Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Bible...New Name...Same Mockery!

The Bible Vs Holy Bible

The Bible 36/45/63/153 Unfibbed (36/45 Schemers, Delusion) (45/153 Holy Bible
(36/90 Mockery) (F/RF 115/205=23/41 Faker) (J 151=36p Mockery/Jesus Christ
(O/RO 123/93 Invented) (FB/RFB 124/304=31/76 Joker, Taunt) 
(LCH 79 Laughing/The Synagogue Of Satan) (Tri/RTri 405/1665=9/37 Scam)

Holy Bible 45/54/90/153 Deceivers (45/90 Schemers, Mockery) (54/153 Purpose Plan) 
(Su/RSu 540/918=60/102 Made Up) (O/RO 127/116 Misinform)
(E/RE 846/2142=94/238 Imaginativeness) (FB/RFB 178/304=89/152 Truthlessness
(Tri 703=37T Concocted)

Pick your Bible Title…..both are mocking the believers. The word UNFIBBED is actually truthful and mockful at the same time. The Bible has the 151=36p which when you sum 1-36 gives you the number 666 as well as Jesus Christ coding. The Holy Bible is more honest and mocking at the same time with the words IMAGINATIVENESS and TRUTHLESSNESS coded into the title.

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