Monday, June 11, 2018

Can Jackson Odell Act......DEAD???

Actor Jackson Odell Found Dead In A Sober Living Home

Jackson Odell is found dead 88/128/223 Artificialize (97/128 Nonsensible) 
(115/128 Convulsed) (F/RF 55/90 Schemers, Mockery) (O/RO 273/348=91/116 Untalented
(Pr/RPr 663/1365=51/105 Incorrect) (RTri 4052/4=1013=113 Mainstream, Dishonest, 

Jackson Odell 58/68 Imagination, Programming, Misleadingly (49/68/121 Contrivable
(O/RO 126/198=21/33 Phony, Craps) (FB​/RFB 240/404=60/101 Shameless) 
(ALW 107 Hoaxster)

Writing from a place of truth 127 Manufactured (134 Fictioneering, Inconceivably
(O/RO 322/326=161/163 Impersonator)

If this is an accurate decode then Jackson Odell is dead but his REAL persona lives on. As you can see with the 223 and 113 coding....his character took the hit and he's sprinkled with a little convulsion and mockery on the side. Jackson had a lot of help on the way UP to Stardom????

Anyone think that he's in LIMBO laughing his guts out with his planned demise??? Count ME in!!!

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