Sunday, June 10, 2018

D-Day Rebranded DUD-Day!!!

Normandy landings

D-Day 34/74 Trick (Su/RSu 204/444=51/111 Illusion, Corrupt, Amusement)
(O/RO 59/49 Purposeful, Fraudulency, Fraudster. Delusional, Hilarious
(E 709=127p Manufactured) (E/RE 709/1802=79/182 Improvisatize
(J 409=80p Conceived) (Pr 113) (RPr 270=27 Faked) 
(Sq/Rsq 658/1738=47/79 Puppetry, Laughing)

Normandy landings 76/86=38/43 Maligned, Laughing, Laughter, Hoaxster 
(76/85/184 Theatricalisation, Unrealizability, Hyperhilarious) 
(184/248=23/31 Lying, Joker, Faker, Fraud)

Operation Overlord 93 Invented, Unactual (96 Fakery) (222/237=74/79 Improvisatize
(RO 239=52p This is a Hoax)

Five Allied beachheads 87/111 Superartificially(105/111 Illusion, Monetary) 
(141/399=47/133 Contrived, Government) (Pr 389=77p The Big Lie)

June 6, 1944= 6-6-18=6618/6=1103=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, Not True, 
Not Factual, B.S.)

June 6, 1944=6-6-6-6-6=66666/542=123 Invented, Conspiracy, Trickster

Based on this decode I am 100% certain that WWII wasn’t played out as the mainstream medias portrayed the war to be….WAR IS HELL. The warriors/stooges were part of a large staged event where they just stood around for photo opts and were laughing about their roles. The choice of Five Allied beachheads is decoded as a government PsyOP with big money pooled in to the massive deception/operation.

The date decode is another reason why D-DAY didn’t happen as it was reported with the dreaded 113 number coded in your face. Do you think there are any soldiers buried that died so gallantly and so patrioticly for their countries??

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