Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Impact Of The Appropriate Word

Why Use Israelis and Not Muslims or Arabians And So On?

Dancing Israelis 72/99/144/261 Amphitheatrical, Blindfoldedness, Adrenalectomies (90/99 Mockery) (27/81/108 Ritual) (72/81 Ridicule) (18/27/27/108 Faked) (72/90/207 Questionability) (90/108/162 Hoodwinked) (27/108 Acting) (72/90/126 Schemers) (72/117/126 Improvise) (Sa 669/2=223=48p Hoax/The Synagogue Of Satan) (117/72 Tyranny) (Org/ROrg 168/237 Unbelievability)

Reports Of Dancing Israelis On The Rooftop 443/529=434/259=62/37/73 Flimflams, Purposefulness (209/196 Sensationalists) (119/205 Hoodwinkable, Preconceived, All Seeing Eye) (200/205 Mischievousness) (205/281 Overemphaticalness) (209/277 Overcapitalisation) (142/209 Deceitfulness) (169/209 Pretendingness) (209/223 The Synagogue Of Satan) (Org/ROrg 457/515=95/103=59/103 Theatrics, Bull Shit)

Nine Eleven 51/48/66/105/165 Preplanned, Pillarlike, Directoral (48/69/120/150 Illuminati) (48/51/111/105 Illusion) (51/48/105 Pretender) (51/57/150 Dishonestly) (51/75/165 Manipulators, Conjuration) (69/48/96/120 Shammers) (60/66/96/201 Glorifiable) (48/69/111 This Is A Lie) (84/96/210 Hyperexcitableness) (Org/ROrg 140/130=103/140 Treachery, Theatrics (103/104 Falsifiers))

Nine One One 56/65/52/110/160 Programmed, Frightener (88/110/205 Totalitarianizing) (43/56/106/110 Follower) (79/101/205 Overemphaticalness) (Su/RSu 660/960=66/96 Fabricated, Fakery) (43/52/56/97/146 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) (Org/ROrg 132/138 Dishonesty, Operations, Controller, Followings)

September One One 72/90/171/234 Remanufacturing, Corporification (90/99 Mockery) (72/90/135/243 Characterising) (81/72/117/153 Deceptious) (27/81/81 Ritual) (18/27/27/108 Faked) (72/81/135 Ridicule) (72/108/162 Hoodwinked) (72/90/126 Schemers) (72/72/117/126 Improvise) (117/72 Tyranny) (Org/ROrg 191/214=119/124 Con Artist, Mythicism, Vaporware)

September Eleven 76/77/95/166/239 Preconceptional, Sensationalised (67/77/194 Misdirecting, Misleadingly) (86/49/77/166 The Big Lie) (77/67/149 Controllably) (77/49/67/113 Operation, Dishonest, Mainstream) (49/77/176 Contrivable) (59/76/167 Conspirators) (58/59/158 Controlling) (77/85/185 Corporationism) (Org/ROrg 199/206 Dichotomousness)

So...I heard the words DANCING ISRAELIS and I thought why not DANCING MUSLIMS or any other ethnic groups and this decode shows why. If you decode DANCING MUSLIMS then you’ll know that the muslims doesn’t have the impact or gematrica numerical values that the Israelis have. It also has the infamous 223 codiing. I further thought to decode where they were dancing and this decode generated the 223 coding.

I...then thought to decode 9/11 and the date that of the false flag happened and the decodes are very revealing as shown above. September Eleven Stands out because of the 113 coding but all the decodes are indicative of the conspiracy and preplanning that the operatives went through to carry out the massive deception.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Helicopters As Props..The Real Reason?

What’s With Trump Interviews With Helicopters?

Trump interviews with helicopters 422/388=211/194=121/149 Purposeful, Brainpower (161/217 Preidentifying) (170/127 Imposterous) (170/208 Dramatizations, Conspiratorial, Sensationalism) (179/199 Fraudulentness, Improvisations) (226/179 Distrustfulness) (188/190 Ridiculousness) (188/109 Orchestrated) (197/127 Manufactured) (161/244 Supersalesmanship) (188/226=94/113 Dishonest, Operation, DisInfo) (Org/ROrg 405/405=135/135 Robotizing, Predestiny, Slapsticky (81/81 Ritual, Improvisation) (81/135 Ridicule))

helicopter 57/51/60/111/159 Incoherent, Femininism. Obediently (51/75/159 Manipulators, Conjurations) (60/75/159 Propagandists) (60/111/105 Monetary) (57/51/111 Amusement) (51/111/78 Corrupt) (69/48/96 Shammers) (51/57/105 Pretender) (51/57 Conspiracy) (69/57 Divinizing) (Org/ROrg 124/146 Mesmeriser, Depression, Inceptions, Pretenders, Perpetrate, Illusional)

So...I heard from a reliable source that Trump is seen being interviewed with helicopters whirling in the background. I got curious about the numbers being coded into those interviews and the results are indeed eyeopening. The numbers reveals that it’s all a ritual meant to ridicule the people.

This decode showcase the ORG/RORG cipher which generated a 405/405 coding as shown above. What are the odds that the interviews with helicopters would come up with the exact numbers 81/81 coded for RITUAL and RIDICULE.

The helicopter used as a prop generated the very curious word DEPRESSION which may happen under Trump’s term as President. If the helicopter prop is used to symbolizes the planned demise of the US economy then it’s all intentional and they know exactly what they are coding to mock the American public with these amusing interviews.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

200 GiG's Of Gay Gags And Giggles

Gay Orgy With A Buddhist Monk...Questionable Journalism?

Taiwanese Buddhist 104/58/113/184 Green Screen (104/85/131/247 Indeterminable) (76/113 Not True. DisInfo) (67/184/104 Orchestrations) (67/149/148 Duplicitous) (58/148/149 Provocation) (67/131 Fictitious) (Org/ROrg 216/243=72/81 Improvisation (27/18 Faked))

drug-fuelled gay orgy 48/69/84/213 Lamebrained (69/93/132/273 Characterizable) (48/96/213 Debateable) (69/93/237 Unbelievability) (96/84/237 Inconceivable) (Org/ROrg 215/271=125/172 Nonsensical)

Two hundred gigabytes of footage 133/137 Its Not Real (187/137 Preposterous) (137/214/241 Collaboration, Prefabrication) (151/173 Conspirative) (124/173 Inauthentic) (151/146 Improvising) (133/164 Intentional, This is a Hoax) (Org/ROrg 331/425=133/245=19/35 Bogus)

Three leaked clips 72/99/153/279 Identifiableness (90/117/180 Inconceivabilities) (153/279=51/93 Invented, Propaganda) (117/153 Deceptious) (81/135 Ridicule) (117/126 Improvise) (108/162 Hoodwinked) (90/99 Mockery) (Org/ROrg 188/244 Unapologetically (49/122 Untruth, Amusingly))

An 113 coded narrative about a gay buddhist monk rollicking about on the minds of the newsmakers. If they have to shame a religion then Buddhism is one to stay away from. Story is a complete fiction and the numbers decodes reveals the deceptions and deceiveries.