Friday, June 29, 2018

Newspaper Groupees Attacks Itself..They Do Anything For ATTENTION!

Attack On Capital Gazette

Five People 69/111/159 This Is A Lie (69/75/159 Propagandists, Counterfeiter) 
(75/114 Inconceivable) (51/111 Illusion) (Su 666 Purpose Plan/36T Mockery
(FB/RFB 220/316=55/79 Collaboration, Laughing) (F 163=38p Death, Hoaxster
(E/RE 660/1725=44/115 Baloney) (O/RO 128/142 Tricksters)

Capital Gazette 146/232=73/116 Fictionize, Bamboozling 
(56/79 Fingerable, Collaboration) (56/124 Duplicity, Laughter)

Reporter Wendi Winters 116/154 Fictionize, Shameproof (118/125 Thwartman) 
(116/127 Misinform) (116/181 Bamboozling) (145/125 Puppetries) (127 Manufactured)

Editor Robert Hiaasen 206/307=26/37 Unreal (98/118 Not Real Name
(145/206 Counterfeited, Suspicionable) (118/98 Shunners) (127 Manufactured)

Sales Assistant Rebecca Smith 86/238 Imaginativeness, Superartificial, Sensationalizing 
(86/175 Misinformation, Conspiratress) (95/175 Bamboozled)

Editorial Writer Gerald Fischman 189/243 Sensationalistic

One Rifle Out Of Five 85/113 Green Screen, Dishonest (113/121 Puppeteer)
(85/95 Improvisational) (Phonies 95/103)

The choice of the number Five for the number of People is a good choice as it decodes to what’s shown above. The victims are either fictitious or a person with an unknown name and they use the names for the reality of a person being real enhances the deceptions. In the photo decode I found it suspicious that one rifle was raised out of the five and my decode shows a 113 coding which is why they snapped this photo as shown.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Heartless And Headless Ritual!!

The Aztec 'Skull Tower' Revealed

Aztec 19/26 Bogus (44/80 Conceived) (Su/RSu 330/480=33/48 Laughable, Foolish, 
Fakery, Profit) (O/RO 43/92 Laughter, Falsity) (E/RE 1009/1808=109/188 ChickenShit)

Skull Tower 60/48/114/156 Exploitage (60/114/156 Untrueness, Storylines) 
(48/60 Hoax, Duplifying) (57/78 Craps) (O/RO 114/156 Exploitage
(RFB 226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream….) (LCH 113)

Six Five Zero Skulls 252/207=84/69 Fabricates (81/135 Knockoff, Ridicule
(90/99 Mockery)

One E Three E 53/100/170 Connivance (55/100/143 Falseness) 
(Su/RSu 600/1020=60/102 Made Up) (S/RS 450/520=45/52 Hoodwinked
(O/RO 114/156 Exploitage) (Pr/RPr 296/580=74/116 Shameproof)
(FB/RFB 196/336=49/84 Profit)

Tenochtitlan 78/66/141/183 Fictionizing

Did the Aztecs performed the famous ritual of cutting out the heart and then chopping off the heads of their victims??? Based on the numbers it’s all a fraud and the photo decode reveals the deceptions and mockery and the reasons why they made up this fictitious ritual.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Breast Cancer--Could Big Pharma Have Given It To You?

Thunder Blanket -Young Mother Discovered Breast Cancer

Thunder Blanket 88/155 The Great Deceiver (79/223 The Synagogue Of Satan
(65/124 Inauthentic, Unscrupulous, Insidious) (56/124 Laughter, Con Artist) 
(O/RO 226/152=113/76 Not True) (ALW 197 Manufactured)

Breast Cancer 89/108/215 Treacherousness, Improvisatorize (46/80/109 Creator
(46/109 Bamboozler) (46/80/109 Trickery) (80/55/116 Fictionize
(O/RO 139/185 Impossibilities, Implausibilities) (RS 635/5=127 Manufactured
(KFW 157=37p Concocted)

Roxann Karonhiarokwas Whitebean 167/157 Conspirators (139/167 Superartificial) 
(139/185 Impossibilities, Implausibilities (RFB 889/7=127 Manufactured)
(446/2=223=48p Hoax/The Synagogue Of Satan)

Three Days After 223=48p Hoax/The Synagogue Of Satan - Decode if so desired

Does Breast Cancer exist or is it manufactured by the mainstream medias?? The numbers points towards an operation that involves deceptions and trickery. Would the doctors or the drug companies collude to dupe the public with false diagnosis to get you to come back for more treatments and drugs??? Without the public’s sickness….how will the doctors and big Pharma survive????

There’s a good chance that big Pharma manufactured a cancer concoction and delivered into someone body without their knowledge. My whole family has yet to succumb to the dreaded disease known as BREAST CANCER.

Caesar's Battle With His Bulge..It's TRUE!

Julius Caesar’s Super Crazy Bulge

Julius Caesar 58/86/139 False Knowledge (58/185 Imagination
(86/185 Impossibilities, Implausibilities) (95/58/104 Fictioneer, Falsifiers
(O/RO 101/223 The Synagogue Of Satan)

Crazy Bulge (48/69/120/150 Illuminati) (48/69/120 Idiotic) (69/150 Improvisate
(51/120 Trickster) (69/150 Perpetuators, Extemporizer
(Su/RSu 720/900=72/90 Questionability) (O/RO 112/158 Delusional)

crossed the Rubicon 81/108/198 Incredulousness, Questionability 
(81/99/198 Nonauthenticity) (198/126 Untruthfully) (99/144 Purpose Plan) 
(81/108 Sensationalistic) (O/RO 206/253 Unauthenticalness)

Julius Caesar stabbed 23 times and is now an immortal fictitious character that’s historically documented to be a real person. Caesar’s swelled head is a contrived and concocted condition made up to sell the people that he as real as the readers that believe their dribbles.

Falling for this piece of false history is exactly what they want you to do….so….what are you going to do???

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

FRANKEN-GHOST WRITER Strikes Again...In Theatres Now!!!

Mary Shelley

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley 128/142/326=64/71/163 Impersonator (110/133 Contrived
(142/128 Tricksters)

Mary Shelley 64/53/100 Connivance (82/154 Fictionalizing) (53/82 Doubtable) 
(62/82 Concocted) (53/73 Fabrication, Farcicality) 
(62/55 Fictionize, Bamboozling) (64/53 Trickery)

Born Aug 30 1797 – 8+30+1+7+9+7=62 Bamboozling / 8+3+1+7+97=116 Fictionize / 8+30+71+97=206/2=103 B.S.

Died Feb 1 1851 – 2+1+1+8+51=63 / 2+1+81+5+1=90 Mockery / 2+1+181+5=189 Sensationalistic

Birth Year Numerology – 1+7+9+7=24 Farce, Magic/ 7+97=104 Falsifiers/ 71+97=168 Fictitiously

Death Year Numerology – 1+8+51=60 Hoax / 81+5+1=87 / 181+5=186

Date Between Numerology – 830−21=809=140p / 803−12=791/7=113 / 308−21=287/7=41 Not Real / 380−21=359=72p Improvisation / 83-12=71 Manufactured / 830−12=818/2=409=80p Conceived / 380−12=368/2=184/2=92 Laughter

From Aug 30 1797 – Feb 1 1851 is a period of 53y 5m 2d/24=223=48p Hoax/ The Synagogue Of Satan
                                is a period of 641m=116p Fictionize
                                is a period of 2787w/3=929=158p
                                is a period of 19513d/13=1051=151=36p Mockery 
(/19=1027=127 Manufactured)

From Jan 1, 1851 – Feb 1 1851 is a period of 1m (Decode One Month)
                                is a period of 4w Decode Four Weeks)
                                is a period of 31d B.S.

From Feb 1 1851 – Jan 1, 1852 is a period of 11m Jesus
                                is a period of 48w Hoax
                                is a period of 334d/2=167 Gullability, Fraudulency

William Godwin 70/74/151 Jesus Christ (Pr 466/2=233=51p Conspiracy, Illusion)

Mary Wollstonecraft 51//66/120/123 Trickster (39/60/123 Invented)(O/RO 216/270=36/45 Schemers, Delusion) (LCH 191=43p Its not Real)

Is Mary Shelley ...the author of Frankenstein or is it the works of ghost writers that really wrote the story and to sell the novel, they fictionize Mary Shelley so that a woman would get all the credits.
The numbers points toward Mary Shelley and her mother and father are all fictional.

I beginning to think that all these authors lived fictitiously at the time of the printing press started rolling printed medias by writers that are talented but for whatever reasons they chose to use fictional authors.