Monday, December 30, 2019

Gematria---Swallow The RED CAPSULE

The Matrix And The Red Capsule/Pill

In the movie THE MATRIX, the hero is blinded from the truth as you have been. He is asked to take one pill, the BLUE PILL or the RED PILL. Take the BLUE PILL...the story ends and you wake up and believe whatever you want to believe. Take the RED PILL and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Then he swallows the RED PILL and is offered THE TRUTH and nothing more.

The red pill is an allegory or a representation of what my blog is about. Learn Gematria...the Jewish practice of coding numbers into can see thru the deceptions and lies. Gematria is the alphabetic order A,B,C,D....Z paired with the numeric order 1,2,3,4....26. Then in reverse you get Z,Y,X,W....A paired with 1,2,3,4....26 which make up the first two cyphers named ORDINAL and REVERSE ORDINAL. The next two is more involves making every letter paired with a SINGLE digit...A-I, B=2, C=3 aand so on to 9 then J=10 which is reduced to a single digit 1+0=1. The letter K is the number 11 which is 1+1=2 or 10+1 so with each K you can add an additional 9. Then from L-R is paired with 3-9. The letter S is the 19th in order so we reduce 19 to 10+9 then there’s an additional 10 which is reduced to 9+1=10. S with each letter S, you can add 9 more to the calculation. The letters T is the 20th which is 2+0=2 and U is 21 which is 2+1=3. Then the letter V is 22 which is 11+11 which is further reduced to 10+1+10+1. Now extract the 9 from the 10, you have 9+9=18. So with each letter V you can add 18 more to the calculation. Then do all this reduction with the REVERSE ORDINAL and that comprises the four main cyphers that I use. Luckily there’s a calculator that does all this calculation for you which can be found at GEMATRINATOR.COM which allows you to focus on the decodes.

The red pill 55/53/109/161 Bamboozler (53/55/161/109 Untruthful) (91/116 Mainstream Operation) (62/55/116 Fictionize, Bamboozling) (55/109 Mockingly) (55/53/109/107 Trickery) (53/55/107 Disneyland, Predevised) (37/35/82/107 Pretend) (71/91/170 Conspiratorial, Sensationalism) (Su/RSu 654/966=218/322=182/223 The Synagogue Of Satan, Artificialize) (Org/ROrg 157/113 Mainstream, Hypnotizes, Not Factual)

Red pill 41/67/113 Mainstream, Hypnotizes, Dishonest (41/40/113/76 Not True, DisInfo) (59/76/113 Green Screen, Operation) (40/50/113 Bull Shit) (50/76/113 Semianimated) (40/41/113 Bemock) (50/76/131 Illusionable) (59/67/131 Humiliation) (Su/RSu 456/678=152/226 Propagandistic, Mainstream Operation) (Org/ROrg 113/76 Mainstream, Hypnotizes, Not Factual)

The Red Capsule 56/142 Gematria (70/65/133/137 Its Not Real) (56/79/137/214 Collaboration) (88/137/241 Prefabrication) (65/61/137/160 Reinventing) (56/70/137/79 Puppetry) (137/79/214 Hypersuggestibly) (137/142 Deceitfulness) (70/56/133 Choreographs) (61/65/106 Ridiculing) (Org/ROrg 156/195 Brainlessness, Surpriseproof (159/165 Manipulators, Conjurations) (165/159 Transformism))

Red Capsule 50/67/104/166 Falsifiers, Inventable (76/104/166 Sensationalised, Preconceptional) (58/104/166 Laughingstocks) (50/85/104 Not Real, Conjurer) (104/103 Controlled Opposition, Hypersuggestibility) (50/67/103 Phonies) (Org/ROrg 112/158 Delusional (112/185 Imagination)

The decodes that I’ve done thus far are unbelievable at first but that’s because you’ve been indoctrinated by the education system and the mainstream medias to accept whatever that is taught and programmed into you is true. If you watch the movie THE MATRIX and listen to the underlying message THAT YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO then you can wake up when you’ve taken THE RED PILL or you can go on living with the lies and take THE BLUE PILL.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Antiquities R' THEY???

The Two Props...Structures To Generate Debt & Antiquities??

Matt Damon cameo In The Great Wall 113/220/293 Conceptualistically (113/157 Mainstream) (166/239 Preconceptional, Premanufactured) (193/239 Superinfluencing) (139/239 False Knowledge, Melodramatised) (131/166 Programming, Humiliation) (131/220 Inconvincible) (131/193 Illusionable) (112/131 Fraudster) (113/22 Bemock) (Org/ROrg 318/438=159/219 Hyperridiculously, Uncontradictableness (159/192 Substanceless, Counterfeiter, Immortalising, Propagandists)

An American In The Great Wall 90/108/234 Improvisatorially (144/180 Nonauthentic, Exploitatory) (108/189/243 Sensationalistic) (Org/ROrg 282/366=141/183 Fictionizing. Superscripts (114/183 Choreograph, Performance)

Non-Chinese In The Great Wall 171/261 Uncreditableness (62/216 Premanufacture) (117/126 Improvise, Inconceivabilities) (144/261 Amphitheatrical) (162/189 Preconspiracy) (135/189 Preknowledge) (117/261 Unauthoritativeness) (117/153 Deceptious) (126/126=36/36 Mockery) (Org/ROrg 302/346=151/173 Conspirative, Compromising (115/137 Overcapitalisation))

The Great Walls Of China 81/99/207/225 Conspiratorially, Supergravitating (90/99 Mockery (90/99/207/171 Superdubiously, Proscriptively) (72/90/198/207 Questionability) (207/333=69/111 Choregraphic, Anglicizing, This Is A Lie, Surrealistically) (90/81/162/216 Premanufacture) (90/108/162 Hoodwinked) (54/81/135 Ridicule, Knockoff) (Org/ROrg 227/313=949/626=994/226=142/38 Fakeries (38/124 Laughter) (83/142 The Great Deceiver, Overcapitalisation) (83/124 Theatricalization))

Nixon at The Great Wall Of China 123/147/258 Mainstream Media Operation, Psychological Operation, Nonauthenticated (147/258 Precongratulating) (123/174 Facsimiles, Sublimable, Intentionalism, Perpetuators, Boondoggle) (174/231 Superbelievably) (147/213 Choregraphic) (213/192 Resurrectionist) ( (132/165 Mythicalism, Orchestrate) (132/192 Propagandize) (Org/ROrg 321/381=132/138 Preknowing, Dishonesty, Operations, Controller, Followings)

Skull And Bone 58/68/130/194 Misleadingly, Dumbfounding (77/94/194 Sensationalizing) (68/94/194 Condescensiveness) (77/130/194 Prepostorship) (76/95/194 Transcriptively) (58/59/149 Provocation, Staged Prop) (49/149/94 Nontruths) (58/77/149 Brainpower) (Org/ROrg 163/161 Impersonator (136/161 Counterfeit, Trickstress) (116/136 Orchestrated, Awlessness))

Decode a giant inflatable replica.... (Org/ROrg 281/340)

Great Pyramid Of Giza 102/96/210/258 Precongratulating (123/201/258 Mainstream Media Operation) (102/258 Nonauthenticated) (51/96/201 Fabricative) (96/123/201 Foreshadowed) (102/96/201/231 Unconvincibility) (Su/RSu 1206/1701=126/171=126/117 Improvise, Deceivability (171/261 Uncreditableness) (Org/ROrg 213/273=123/273 Preacknowledgment) (123/237 Counterequivalent, Demonstrativeness, Cheatableness, Unscrupulously)

Two movie about the Great Wall of China and the other about Skull and Bone and the Pyramid Of Giza. Both movies exposes the two wonders of the world as a wonderful and magnificent achievements by man but they aren’t ancient relics manufactured thousands of years ago.

To make these structures ancient...the perpetrators have to get their creations into the limelights by the mainstream media’s injection of realism by the entertainment and tourism roads. Nixon was used to promote the Great Wall Of China which caused the floodgate of tourist dollars to fuel the Debt Based Economic Model. The same can be said for the Pyramid of Giza which was used as a prop in the movie DESPICABLE ME which is an animated feature and also uses the SKULL and BONE symbolism as pictured above. The symbolism is used to highlight the fact that its the Freemasons or Secret Societies that have the financial power to create their MONUMENTS and also serves as a mockery tool which has to be indoctrinated into the people otherwise there’s nothing for them to laugh at.

A prime example is Matt Damon and the Americans in the movie THE GREAT WALL. He’s the obvious person to decode and it shows clearly that if people believe that the Great Wall Of China is an ancient relic which it is used to mock and generate the mockery that fuels its creators with laughs.

One movie was a terrible plot with cheesy CGI’s and questionable casting of movie stars to fit the script...which it didn’t. The other was a comedic animated feature with a funny plot and dialog with fitting character voices and a well written script which is entertaining. Do both movies have hidden messages injected into the films that will fuel their agendas??? One of them to generate money to fuel their financial endeavours and the other is to generate a sense of antiquities into their well built PROPS.