Friday, August 31, 2018

One Giant Step For Ryan Gosling???

The Neil Armstrong Story

Neil Armstrong First Man On Moon 351=26T Lie, God (378=27T Faked)
(117/153 Deceptious) (117/135 Characterising) (153/144 Purpose Plan) 
(117/126 Improvise) (126/144 Excrements) (162/216 Premanufacture
(Org/ROrg 363/366=121/122 Amusingly, Ludicrous, Nonwonder, Puppeteer)

First Man78/75/186/219 Governmentalize (75/69 This Is A Lie) (69/57 Questioning) (78/57 Phony) (75/78 Regurgitating (Org/ROrg 189/189 Sensationalistic)

Armstrong plant flag on moon 300/348=150/174 Perpetuators, Extemporizer (111/132 Amusement) (120/123 Collusion, Trickster, Invented) (111/213 Irreproducibility) (Org/ROrg 320/328=160/164=106/164 Ridiculing)

Ryan Gosling 60/57114/156 Exploitage (60/57 Questioning)(57/69 Improvisate, Laughable, Divinizing) (Org/ROrg 133/164 Intentional, This Is A Hoax)

If you doubt that America never landed on the moon...this decode will undoubt the doubtabilities in you. The first decode has two triangular numbers in the base ciphers as you can see. There’s no mockery codes but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t laughing at you when you believe their FIRST MAN ON MOON narrative. As you can read that they are laughing and ridiculing you so stop that belief in your mind.

Ryan Gosling name is coded as a slave like all Hollywood stars are and the name is fictional...only Ryan knows who he really is and he’s not going to spill the beans. Why FIRST MAN soar at the box guess is yes because many of the world’s population have been brainwashed by the Television.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

John McCain Bites The Rubber Bullet!

John McCain

John McCain 45/63/90/180 Dis beliefs (36/54/108 Acting) (81/90/180 Nonqualification) (63/108/180 Disembarrassment) (54/63/81 Incredible) (63/108 Sensationalistic) 
(45/54/81 Ridicule) (54/45/108 Hoodwinked) (36/45/90 Schemers
(ROrg 151=36p Mockery) (Org/ROrg 119/151 Dupability, Impossible)

John Sidney McCain III 113/193 Improvisational (131/193 Illusionable) 
(32/112 Shammer) (32/113 Not True, Not Factual) (121/122 Puppeteer
(103/140 Theatrics) (112/140 Questionable
(112/131 Profiteer, Fraudster) (131/139 Fictitious) 
(Org/ROrg 227/286 Overimaginativeness)

August Two Five Two Zero One Eight (394/362=197/181 Corruptibility 
(137/214 Collaboration) (142/209 Artificiality, Deceitfulness) (146/151 Revivifying
(151/173 Conspirative) (119/151 Dupability, Impossible) (200/124 Unscrupulous) 
(182/169 Improvisatize) (169/209 Pretendingness) 
(Org/ROrg 303/453=101/151=101/115 Diverter, Sensationalising)

Hanoi Hilton 62/64/125/172 Nonsensical (62/73/172 Purposefulness) 
(55/62/125 Puppetries) (62/73/217 Inconceivably) (46/462//152 Deception
(37/62/152 Bamboozle) (46/62/152 Controlled)
(Org/ROrg 148/149 Duplicitous, Provocation)

a program of severe torture 131/121/212/301 Mischaracterization 
(301/131=103/113 Bull Shit) 
(Org/ROrg 275//346=572/346=286/173 Overimaginativeness)

Died age Eight One 71/118/152 Controlled (J 118 Death) 
(Org/ROrg166/239 Unauthenticated)

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin not attend funeral 446/634=223/317 Establismentarianism (167/238 Superartificial, Imaginativeness
(283/176 Untrustworthiness) (Pr 1409=223p The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(Org/ROrg 592.488=148/122 Fraudulent)

The last decode is revealing in that it contains two 223 coding and the fact that it is coded on Trump’s and Palin’s non-invitation to McCains’s funeral is an obvious contrived setup. John McCain is an actor/stooge willing to do what his orders are from his employers. If he was on a POW camp. The decode shows that he was a puppet being strung along by his masters.

By the numbers… I think John McCain is dead but his alter ego lives on. There always more and it could reveal more.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Submit To The Wrath Of EMP.

Day One Of An EMP Attack-A Civilization Killer?

High-altitude EMP blast 112/86/139/212 Thinkableness (112/95/193/212 Improvisational) 
(Org/ROrg 264/276=132/138 Dishonesty, Operations)

electromagnetic impulse attack 301/455=43/65 Absurd. Mocker, Its Not Real 
(130/167 Gullability, Fraudulency, Culpability) (112/130/248 Preconceivable
(121/176 Contrivable) (Org/ROrg 292/464=73/116 Shameproof, Fictionize, 
Bamboozling, Condescending)

a civilization killer 100/127/190/296 Nonpracticableness (100/217/134 Fictioneering, 
Inconceivably) (100/125/172 Nonsensical) (100/43/181 Contrivances
(Org/ROrg 213/300=71/100 Connivance, Falseness)

The decode on the electromagnetic impulse attack should convince even the hard core Christians that this EMP narrative was made up to mock the believers of this obvious hoax. Firstly, they don’t have ant nuclear devices as the charade between North Korea and the United States points out….only mainstream deceptions and lies. Secondly...when was the last time an alleged nuclear device was detonated….at Hiroshima and Nagasakl. Thirdly...If they really wanted to put the fear in the public then they should have detonated AT LEAST ONE or TWO nuclear explosions…..have they???

Stop believing in their false narrative ans star living and do not fear the government for they have no nuclear devices. This story was put forth to keep the narrative that an EMP attack will kill civilization and no one will escape its wrath.