Thursday, April 21, 2016

National Hockey League's Big Problem and Hidden Code

The National Hockey League wants to make their product more popular in the United States but with the NFL,NBA and MLB all competing for a piece of the pie… will be a long hard climb to be in the big league. Hidden in plain view if you can measure the distance in between the face off circles is a distance of 44 feet which is the KILL code. Any player skating and puck handling in this area will be subjected to extreme punishment. The measurement of the ice rink in the NHL's infancy period was coded as 666 with 180 feet divided by 3 section to make it the MARK OF THE BEAST. However to make the game more faster and entertaining… rules, new ice rink measurements, and new product placements were introduced.


86 National 32 (86 Symbol) NHL
67 Hockey 31…...40 ((67 Water needed for Game)(40 Board)
51 League 24
204 National Hockey League 87…...96 (87 Twelve – 6 on 6)(96 Freemason)
51 Puck 15…...24 (24 Canada)
62 Stick 17.....26.....35 (62 Action,Shot) (26 God, Game)
69 Ice Rink 42.....51
17 Ice 17
52 Rink 25…..34 (52 Six)

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42 Face Off 33
75 Goal Line 39
134 Penalty Box 44 (44 Kill )
62 Referee 44 ((62 Action,Shot)44 Kill)
91 Linesmen 37
82 Goal Judge 37
151 Neutral Zone 52
146 Attacking Zone 56…...65
128 Defending Zone 74

Note the 44 code in the Penalty Box and the Referee and because the NHL is always playing with the BIG Leagues…..the league will always be in fourth place. This 2016 playoff features NO Canadian teams….a slap-in-the-face to the people who originated the game. The Gematria in comparison to the NFL is a powerful reminder to the NHL that it has a LONG way to go.