Thursday, January 31, 2019

This Narrative Wants You To Cough Up Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Win A Futile Prize!!!

Latest Lottery Scam Or Real Opportunities????

Jerry and Marge Selbee 187/326=178/326=89/163 Scriptitiously, Conceived (88/101/187 Sensationalising) (110/88/128 Characteriser) (88/110/187/137 Preposterous)(110/88/173 Condescendingness) (101/88/137 Prefabrication) (110/97/200 Unaccomplishedness, Indoctrinization) (97/146 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) (Org/ROrg 237/276=79/92 The Synagogue Of Satan, Hypersuggestibly, Characterizing (29/79 Dupers))

crack the code 60/75/96/228 Inimaginable, Identifiable (75/69/111 This Is A Lie) (39/51/111/105 Illusion) (51/75/96/201 Fabricative) (51/75/96/201 Fictionable) (57/51/111 Mocked) (51/75/105 Preplanned) (Org/ROrg 117/207 Nonauthenticity, Incredulousness (171/72 Improvisation, Improvability, Remanufacturing))

playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars 460/566=230/283 Nonadvantageousness (217/127/197 Manufactured) (181/224 Unrealistically) (197/181 Corruptibility) (179/118 Truthlessly) (179/199 Fraudulentness) (118/152 Controlled) (215/190 Improvisatorize, Supersalesmanship) (172/233 Superinfluenced) (199/233 Overcomplacently, Organizationally) (91/233 Backstabbing) (125/199 Brainwashing, Masterminded) (Org/ROrg 512/514=125/145 Complicity (145/152 Reinvention) (125/154 Revivability)

I’d like to think that the word is getting out that LOOTTERY is a scam and that we are have an effect on tickets sales. The latest scam is detailed in this video which lays out that in order to make money on the must invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to make millions. Great marketing gimmick if ticket sales are low and need a boost.

Sadly the people unaware of this scam will probably go out and spend their dollars on what they perceive that someone has cracked the code so why can I???? And if they make a TV movie about this scam….it legitimize the lottery industry as to speak. The numbers points out that it is not advantageous for people to spend X amount of cash in the HOPES of winning the BIG Prize.

Top Chef Eats Incorrect Food And Dies?

Top Chef Choked Or Is She Stirring Up Hoax Shu May??

Fatima Ali 27/36/63 Untrue (63/63/171 Extemporised) (72/171 Improvability)
(36/36 Mockery) (27/36/54 Acting) (54/63 Untruthfully, Nonauthentic) (45/54 Ridicule) (Org/ROrg 90/153=90/135 Characterising, Athletic Actor, Subvertible)

Diagnosed at the end of Two Zero One Seven 107/154/251 Ritual Sacrifice (215/163 Scriptitiously) (199/215 Supersalesmanship, Superenergetically) (161/136 Trickstress) (163/161 Impersonator) (109/161 Bamboozler) (181/170 Extemporizing) (197/181 Corruptibility) (Org/ROrg 412/506=206/253 Unauthenticalness)

Ewing’s Sarcoma 57/78/147/204 Transformance (66/87/174/204 Intentionalism) (96/147 Concocter) (69/57/147 Conspiracy, Dishonestly, Divinizing, Freemason, Transformer) (Org/ROrg 111/240 Fabricational, Discreditable, Superartificially)

revealed in an online essay 130/248 Preconceivable (113/130 Operation, Dishonest, Bull Shit) (113/157 Mainstream, Not Factual, Hypnotizes) (131/166 Unrealistic, Programming) (131/220 Inconvincible)
(131/139 Fictitiously, Ridiculous) (Org/ROrg 269/352=692/532=173/133=137/133 Its Not Real, Preposterous)

back with a vengeance 154/332=77/166 The Big Lie, Character (73/98/233 Superinfluenced) (73/116/154 Untalented, Shameproof) (Org/ROrg 195/291=159/192 Substanceless, Propagandists, Counterfeiter)

The numbers revealed a 113 code so is Fatima Ali dead from Ewing’s Sarcoma or did she sellout her fan by faking her death??? I think she’s alive and her alter ego Fatima Ali took the brunt of the cancer and kicked the bucket.

Additional details are in this video

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Space Shuttle Challenger And Columbia Exposed?

Space Shuttle “C”….Is It Code For Disaster???

Space Shuttle Challenger 90/117/234 Overintellectualize, Improvisatorially (18/27/27/108 Faked) (27/81/81 Ritual) (90/117/180/306 Inconceivabilities) (90/99/207/225 Conspiratorially) (90/99/243/270 Hyperintellectually) (36/90/126 Schemers) (36/36/90/99 Mockery) (90/108/162 Hoodwinked) (234/90/99 Unscrutinisingly) (Su/RSu 1404/2160=144/261 Amphitheatrical) (36/90/135 Knockoff) (90/171/234 Remanufacturing, Corporification) (Org/ROrg 250/344=125/172 Nonsensical, Filthifying)

Space Shuttle Columbia 108/117/225 Noninterchangeability (72/81/180/171 Improvisation) (72/81/135 Ridicule) (Org/ROrg 208/332=104/166 Falsifiers)

Space Shuttle 50/67/149/175 Controllably, Subliminally (59/76/149/175 Journalising) (67/194/157 Prepostorship) (67/130/194 Misdirecting) (41/67/157 Mainstream, Hypnotizes, Not Factual) (59/76/157 Conspirators) (Org/ROrg 132/192 Propagandize)

One One Three 83/106/218/214 Miniaturizations (47/61/137 Puppetry) (61/65/124/173 Inauthentic) (38/61/119/124 Con Artist) (38/61/110/106 Hoaxster) (47/61/119/124 Mythicism, Vaporware, Duplicity) (38/61/92/124 Laughter) (83/106/191 Theatricalization) (65/61/182/142 Unworshipful) (61/74/173 Conspirative) (47/61/119 Dupability, Impossible) (61/65/106 Ridiculing) (61/65/191 Flimflammery) (38/61/74 Trick) (38/61/128 Dupable) (61/65/137 Preposterous) (56/61/119 Preconceived, Hoodwinkable) (Org/ROrg 137/160 Entitlement, Reinventing)

Is it a coincidence that the two Space Shuttle disasters have matching “C” words??? So...I thought to decode “S.S.C.=113 which equals to “One One Three” and the decodes are above. Note the key word
Miniaturizations” and Puppetry” which equates to something that has its strings pulled in order to function.

As my previous Space Shuttle blogs points out that they built one and reused the same shuttle spacecraft for the next mission. They use remote gadgetry to make the Space Shuttle take flights and remote explosive to create the disasters just like a Hollywood production.

Additional details can be seen and heard on this video