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Albert Pike...A Freemason Creation With Hollow Words!!

Albert Pike

Albert Pike (December 29, 1809 – April 2, 1891) was an attorney, soldier, writer, and Freemason. Albert Pike is the only Confederate military officer with an outdoor statue in Washington, D.C.

225 A Freemasonry Creation 99

99 Albert Pike 45..54 (45 Kabbalah, HaHaHaHaHa) (99 A Freemasonry Creation) (153/3=51                                                                                                                                Conspiracy, Freemason)
58 Albert 22-Liar (58 Imagine) (80/5=16 Sixteen, Freemason)
41 Pike 23..32-Obama (23 Fantasy, Faker, Duped, Fraud) (41 Fraudulent) (73=21p Hoax)

Born Dec 29, 1809 –12+2+9+1+8+9=41-Fraudulent/12+29+18+9=68-Big Bang                                                                                                              /1+2+2+9+1+8+90=113 – Dishonest,Mainstream
Died Apr 2, 1891 – 4+2+18+9+1=34-LIE/ 4+2+18+91=115-Freemasons/4+2+119+8=133-This 
                                                                                                                                            IS A Hoax

From Dec 29, 1809 – Apr 2, 1891 is a period of 81 y 3 m 4 d (34 LIE) (81 Knock Off)
                                                        is a period of 975 m/75=13 B.S.
                                                        is a period of 4239 w/27=157=37p Corrupt, Concocted

From Jan 1,1891 – Apr 2, 1891 is a period of 3m 1d B.S.
                                                   is a period of 91d –Deception
From Apr 2, 1891 – Dec 31, 1891 is a period of 8m 29d =145p/5=29 Fabricates
                                                       is a period of 274 d /2=137=33p Freemason

466 Was an attorney, soldier, writer, and Freemason 178 /2=89=24 (466/2=233=51p Freemason,                                                                                                    Conspiracy) (644/2=322 Skull And Bone)

Pike died in Washington, D.C., at the age of 81, and was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery. Burial was against his wishes; he had left instructions for his body to be cremated. In 1944, his remains were moved to the House of the Temple, headquarters of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite. A memorial to Pike is located in the Judiciary Square neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

223 Pike died in Washington, D.C. 115..124..133-A Hoax This IS (223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue                                                                                                            Of Satan) (356/4=89=24p Frauds)
196 At the age of Eighty one (81) 97=25p Trick (196/14=28) (293=62p Mason)
285 Was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery 114 /3=38 Death, Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa (285/15=19                                                                                                           Bogus) (399/3=133 This IS A Hoax)

The Albert Pike Memorial Temple is a historic Masonic lodge in Little Rock, Arkansas listed on the
National Register of Historic Places.

From what is before your eyes...Albert Pike is a Freemason Creation made up to have a person tell the tales of the Three World Wars.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the divergences caused by the 'agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to get to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the elect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

74 Lucifer 38 Death, Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa

Get the word out.....Albert Pike is a freemason creation and thus his words are hollow without any substance.....Do not think that because Pike say there will be a third world war...that it's going to happen. And even if they could start this war it doesn't mean DOOMSDAY is around the corner....they'll have a hard time creating DOOMSDAY if they don't have any NUKES!!!


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The OWL Is Part Of The Dollar's Design And The Freemason's Hidden Hands....Everywhere????

U. S. A. One-Dollar Bill

Of all the currencies I have held in my hands, the US one dollar bill is the most intriguing. There are more mystic symbols on the one dollar bill than on the walls of Greek temples. Even dollar symbol $ is intriguing. Remember not long back we used to draw two vertical lines on the alphabet S to denote dollar. It is believed that the dollar symbol is nothing but the abbreviation of the United States, the alphabets U & S super imposed on one another. The bottom of the 'U' disappears into the bottom curve of the 'S', leaving two vertical lines. Now only one line is drawn.

480 The alphabets U and S super imposed on one another 183 /3=61=18p Faked (480/30=16 Sixteen) (663/13=51 Freemas0n, Conspiracy)

Coming back to the symbols on one dollar bill, I have always wondered what the symbols meant until recently when the meaning of the mystic symbols was revealed by Discovery Channel in a program “uncovering the past”. The dollar bill was designed more than 200 years back. On one side of the bill, the portrait of George Washington is displayed in the center of the bill. To the left of George Washington is the Federal Reserve District Seal. The name of the Federal Reserve Bank that issued the note encircles a capital letter, (A‐L), identifying it among the twelve Federal Reserve Banks. The sequential number of the bank, (1: A, 2: B, etc), is also displayed in the four corners of the open space on the bill. To the right of George Washington is the Treasury Department Seal. The balancing scales represent justice. The chevron with 13 stars represents the original 13 colonies. The key below the chevron represents authority and trust.

551 The dollar bill was designed more than two hundred years back 227=49p Laugh (551/29=19 Bogus) (778/2=389=77p Damn Lies)

The reverse of the one dollar bill has an ornate design which incorporates the Seal of the United States. To the left is an unfinished pyramid with 13 steps. Pyramid is associated with Strength and Durability."The unfinished pyramid symbolizes a country which is strong and will last for ages but is in building stage. The separated cap of the pyramid, portrays the all‐seeing eye, an ancient symbol for divinity. The Latin phrase Annuit Cœptis, 13 alphabets, is located above the pyramid. It literally means "he/it favors the things having been begun." Another Latin phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum” is shown on a ribbon below the pyramid and it roughly means "a new order of the ages". Written at the base of the pyramid in Roman Numerals is MDCCLXXVI or 1776, the year the United States Declaration of Independence was signed.

860 The unfinished pyramid symbolizes a country which is strong and will last for ages 338 /13=26 Lie (860/43=20 WeDo) (1198/2=599=109p=29p Deceits)

318 An ancient symbol for divinity 129 /3=43=14p Sham (318/6=53=16p Sixteen) (447/3=149=35p

166 Annuit Coeptis 58..67 (233=51p Freemason, Conspiracy)

249 Novus Ordo Seclorum 78..87 (336/21=16 Sixteen)

189 A new order of the ages 90 (279/9=31)
114 MDCCLXXVI 42 Freemason
271 Seventeen seventy six 82 (353=71p=20p WeDo)

The eye above the pyramid is popular among conspiracy theorists, and alleged to have connections with the FreeMason cult. Several of the initial dollar bill designers including Thomas Jefferson was believed to be FreeMasons. To the right is the Seal of the United States portraying its national bird, the Bald Eagle. In front of the eagle is an unsupported shield which symbolizes the fledgling country's ability to stand on its own. Above the eagle's head is a glory with 13 stars, representing the original 13 colonies. Clutched in the eagle's beak is a ribbon with 13 alphabets which reads "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (From many, one) indicating a unified nation. It also holds an olive branch in one talon and arrows in another and the head always pointing to the olive branch symbolizing the inclination for peace but the readiness to fight.

674 Several of the initial dollar bill designers including Thomas Jefferson 296 /4=74 Jesus, Lucifer.....(674/2=337=68p/2=34 Lie) (970=97=25p Trick)

192 E PLURIBUS UNUM 57 (192/2=96 Freemason)

Of all the countries superstitious about number 13, the US takes first place. We do not find 13th floor, room no 13 anywhere, yet look at the repeated appearance of 13 number on the dollar bill.

47 WeDo 20 Freemason's Theme Song
96 Sixteen 33..42 (96,42 Freemason)
Ranging Degrees of Freemsonry (31+32+33=96 Freemason)

176 Thirteen stars 59 (235/5=47 WeDo)

178 Thirteen steps 61..70 (248/8=31)

198 Thirteen letters 72..81 (279/9=31)

Thirteen letters in ANNUIT COEPTIS
Thirteen letters in E PLURIBUS UNUM

229 Thirteen vertical bars 94..112 (341/11=31)

343 Thirteen horizontal stripes 136..145..154 (497/7=71=20p WeDo)

163 Thirteen leaves 64..82..91 (254/2=127=31p)

181 Thirteen olives 73..91 (272/17=16=Sixteen)
175 Thirteen berries 85 (260/13=20=WeDo)

231 Thirteen projectiles 96..105 (336/21=16=Sixteen)

170 Thirteen pearls 71 (241=53p=16p=Sixteen)

173 Microscopic OWL 74 Jesus, Messiah, Lucifer, Cross (173=40p Deceitful) (247/13=19 Bogus)

In several cultures the number 13 is powerful and represents the beginning. Maybe the bill designers added all the mystic symbols on the dollar bill to make the currency a formidable one.

In this Decode I wanted to find out if I could determine the master planners behind the American One Dollar and I've done just that!!!! Don't know why I couldn't find any number 32 among these decodes but the Freemasons have their hidden hands in creation of the dollar bill. Also notice the MICROSCOPIC OWL decode.....it reveals that there's no OWL that was deliberatly place on the bill rather it's a part of the overall design.


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Did Mary Tyler Moore Marry Her First Husband And Give Birth To Her Only Son??? Gematria On Trial???

Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore (December 29, 1936 – January 25, 2017) was an American actress, known for her roles in the television sitcoms The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970–1977), in which she starred as Mary Richards, a thirtyish single woman who worked as a local news producer in Minneapolis, and The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961–1966), in which she played Laura Petrie, a former dancer turned Westchester homemaker, wife and Mary Tyler Moore mother. Her film work includes 1967's Thoroughly Modern Millie and 1980's Ordinary People, in which she played a role that was very different from the television characters she had portrayed, and for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

203 Mary Tyler Moore 77 The Big Lie (203=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud) (280/7=40 Deceitful)
57 Mary 21 Hoax (57/3=19 Bogus) (78/3=26 Lie)
80 Tyler 26 Lie (80/4=20 WeDo) (106=16 False)
66 Moore 30 Fakery (66 This Is A Lie) (96 Freemason)

Born Dec 29, 1936–1+2+2+9+1+9+3+6=33-Destiny/12+29+19+36=96-Freemason                                                                                                                                     /12+29+19+63=123–Conspiracy
Died Jan 25, 2017–1+2+5+20+1+7=36-666/1+25+2+17=45-Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa                                                                                                                    /1+52+20+71=144 – Time, Forty Four

Birth Year Numerology –1+9+3+6=19-Bogus/19+36=55-Counterfeit/19+63=82/2=41 Fraudulent
Death Year Numerology –20+1+7=28-Deceit/20+17=37-Concocted/20+71=91/7=13 B.S.

From Dec 29, 1936–Jan 25, 2017 is a period of 80y 27d=827=144p Time
                                                       is a period of 960m=96 Freemason
                                                       is a period of 4178w/2=2089=316p/4=79=22p Liar

From Jan 1,2017–Jan 25, 2017 is a period of 25d - Trick
From Jan 25, 2017– Dec 31, 2017 is a period of 11m 6d - Eternity
                                                        is a period of 48w-Hoax or 340d=34 Lie

Moore was active in charity work and various political causes, particularly the issues of animal rights and diabetes. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes early in the run of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She also suffered from alcoholism, which she wrote about in her first of two memoirs. In May 2011, Moore underwent elective brain surgery to remove a benign meningioma. She died from cardiopulmonary arrest because of pneumonia at the age of 80 on January 25, 2017.

At age 18 in 1955, Moore married Richard Carleton Meeker, whom she described as "the boy next door"and within six weeks she was pregnant with her only child, Richard Jr. (born July 3, 1956). Meeker and Moore divorced in 1961. Moore married Grant Tinker, a CBS executive (later chairman of NBC), in 1962, and in 1970 they formed the television production company MTM Enterprises, which created and produced the company's first television series, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Moore and Tinker divorced in 1981.

290 Eighteen in nineteen fifty five 155..173=40p Fiction (290/5=58 Imagination) (463=90p=9 Scam)
206 Richard Carleton Meeker 107 (26,17 Lie) (313=65p Android)
190 The boy next door 73=21p Hoax (190=19 Bogus) (263=56p Hobbit)
115 Six weeks 34..43..52..61 (52,61 This Is A Hoax) (115/5=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud) 
                                                                                                                               (167=39p Spurious)
331 Was pregnant with her only child 142..151=36p=666/6=111 This Is A Lie (331=67p=19p Bogus)                                                                                                                              (473/11=43 Fairy Tale)
146 Richard Meeker Jr 83=23p Faker, Duped, Fraud (146/2=73=22p Liar) (229=50p Dishonest,                                                                                                                                Operation, Mainstream)
July 3, 1956 – 7+3+1+9+5+6=31 B.S.

 320 Divorced in nineteen sixty one 140/2=70 This Is A Hoax (320/16=20 WeDo) (460=46                                                                                                                                                            Bamboozler)

On October 14, 1980, at the age of 24, Moore's son Richard died of an accidental gunshot to the head while handling a sawed-off shotgun. The model was later taken off the market because of its "hair trigger".

October 14, 1980 – 10+14+19+80=123 Conspiracy, Hidden Hand

201 Age of twenty four 75/3=25 Trick (201=21 Hoax) (276/12=23 Fantasy)
320 Died of an accidental gunshot to the head 140/4=35 Deceive) (320/8=40 Fiction)

Moore married Dr. Robert Levine on November 23, 1983, at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. They
met when her mother was treated by him in New York City on a weekend house call, after Moore and her mother returned from a visit to the Vatican where they had had a personal audience with Pope John Paul II.

167 Dr. Robert Levine 77 Damn Lies (167=39p Corrupt) (244/4=61=18p Faked)

November 23, 1983 – 11+2+3+19+83=118 True Love

Moore was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was 33. In 2011, she had surgery to remove a
meningioma, a benign brain tumor. In 2014 friends reported that she had heart and kidney problems and was nearly blind.

321 Was diagnosed with Type I diabetes 132 /2=66 This Is A Lie (321/3=107=28p Misleads)                                                                                                                 (453/3=151=36p Schemers, Delusion)
281 When she was thirty three 110 /5=22 Liar (281=60p/2=30 Fakery) (391/17=23 Fantasy, Faker,                                                                                                                                            Duped, Fraud)

Moore died at 80 years old on January 25, 2017, at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut, after having been placed on a respirator the previous week.

Gematria put to the test....My decode determines that Mary wasn't married at age 18 and she didn't give birth to her only son. If I'm wrong then my apologies to Mary Tyler Moore. That aside If she has passed away then the entertainment world has loss a icon of the television era.


Prince....Did He Kick His Guitar GoodBye???


Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016) was an American singer, songwriter, multi-
instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. He was a musical innovator and known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, extravagant dress and makeup, and wide vocal range. His music integrates a wide variety of styles, including funk, rock, R&B, new wave, soul, psychedelia, and pop. He has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best selling artists of all time. He won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an AcademyAward for the film Purple Rain. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, the first year of his eligibility. Rolling Stone ranked Prince at number 27 on its list of 100 Greatest Artists – "the most influential artists of the rock & roll era".

530 The most influential artists of the rock & roll era 197=45p Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa                                                              (530=53=16p=Sixteen = Freemason) (727=129p Hollywood, America)

Prince was born in Minneapolis and developed an interest in music as a young child. He signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. at the age of 18, and released his debut album For You in 1978. His 1979 album Prince went platinum, and his next three records —Dirty Mind (1980), Controversy (1981), and 1999 (1982)—continued his success, showcasing Prince's prominently sexual lyrics and blending of funk, dance, and rock music. In 1984, he began referring to his backup band as the Revolution and released Purple Rain, which served as the soundtrack to his eponymous 1984 film debut and was met with widespread acclaim. After releasing the albums Around the World in a Day (1985) and Parade (1986), The Revolution disbanded, and Prince released the double album Sign o' the Times (1987) as a solo artist. He released three more solo albums before debuting the New Power Generation band in 1991.

In 1993, while in a contractual dispute with Warner Bros., he changed his stage name to , an unpronounceable symbol also known as the "Love Symbol". Soon he came to be referred to as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince", and began releasing new albums at a faster pace to remove himself from contractual obligations. He released five records between 1994 and 1996 before signing with Arista Records in 1998. In 2000, he began referring to himself as "Prince" again. He released 16 albums after that, including The Rainbow Children (2001).

140 Love Symbol 41..59=17p Lie (41 Fraudulent) (140=14 Sham) (181=42p Freemason)
394 The Artist Formerly Known as Prince 151–36p Delusion (394/2=197=45p Kabbalah,                                                                                                       HaHaHAHAHa) (545/5=109=29p Deceits)

His final album, Hit n Run Phase Two, was first released on the Tidal streaming service on December 11, 2015. Prince died at his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Chanhassen, Minnesota, on April 21, 2016, at the age of 57.

226 Prince Rogers Nelson 100...109...118 Death (226 /2=113 Dishonest Mainstream, Operation,                                                                   Scottish) (326/2=163=38p Death, Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa)
65 Prince 38 – Death, Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa (103=27p Faked)
82 Rogers 37 (82 Enslaved) (119/7=17 Lie, Kill)
79 Nelson 25...34 Lie (79=22p Liar) (113 Dishonest Mainstream, Operation, Scottish)

Born June 7, 1958 – 6+7+1+9+5+8=36=666/6+7+19+58=90=9 Scam/67+19+58=144-Time,
                                                                                                                                            Forty Four
Died Apr 21, 2016 – 4+21+2+16=43-Illusional/4+21+20+61=106-Prophesy/4+21+2+106=133-
                                                                                                                                     This Is A Hoax

Birth Year Numerology – 1+9+5+8=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud/19+58=77–Damn Lies
Death Year Numerology – 2+16=18-Faked/20+61=81/3=27-Faked/2+106=108=18-Faked

From June 7, 1958–Apr 21, 2016 is a period of 57y/3=19 Bogus 10m-14d=114 Lebron James
                                                      is a period of 694m/2=347=69p/3=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud
                                                      is a period of 3019 w=433p=84p/2=42 Freemason

From Jan 1, 2016–Apr 21, 2016 is a period of 3m 20d or 111d-This Is A Lie
From Apr 21, 2016–Dec 31, 2016 is a period of 8m 10d or 255d/5=51 Conspiracy, Freemason
                                                       is a period of 36w=Schemers

Prince saw Dr. Michael T. Schulenberg, a Twin Cities specialist in family medicine, on April 7, 2016, and again on April 20. On April 7, Prince postponed two performances at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta from his Piano & A Microphone Tour; the venue released a statement saying he had influenza. Prince rescheduled and performed the show on April 14, even though he still was not feeling well. While flying back to Minneapolis early the next morning, he became unresponsive, and his private jet made an emergency landing at Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois, where he was hospitalized and received Narcan, but he left against medical advice. Representatives said he suffered from "bad dehydration" and had had influenza for several weeks. Prince was seen bicycling the next day in his hometown of Chanhassen, Minnesota. He shopped that evening at the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis for Record Store Day and made a brief appearance at an impromptu dance party at his Paisley Park recording studio complex, stating that he was feeling fine. On April 19, he attended a performance by singer Lizz Wright at the Dakota Jazz Club. Day and made a brief appearance at an impromptu dance party at his Paisley Park recording studio complex, stating that he was feeling fine.

207 Dr. Michael T. Schulenberg 99..108 (27,18 Faked) (317=66p This Is A Lie)
264 Specialist In Family Medicine 129 /3=43=14p Sham (264/8=33 Phony, Laughable)                                                                                                                                  (393/3=131=32p Life, Agenda)
285 Hospitalized and Received Narcan 141 /3=47 (285/5=57 ) (426/6=71=20p
92 Chanhassen 38..47 WeDo (92/4=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud) (139=34p Lie)

On April 20, Prince's representatives called Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a California specialist in addiction
medicine and pain management, seeking medical help for Prince. Kornfeld scheduled to meet with Prince on April 22, and he contacted a local physician who cleared his schedule for April 21, for an exam and to check on Prince's condition. On April 21, at 9:43 a.m., the Carver County Sheriff's Office received a 9-1-1 call requesting that an ambulance be sent to Prince's home at Paisley Park. The caller initially told the dispatcher that an unidentified person at the home was unconscious, then moments later said he was dead, and finally identified the person as Prince. The caller was Dr. Kornfeld's son, who had flown in with buprenorphine that morning to devise a treatment plan for opioid addiction. Emergency responders found Prince unresponsive in an elevator and performed CPR, but were unable to revive him. They pronounced him dead at 10:07 a.m., 19 minutes after their arrival. There was no sign of suicide or foul play. Prince was 57 years old.

176 Dr. Howard Kornfeld 86..95 /5=19 Bogus (176/2=88 Program, Poison) (271=58p
141 Addiction Medicine 87 /3=29 Deceits (141/3=47 WeDo) (228/4=38 Death, Kabbalah,                                                                                                                                                    HaHaHAHAHa)
133 Pain Management 61 ,133 This Is A Hoax (194/2=97=25p Trick)
182 Nine Forty Three (9:43) 77– The Big Lie (182/7=26 Lie) (259/7=37 Concocted)
110 Nine One One 56 Spurious (110 Hoaxster) (166/2=83=23p Faker, Duped, Fraud)
133 Paisley Park 52...61...70 (133, 61, 70 This Is A Hoax) (203=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud)
313 Unresponsive In An Elevator 115 /5=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud (313=65p/5=13 B.S.)                                                                                                                                                   (428/4=107=17 Lie)
182 Ten zero seven am 65 /5=13 B.S. (182/13=14 Sham) (247/13=19 Bogus)
237 Nineteen minutes after 93 Propaganda (237/3=79=22p Liar) (330=33 Phony, Laughable)

Did Prince Kick his Guitar Goodbye or is there one standing by on Celebrity Island.....Only Prince and his handlers know. But RIP if Prince is gone to heaven never to hit the charts on that famed island!!!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Creators Of THE HOLY BIBLE Exposed??? What Can Be Decoded With The Number 123.

The Holy Bible Decoded

I had no thoughts of decoding “The Holy Bible” but when the number 123 appeared to my surprise, I began to think what else is there to be decoded. It's a revelation....to apply gematria and to discover how the number 123 decoded as a conspiracy of mysterious entities that ridicule the believers of the holy bible. Note the bold numbers on the left is JEWISH Gematria.

629 123 The Holy Bible 60 (183) (629-183=446/2=223 The Synagogue Of Satan)

113 33 The 15 (48) (113-48=65/5=13=Thirteen)
478 60 Holy 24 (84) (478-84=394/2=197=45p Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa)
  38 30 Bible 21 (51) (51-38=13=Thirteen)

156 Thirty Three 66
  97 Sixty 25........34
100 Thirty ..........37
                           (66+34+37=137=33p Destiny)
(156+97+100=353=71p=20p WeDo...FREEMASONS)

  65 Fifteen .........38
167 Twenty Four 50
141 Twenty One 42
(65+167+141=74p Jesus, Cross, Lucifer....)

99 Thirteen 45 Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa (99=9/11)

The decode of the number 13 as THIRTEEN which decodes to what's shown above is the perfect numerlogical codes to which they conceived the title THE HOLY BIBLE. They presented the bible as truthful while knowing that it's a work of fiction which is why they are laughing at the believers.

Repost.....Origin Of The Name Jesus...NO..It's Not A Comic Book Hero...But....People Can Imagine!!

Origin of the Name-JESUS

I began by thinking…..why Jesus…..why use Jesus as the name that Christians worldwide recognize as their God. Why use the name Jesus when there are many other possible names such as:

64 Peter 28
49 Aaron 22
70 Simon 25..34
58 Harold 31
71 Moses 17..26..35

A name like Jesus had to be originated from somewhere…an concept or idea in some bible writer's imagination. But the most likely scenario is as followed...we'll begin with the Sun and without the Sun no life would exist which make it a prime God to worship. Check out my earliest blog on Jesus.
Now, the Sun is not a person that bible lovers will want to worship so they had to script in a person as the SUN. So... given much thought they use SON of GOD….awesome!! Now...SON OF GOD is a title and not realistically a name so they dropped the OF which leaves SON GOD. This is grand but doesn't have the impact of a real person so the writers dug deep into their imaginations and use Gematria to help in the final process.

They have SON GOD which when broken down to its numerlogical values gives:

S/19 O/15 N/14 G/7 O/15 D/4

Now the dream team thought to use the following:

Break up the O/15 into J/10 and E/5 add S/19 combine N/14+G/7=U/21 and O/15+D/4=S/19

74 JESUS 11..20..29 – Syncs with SON GOD
80 SUN GOD 26..35 (26 God)
74 SON GOD 29..38 – Bible

The True GOD is the SUN and Gematria confirms this with above decodes. But to be absolutely fair minded….Christians that worship Jesus can do so with the decodes as shown above. The syncs with SON GOD and JESUS is testimonial to how well Gematria has been thought out.

Moses would be a prime name to choose in place of Jesus because of it God code but the 17 Lie code is another example of the Gematria accuracy….simply put …..amazing!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

General George Custer Of The 7th Cavalry....Real LIfe Drama Or A Dudley Do Right WantaBe???

George Armstrong Custer

George Armstrong Custer (December 5, 1839 – June 25, 1876) was a United States Army officer and cavalry commander in the American Civil War and the American Indian Wars. Raised in Michigan and Ohio, Custer was admitted to West Point in 1857, where he graduated last in his class in 1861. With the outbreak of the Civil War, Custer was called to serve with the Union Army.

268 George Armstrong Custer 106=16 False (268/4=67=19p Bogus) (374/11=34 Lie)
57 George 39 Illusion (57/3=19 Bogus) (96 Freemason)
125 Armstrong 44 Conceived, Deceptive (125/5=25 Trick) (169/13=13 B.S.)
86 Custer 23 Faker, Duped, Fraud (86/2=43 Illusional) (109=29p Deceits)
143 George Custer 62 /2=31 B.S. (143/11=13 B.S.) (205/5=41 Idealised)

Born Dec 5, 1839–12+5+18+39=74 Jesus/1+2+5+81+3+9=101=26p Lie/1+2+5+18+93=119 
                                                                                                                                       Star Of David
Died June 25, 1876–6+2+5+18+7+6=44 Kill/6+2+5+1+8+76=98/7=14Sham/
                                                                                                             6+25+18+76=125/5=25 Trick

Birth Year Numerology –18+39=57/3=19 Bogus/81+3+9=93 Propaganda/18+93=111 This Is A Lie
Death Year Numerology – 18+7+6=31 B.S/1+8+76=85/5=17 Lie/18+76=94/2=47 Puppetry, WeDo

From Dec 5,1839–June 25,1876 is a period of 36y 6m 20d (3662/2=1831=282/6=47 WeDo)
                                                     is a period of 438m /6=73=21p Hoax
                                                     is a period of 1907w=292p/4=73=21p Hoax

From Jan 1, 1876–June 25,1876 is a period of 5m 24d or 176d/2=88 Program 
                                                                                                                     (524/4=131=32p Scripts)
From June 25,1876–Dec 31,1876 is a period of 6m 6d or 189d/7=27 Faked (66 This is A Lie)

320 Was a United States Army officer 113 Dishonest Mainstream, Operation, Scottish 
                                                                                 (320=32 Concepts) (433=84p/2=42 Freemason)
385 Cavalry commander in the American Civil War 178 /2=89=24p Fakers (385/5=77 Damn Lies)                                                                                                                             (563=103p=27p Faked)
209 The American Indian Wars 101=26p Lie (209/11=19 Bogus) (310=31 B.S.)
479 Admitted to West Point in 1857 eighteen fifty seven 191=43p Illusional 
                                                                              (479=92p/2=46 Deception) (670=67=19p Bogus)
277 The outbreak of the Civil War 115 /5=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud (277=59p=17p Lie) 
                                                                                                                          (392/14=28 Deluded)
364 Called to serve with the Union Army 139=34p LIE (364/14=26 Lie) (503=96p Freemason)

Custer developed a strong reputation during the Civil War. He participated in the first major engagement, the First Battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861, near Washington, D.C. His association with several important officers helped his career, as did his success as a highly effective cavalry commander. Custer was brevetted to brigadier general less than a week before the Battle of Gettysburg where he personally led cavalry charges that prevented Confederate troops from turning the Union flank. In 1864 Custer was given another star, being brevetted to major general rank. At the conclusion of the Appomattox Campaign, in which he and his troops played a decisive role, Custer was present at General Robert E. Lee's surrender to General Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865.

253 First Battle of Bull Run 82 /2=41 Fraudulent (253/11=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud) 
                                                                                                                       (335/5=67=19p Bogus)
July 21, 1861 – 7+21+18+6+1=53=16p False

225 Battle of Gettysburg 72 /4=18 Faked (225/9=25 Trick) (297/9=33 Phony, Dream-up)
105 Robert E. Lee 51 Conspiracy (105/5=21 Hoax) (156/4=39 Invented)
199 Ulysses S. Grant 46 Deception (199=46p/2=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud) (245/5=45 Laugh)

April 9, 1865 – 4+9+1+8+6+5=33 Phony, Laughable

After the Civil War, Custer remained a major general in the United States Volunteers until they were mustered out in February 1866. He reverted to his permanent rank of captain and was appointed a lieutenant colonel in the 7th Cavalry Regiment in July 1866. He was dispatched to the west in 1867 to fight in the American Indian Wars. On June 25, 1876, while leading the 7th Cavalry Regiment at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in Montana Territory against a coalition of Native American tribes, he and all of his regiment—which included two of his brothers—were killed. The battle is popularly known in American history as "Custer's Last Stand." Custer and his regiment were defeated so decisively at the Little Bighorn that it has overshadowed all of his prior achievements.

June 25, 1876 – 6+2+5+1+8+67=89=24p Fakers

266 Seventh Cavalry Regiment 104 /8=13 B.S. (266/2=133 This Is A Hoax) (370=37 Concocted)
265 Battle of the Little Bighorn 112 /8=14 Sham (265/5=53=16p False) (377/13=29 Deceits)
327 Coalition of Native American tribes 147 /7=21 Hoax (327/3=109=29p Deceits) 
                                                                                                                      (474/6=79=22p Laugh)
652 He and all of his regiment which included two of his brothers were killed 310=31 B.S. (652/4=163=38p Death Kabbalah, HaHaHAHAHa, Conceptual) (962/26=37 Concocted)
215 Custer's Last Stand 44 Imagined, Deceptive (215/5=43 Illusional) (259/7=37 Concocted)

Is it CUSTER'S LAST STAND as told in a historical point of view or is it a total fictional story with colorful characters that reads as a best selling Civil War novel.


Movie Review...Hacksaw Ridge...Based On ACTUAL EVENTS Or War Propaganda With Biblical Theme???

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

15 | 2h 19min | Drama, History, War | 27 January 2017 (UK)

27 January 2017=2+7+1+2+107=119 - All Seeing Eye, Star Of David

WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa,
refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of
Honor without firing a shot.

219 WWII American Army Medic 111 This is a Lie (219/3=73=21p Hoax) (402/6=67=19p Bogus)
151 Desmond T. Doss 43=14p Sham (151=36p=666/6=111 This is a Lie) (194/2=97=25p Trick)
380 Who served during the Battle of Okinawa 155 /5=31 B.S. (380=38 Death, Kabbalah,                                                                                                             HaHaHAHAHa) (535/5=107=28p Deceit)
155 Battle of Okinawa 56 (155/5=31 B.S.) (211=47p WeDo)
301 First man in American history 130=13 B.S. (301/7=43=14p Sham) (431=83p=23p Faker, Duped,                                                                                                                                                      Fraud)
261 To receive the Medal of Honor 126 /6=21 Hoax (261/9=29 Deceits) (387/9=43=14p Sham)
242 Without firing a shot 98 /2=49 Laugh (242/11=22 Laugh) (340=34 LIE)

Director: Mel Gibson
Writers: Robert Schenkkan (screenplay), Andrew Knight (screenplay)
Stars: Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey

96 Mel Gibson 42..51 (96,42,51 Freemason) (147/7=21 Hoax)
164 Robert Schenkkan 65..74 Jesus (164/4=41 Actor Agent) (229=50p Dishonest, Mainstream)
134 Andrew Knight 62..71=20p WeDo (134/2=67=19p Bogus) (205/5=41 Actor Agent)

Cast overview, first billed only:
Andrew Garfield ... Desmond Doss
Richard Pyros ... Teach
Jacob Warner ... James Pinnick
Milo Gibson ... Lucky Ford
Darcy Bryce ... Young Desmond
Roman Guerriero ... Young 'Hal' Doss
James Lugton ... Hiker
Kasia Stelmach ... Hiker's Friend
Hugo Weaving ... Tom Doss
Rachel Griffiths ... Bertha Doss
Jarin Towney ... Teenage Boy
Tim McGarry ... Local Man
Tyler Coppin ... Lynchburg Doctor
Teresa Palmer ... Dorothy Schutte
Richard Platt ... Flirting Hospital Soldier

131 Desmond Doss 41 Actor Agent (131=32p Biblical) (172/4=43 Illusional)
201 Dorothy Schutte 66 This is A Lie (201/3=67=19p Bogus) (267/3=89=24p Fakers)

210 LYNCHBURG HOSPITAL 84 /4=21 Hoax (210=21 Hoax) (294/7=42 Freemason)

Plot Summary

A man grieves on the tombstones of his army company that laid their lives for the United
States during World War I. Back home, he raises his boys in a pious setting and asks
them to shun weapons. After a naughty fight turns awry, Desmond reads the Bible and
vows not to harm another human in his life hereon. Desmond then saves the life of a
worker, experiencing a wholesome satisfaction in the process. In the hospital, he is
smitten by a nurse, who he dates thereafter. Seeing the Japanese provocation leading to
the World War II, both the sons enlist, adding to the ire of the father who despises his
sons taking to the Army. The rigorous regimen of training in the Army require Desmond
to clear his firearms training, but after a huge tiff with his seniors, his father, an old
corporal, intervenes to save Desmond from being court-martialed and serve with the
Army as a medic. They get posted to Hacksaw Ridge, Okinawa. A win there would ensure
Japanese surrender to the USA. What happens thereon?

109 Hacksaw Ridge 55..64..73=21p Hoax (109=29p Deceits) (173=40p Deceitful)
562 A win there would ensure Japanese surrender to the USA 202 /2=101=26p Lie (562/2=281=60p)                                                                                                                     (764/4=191=43p Illusional)

Desmond Doss carried (75) seventy five wounded men to safety on Hacksaw Ridge.

328 Carried (75) seventy five wounded men 139=34p LIE (328/8=41 Fraudulent) 
                                                                                                                           (467=91p/7=13 B.S.)
249 To safety on Hacksaw Ridge 96 Freemason (249/3=89=24p Fakers) 
                                                                                                        (345/15=23 Faker, Duped, Fraud)

Of his own heroics, he remained characteristically modest giving all the credit to his God.

282 Giving all the credit to his God 138 /3=46 Bamboozler (282/6=47 Expletives)
                                                                                                                      (420=42 Freemason)

He said simply, The real heroes are buried over there.

338 The real heroes are buried over there 167=39p (338/13=26 Lie) (505/5=101=26p Lie)

The movie state that this movie is based on A TRUE STORY but as you can see and think thru the numbers...it's a work of creative screenwriters with a story to tell. They used the props of real life personal accounts to sell the movie as it is based on ACTUAL EVENTS. I find it hard inconceivable that Desmond Doss escaped the violence of WWII without any life threatening war injuries.