Sunday, December 30, 2018

A-Bomb Of 1945...Was It Dropped?

Nine Hiroshima Girls….Secret Code For The BIG LIE?

Nine Hiroshima Girls 18/27/27/108 Faked (108/108/207 Conspiratorially, Unextraordinary, Incredulousness) (81/81 Ritual) (81/108/144 Amphitheatrical) (108/108/279 Identifiableness) (108/108/180 Disembarrassment) (108/117/180 Inconceivabilities) (108/81/180/171 Improvisation) (126/144 Excrements) (Org/ROrg 225/261=522/612=174/204 Intentionalism)

Nine Girls 55/53/136/107 Portrayer (37/35/107 Pretend) (55/62/73/170 Sacrifice) (55/53/107 Trickery) (35/55/136 Gullible) (55/71/136 Orchestrated) (55/62/136 Counterfeit) (53/64/170 Imposterous) (62/73/170 Intentionally) (71/73 Mythification) (Org/ROrg 125/152/118 Thwartman, Controlled, Unhuntable)

Nine Of Twenty Five 86/76/212/220=43/38/106/110 Hoaxster (104/103/220 Impossibilities) (76/68 /130/221 Crookfingered) (86/76/122 Staged Event) (86/103/140 Theatrics) (86/58/104 Inventable) (76/95/212 Improvisational) ( 49/94/95 Forgery) (59/49/130 Operation, Dishonest) (49/59/130 Fraudulency) (Org/ROrg 235/197=532/791=76/113 Not True, DisInfo)

scarred by the blast 83/106/277 The Great Deceiver (83/115/277 Overcapitalisation) (61/47/133 Government) (65/61/182 Unworshipful) (61/65/106 Ridiculing) (38/106 Hoaxster) (61/74/151 Conspirative) (83/151 Improbability) (47/74/151 Dupability, Impossible, Jesus Christ, Improvising)
(Org/ROrg 230/203/229 Superimprobableness, Overpictorialize)

This is the blog that undeniably exposes that there are NO NUKES that were dropped on Hiroshima.
The numbers….if you choose to believe them paints a picture of deception and conspiracy to hide the truth from the public. I found the picture in an old WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA so I decoded what was printed in the caption shown. It was mentioned that they carpet bombed both Hiroshima and Nagasaki to make it look lie it was stuck by an atomic bomb. After that the mainstream media took the pictures and made it look like a real A-Bomb devastated the areas.


New York Being Invaded By Aliens???

Blue Light 42/48/96/147 Freemason, Spaceship, Concocter (42/66/96/174 Facsimiles) (57/69/147 Transformer, Improvisate, Divinizing) (69/48/147 Duplifying) (42/66/96/147 Embarrass) (42/66/69 Fabricated) (57147 Conspiracy, Dishonestly) (42/66 Trickster) (66/96 Fictionable, Glorifiable) (69/75 Counterfeiter, Governability) (Org/ROrg 123/120 Conjurers, Collusion, Trickster)

Transformers tripped offline 321/381=107/127=71/127 Manufactured (141/183 Fictionizing) (129/141 Questioned) (159/165 Manipulators, Conjurations) (159/192 Substanceless) (123/147 Divinizing, Duplifying) (132/165 Mythicalism) (141/183 Fictionizing) (201/231 Unconvincibility) (141/219 Governmentalize) (Org/ROrg 392/310=196/155 Misconception)

Transformers explosion 133/137 Its Not Real, Government (133/218 Fictionalized) (133/191 Flimflammery, Choreographs) (106/191 Theatricalization) (106/164 Ridiculing) (Org/ROrg 271/296=172/296=86/148 Skepticizing)

Blue light show in New York 133/137 Its Not Real, Government (133/218 Fictionalized) (133/191 Flimflammery, Choreographs) (Org/ROrg 283/311=238/113 Overintellectualized, Sensationalizing, Imaginativeness) has a picture of New York being lit up with a blue light. In this decode you’ll discover why they used the color blue and who’s the real culprits are in this mainstream driven story. The blue light is meant as a mockery when people believe what is unbelievable and they fall for the deception. The government has some input but the mainstream media has the tools to deceive the masses as the photo decode “Blue light show in New York” clearly indicates.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Contrived Or Real....H.A.A.R.P.??

Harping On H.A.A.R.P.

Weapon Used For Weather Modification 360/504=180/252 Nonqualification, Semitheatrically (81/162/216 Premanufacture) (81/171/180 Improvability, Improvisation) (108/189/243 Sensationalistic) (90/126 Schemers) (108/162 Hoodwinked) (81/189 Deliberate)
(Org/ROrg 375/489=125/163

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program 92/223/290 The Synagogue Of Satan (232/227 Overdescriptively) (205/227 Superdubiousness) (457/650=475/650=95/121 Contrivable, Superartificiality) (Org/ROrg 461/646=164/466=82/233 Organizationally, Superinfluenced)

HAARP 37/44/82/161 Concocted (46/44/91 Deception) (26/37/91 Unreal) (19/26/64 Bogus) (26/46/62/154 Mockable) (37/44/91 Bamboozle) (46/44/109 Mockingly) (28/44 /91 Dubious) (37/44/109 Revenues) (44/46/145 Laughings) (37/62/91/152 Flimflams) (Org/ROrg 67/68 Lying, Joke Questionable, Duplicitous, Mainstream, Hypnotizes)

Nikola Tesla 56/70/119/178 Superficial (70/83/178 Inauthenticity, Counterfeiters) (47/70/119/178 Star Of David) (79/119/187 Characteristically) (Org/ROrg 111/186 Governmentalize, Anglicizing)

he invented the Tesla coil 127/197 Manufactured (100/206 Unauthenticalness) (109/134 Mockingly, Actorship, Puppetize) (109/161 Bamboozler, Untruthful, Imposters) (118/152 Controlled, Unhuntable) (181/224 Unrealistically) (Org/ROrg 276/318=139/159 Improbabilities (92/106 Theatricalization))

Will update but you’ll find that HAARP is a contrived entity and the mainstream media is the real weather manipulators…...Think on that!!!!

Think.....An array of powerful electromagnetic energy modifies the weather??? Wouldn't that burst of energy get wasted or dispersed when exposed the atmosphere???  The numbers say it all....if HAARP can modify the weather from the North Pole or somewhere close and cause chaos in a region THOUSANDS OF MILES away from its base then this would be ALIEN TECHNOLOGY???