                                                                               (369/3=123 Conspiracy, Hidden Hand)
705 Refused to admit guilt and was electrocuted at Trenton State Prison 237 /3=79=22p Liar                                                                                                                                          (705/15=47 WEDO)

April 3, 1936 – 4+3+19+36=62/4+3+19+63=89/4+3+91+3+6=107=28p Deceit (89=24p Fakers) (62                                                                                                                                          Mason, Dollar)

Could Charles Lindbergh be the first Triple Hoaxster on this blog??? If you go by the numbers...there's a good chance that Charles is the Top Dog among the hoaxes presented on this blog.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas...Have Fun Syncing The Numbers For A Revealing Look At Jesus

Let me start by saying I’m not exposing that Jesus is a hoax to be disrespectful of Christians worldwide. You can still celebrate the Life and Death of Jesus. I wanted to see for myself if Gematria would expose Jesus as a character in a book read by billions.


330 The Greatest Book Ever Written 123/3=41 Fraudulent (123 Conspiracy) (330/5=66 This is a Lie) (453/3=151=36 Sum 1-36=666/6=111 This is a Lie)
159 New Testament 42..51 Freemason (159/3=53=16p Sixteen-Freemason) (210=21 Hoax)

123 Conspiracy 51...60

The early depictions of Jesus have him painted with a HALO in the background. I discovered through Gematria that the Sun is that HALO and is responsible for all life on this planet Earth. Life would not exist without the SUN. In Gematria, zeros (0) don’t count and if you look at the synchronization between the SUN, WORSHIP and HALO is amazing. I worship the sun every chance it appears and now |I know why. Note that there is no connection between worship and church on Sundays but there is a connection with the Bible so Christians should rejoice. Depending on your faith… God is real or a Lie and you are the ultimate bearer of this decision.

90 Holy Bible 45 Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa) (90/5=18 Faked) (135/5=27 Faked)
108 Sun Is God 36.....45....54
108 Worship 45…..54
108 Anno Domini 54
54 Sun 9…..18
36 Halo 18
26 God 17
26 Lie 17
61 Church 34
84 Sunday 21.30

Jesus Christ may be the SON OF GOD but Gematria reveals that he is a contrived CHARACTER similar to a character in a bestselling novel. Note the 41 which in my other blogs reveal that number relates to DECEPTION.

95 Son of God 41....50
122 Fraudulent 41
77 Christ 32.....41
77 Character 41

Christmas is a celebration of life and the birth of Jesus. Notice the 74 codings which is in synchronization with Jesus,Messiah,Joshua and so on. Also note that there is no connection between Bethlehem, The Navitivity and The Virgin Mary but it’s still THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD…...emphasis on the word STORY.

78 Bethlehem 42 - Freemason
153 The Nativity 54 (153/3=51 Conspiracy, Freemason) (207=27 Faked)
152 Birth Of Jesus 53..62 (53=16p Sixteen - Freemason)
151 Holy Spirit 61..70-This is a Hoax
136 Virgin Mary 64 /4=16 Sixteen-Freemason
110 Christmas 38..47..56
326 The Greatest Story Ever Told 110 (326/2=163=38p=Death, Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa)
74 Jesus 11.....20.....29
74 Joshua 20.....29
74 Yshua 20.....29
88 Iesous 25.....34.....43
74 Gospel 29…..38
84 Savior 20…..38
102 Yehoshua 39.....48
74 Messiah 29....38.....47
74 Parables 29…..38

96 Sixteen 33..42 ,96 Freemason (33 Laughable)

Jesus performed miracles that magicians would be dazzled by but in life there are no miracles only how you choose to live and how you conduct your lifestyle. Why is it that Jesus can only raise Lazarus from death could it be because he has a super cool sexy name...LAZARUS??? No one person can change water into wine...maybe a good Winery with a clever recipe but one can dream and hope. If I walked on the sea…..I’d get wet and maybe drown. Note the 113 coding in the 153 fishes miraculously caught by one of his pals.

149 The Anointed One 68
244 Raised Lazarus From Death 100..109..118 – Death (244/4=61 This is a Hoax)
230 One Hundred Fifty Three 113 - Dishonest Mainstream, Operation, Scottish
(23 Faker, Duped, Fraud) (343/7=49 Laugh)
331 The Miraculous Draught of Fishes 133 - This is a Hoax (331=67p=19p Bogus) (464/29=16 Sixteen-Freemason)
193 Made Wine From Water 85 /5=17 Lie (193=44p Kill, Time) (278/2=139=34p Lie)
164 Walking on the Sea 76..85
211 Yahweh is salvation 76..85

Do we know why Jesus was betrayed while having his last supper???? Was one of his pals jealous of Jesus...not giving him enough JESUSING and TLC??? The plot thickens and Jesus is sent to Herod Antipas for judgement and the verdict is death by Crucifixion. The drama continues as Jesus is made to carry his own Cross wearing a crown of thorns and to make things interesting….the Romans had embellished his name and title Iesus Nazaremus Rex Iudaeorum which ghastly denotes Jesus as JESUS OF NAZARETH---KING OF THE JEWS. Nobody will know this until the audience reads the subtitles. Historically he died at the age of 36 but this is a script so read on for the spine tingling conclusion.

74 Jury 20
47 Judge 20
68 Easter 23….32
80 Betrayed 35
79 Murder 34
115 Passover 34..43..52..70
180 The Last Supper 54..63..72
107 Holy Grail 53
177 Pontius Pilate 60..69
130 Herod Antipas 58..67
134 Herod The Great 71
73 Iesus 19..28..37
118 Nazaremus 37..46 Jesus of Nazareth marked on Cross
47 Rex 20
107 Iudaeorum 44 King Of The Jews marked on Cross
131 Crucifixion 68
78 Crucified 51`
104 Good Friday 59
188 Crown of Thorns 71..80
152 King of the Jews 62..71..80
152 Thirty Six 53...62

The cliffhanger begins with a thoroughly crucified Jesus Christ is lifeless and is wrapped in a shroud. Forty Days Later He is Resurrected and appears as a 33 year old deity and proclaims that all that follows his gospels will be eternally saved or you may become a 33 year old deity like Jesus.

152 King of the Jews 62..71..80
188 Shroud of Turin 71..80
183 Forty Days After 66..75
165 A Work of Fiction 75
165 Resurrection 66..75
156 Thirty Three 66
99 Ascension 36…..45…..54
90 Holy Bible 45

The HOLY BIBLE is a great book for those who can understand all that gibberish text and can stay awake during the recitals. The New Testaments Reads like any novel with a good writer and good Christian promotions to sell their message of eternal life and be like\Jesus and be 33 when you die and ascend to heaven. 

Repost And Update...Fukushima...Massive Hoax With Fake Earthquake And Tsunami Or Real???

Fukushima Daiichi

Coordinates 37°25′17′′N 141°1′57′′E 37 + 141 = 178 Fukushima False Flag

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was an energy accident at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, initiated primarily by the tsunami following the Tōhoku earthquake on 11 March 2011. Immediately after the earthquake, the active reactors automatically shut down their sustained fission reactions. However, the tsunami destroyed the emergency generators cooling the reactors,
causing reactor 4 to overheat from the decay heat from the fuel rods. The insufficient cooling led to three nuclear meltdowns and the release of radioactive material beginning on 12 March. Several hydrogen-air chemical explosions occurred between 12 March and 15 March.

152 Fukushima Daiichi 80-Creator (152/4=38=Death, Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa),Thirty Six)
                                                                                                                                (232/8=29 Deceits)
109 Fukushima 37-Concocted (109=29p Deceits, Seventeen) (146/2=73=21p Hoax)
43 Daiichi 43 – False, Plan
151 Fukushima Nine (I) 61..70 – This Is A Hoax (151=36p=666/6=111 This is a Lie, Jesus Christ,                                                                                                                  Jesus Is Alive) (221/13=17 Lie)
42 I=Nine 24 – Bang (42 UFO, Japan, Big Bang, TV)
169 Nuclear disaster 61..70..79 – Chemical, Murder (70,61 This Is A Hoax) (169/13=13 B.S.                                                                                                      Thelema, Funding Terror) (230=23 Faker)
214 Nuclear Power Plant 79=22p Liar (214/2=107=28 Deceit) (293=62p/2=31 B.S.)
151 Nuclear Power 61 – This is a Hoax (151=36p=666/6=111 This is a Lie)
                                                                                                  (212/2=106=16 Sixteen-Freemason)
74 Nuclear 29 – Diana (74 Jesus, Messiah, Masonic, Jewish, Energy)
239 Initiated primarily by 113 – Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, Green Screen 
                                                                                           (239=52p/2=26 Lie) (352/4=88 Program)
97 Tsunami 25..34 – Lie, R I G (97=25p Trick, Uranium) (131=32p
343 Following the Tōhoku earthquake 136 /4=34 Lie (343/7=49 Laugh) (479=92p/2=46 Deception)
107 Earthquake 44..53=16p Sixteen-Freemason (107 =17 Lie) (151=36p=666/6=111 This is a Lie)

11 March 2011 (1+1+3+20+11=36) Sum 1 to 36 =666/6=111 This is a Lie

365 Destroyed the emergency generators 158 /2=79=22p Liar (365/5=73=21p Hoax) 
                                                                                                                    (523=99p/3=33 Laughable)
214 Causing reactor Four (4) 88 – Program (214/2=107=17 Lie) (302/2=151=36p)
257 Decay heat from the fuel rods 113 – Dishonest Mainstream, Operation,Apocalypse (257=55p
255 Three nuclear meltdowns 93 – Saturn, Propaganda (255/5=51 Conspiracy, Freemason)                                                                                                                                              (348/12=29 Deceit)
272 Release of radioactive material 128 /8=16 Sixteen-Freemason (272/8=34 Lie
                                                                                                                             (400=40 Deceitful)
107 Radioactive 53=16p Sixteen-Freemason (107=17 Lie, God, Ring Of Fire) (160/8=20 WeDo)
326 Hydrogen-air chemical explosions 155 /5=31 B.S. (326/2=163 =38p=Death, Kabbalah                                                                                                        HaHaHAHAHa) (481/13=37 Concocted)

On 5 July 2012, the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC) found that the causes of the accident had been foreseeable, and that the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), had failed to meet basic safety requirements such as risk assessment, preparing for containing collateral damage, and developing evacuation plans. On 12 October 2012, TEPCO admitted for the first time that it had failed to take necessary measures for 
fear of inviting lawsuits or protests against its nuclear plants.

5 July 2012 (5+7+20+12=44) – Time, Kill, H A A R P

191 Accident had been foreseeable 110 /5=22 Liar, Liar (191=43p=14p Sham) (301=31 B.S.)
325 Tokyo Electric Power Company 127=31p B.S. (325/13=25 Trick)
                                                                 (452/4=113 Dishonest Mainstream, Operation, Scottish)

The Fukushima disaster is the largest nuclear disaster since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the second disaster to be given the Level 7 event classification of the International Nuclear Event Scale. Though there have been no fatalities linked to radiation due to the accident, the eventual number of cancer deaths, according to the Linear no-threshold theory of radiation safety, that will be caused by the accident is expected to be around 130-640 people in the years and decades ahead. The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation and World Health Organization report that there will be no increase in miscarriages, stillbirths or physical and mental disorders in babies born after the accident.

327 Level seven (7) event classification 120 /5=24 Fakers, Illuminati, Dinosaurs
                                                                                                                   (327 /3=109=19 Bogus)
275 World Health Organization 122/2=61 This is a Hoax,Is A Fake (275 /11=25 Trick)                                                                                                                                                 (397=78p/2=39)

The earthquake triggered a 13-to-15-metre (43 to 49 ft) high tsunami that arrived approximately 50 minutes later. The waves overtopped the plant's 5.7 metres (19 ft) seawall, flooding the basements of the power plant's turbine buildings and disabling the emergency diesel generators at approximately 15:41. TEPCO then notified authorities of a "first- level emergency". The switching stations that provided power from the three backup generators located higher on the hillside failed when the building that housed them flooded. Power for the plant's control systems switched to batteries designed to provide power for about eight hours. Further batteries and mobile generators were dispatched to the site, but were delayed by poor road conditions; the first arrived at 21:00 11 March, almost six hours after the tsunami struck. Multiple unsuccessful attempts were made to connect portable generating equipment to power water pumps. The failure was attributed to flooding at the connection point in the Turbine Hall basement and the absence of suitable cables. TEPCO switched its efforts to installing new lines from the grid. One generator at unit 6 resumed operation on 17 March, while external power returned to units 5 and 6 only on 20 March.

262 One Three (13)-to-One Five (15) metre 118 /2=59=17p Lie – Death (262/2=131=32p)                                                                                                    (380=38=Death, Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa)
223 Fifty (50) minutes later 79..88 – Program Poison (223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan)                                                                                                                                 (311=63p/3=21 Hoax)
354 The waves overtopped the plant's 120 – Illuminati (354/3=118 – Death) (474/6=79=22p Liar)

148 NUCLEAR ENERGY 67 =19p Bogus, Lying (148/4=37 Concocted) (215/5=43=14p Sham)

If you believe the numbers then NUCLEAR POWER is a hoax which leave me to wonder if
NUCLEAR ENERGY was ever produced???? Fukushima is a gigantic hoax and they have to constantly create a BOGEYMAN to keep the public in fear.

Repost And Update...Chernobyl...Nuclear Nightmare Or Nuclear Hoax???


Coordinates: 51°23′23′′N 30°05′57′′E (51 Freemason,Conspiracy) (30 Fakery)

The Chernobyl disaster, also referred to as the Chernobyl accident or simply Chernobyl, was a
catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the city of Pripyat, then located in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union (USSR). An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which spread over much of the western USSR and Europe.

102 Chernobyl 48 – Damage, Hoax (102 /2=51 Conspiracy, Freemason, Lie After Lie) (150/5=30                                                                                                                                                         Fakery)
161 Chernobyl accident 80 – Creator (161/7=23 Faker) (241=53p=16p Sixteen-Freemason)
197 Chernobyl disaster 80..89=24p– Fakers (80 Creator) (197=45p Kabbalah HaHaHAHAHa) 
                                                                                                                              (277 =59p=17p Lie)
266 Catastrophic nuclear accident 113 – Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation (266/2=133 This is a                                                                                                                        Hoax) (379=75p/3=25 Trick)

April 26, 1986 (4+2+6+1+9+8+6=36) Sum 1-36 = 666

124 One One Three 61– This is A Hoax (124 Lies, Deceiver of Men, Tower Of Babel)

The Chernobyl disaster was the worst nuclear power plant accident in history in terms of cost and casualties. It is one of only two classified as a level 7 event (the maximum classification) on the International Nuclear Event Scale, the other being the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011. The struggle to contain the contamination and avert a greater catastrophe ultimately involved over 500,000 workers and cost an estimated 18 billion rubles. During the accident itself, 31 people died, and long-term effects such as cancers are still being investigated.

From April 26, 1986 – March 11, 2011 is a period of 24 (Two Four – 118) years,10 months and 13                                           days = 113 zero omitted – Dishonest, Mainstream, Green Screen, Operation
From April 26, 1986 – March 11, 2011 is a period of 298 mths/2=149=35p Deceive
                                                               is a period of 1297 weeks = 211p=47p WeDo, Fabricated

419 History in terms of cost and casualties 140 =14=Sham, Revelations (419=81p/3=27 Faked)                                                                                                                                   (559/13=43=14p Sham)
387 Over five hundred thousand (500,000) workers 153 /3=51 Conspiracy, Freemason, Purpose
                                                                             Plan (387/9=43=14p Sham) (540=54/2=27 Faked)
223 Eighteen (18) billion rubles 106 =16 Sixteen-Freemason, Prophecy (223=48p Hoax The                                                                                                              Synagogue Of Satan) (329/7=47 WeDo)
225 Thirty One (31) people died 108 =18 Faked (225 /15=25 Trick) (333/3=111 This is a Lie)

The disaster began during a systems test on 26 April 1986 at reactor number four of the Chernobyl plant, which is near the city of Pripyat and in proximity to the administrative border with Belarus and the Dnieper River. There was a sudden and unexpected power surge, and when an emergency shutdown was attempted, a much larger spike in power output occurred, which led to a reactor vessel rupture and a series of steam explosions. These events exposed the graphite moderator of the reactor to air, causing it to ignite. The resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere over an extensive geographical area, including Pripyat. The plume drifted over large parts of the western Soviet Union and Europe. From 1986 to 2000, 350,400 people were evacuated and resettled from the most severely contaminated areas of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. According to official post-Soviet data, about 60% of the fallout landed in Belarus. Russia,

234 Reactor number four 87 – Inside Job (234 add reflection 432= 666/6=111 This is a Lie)                                                                                                                       (321+123=444/4=111 This is a Lie)
267 A much larger spike in power 123 – Conspiracy, Eighty Eight (267/3=89=24p Fakers) (390=39
303 A series of steam explosions 105 /5=21 Hoax, Zionism (303 =33 Laughable) (408=48 Hoax)

Many People don't know about this Nuclear disaster that Happened in Russia but the accident was meant to instill fear into the Europeans and has similar circrumstances in relation to Fukushima. When you get to the bottom line....the mainstream media reports made the story headline news. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that they cannot use nuclear weapons to destroy the planet.