Saturday, September 30, 2017

Is OJ Simpson His Own Man Or Is He A Stooge Playing A Scripted Narrative???

Bombshell audio recording reveals OJ Simpson owes $100 million

Bombshell audio recording 114 Inconceivable (129/3=43 Fairy Tale) (390=39 Invented, Shamming) (Su 1386/14=99 Untrue) (2340=234+432=666 Purpose Plan) (F 257=55p Farcical, Complicity) (FB 461=89p Deceptive, Fictional) (S 1036/14=74 Baloney, Trick) (E 969/19=51 Dishonesty, Amusement) (J 769=136p/2=68 False Knowledge, Imaginativeness)

One Zero Zero Million Dollars 138/6=23 (132/2=66 Fakery) (327/3=109=19 Bogus) (348/3=116 Manipulated) (Su 1962/109=18 Faked) (RSu 2088/2=1044=144 Purpose Plan) (F 457=88p Artificial, Program) (FB 649/11=59 Green Screen, (S 1202=122 Untruth) (E 2568/24=107=17 Lie) (J 1808/16=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Fiction, Operation)

Mocking Ron Goldman Wearing Ear Ring On Left Ear 223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan (430=43 Its Not Real) (Su 2580=258/2=129 Misguide) (F 664/8=83=23p) (S 1830=183/3=61=18p Faked) (E 1942/2=971=164p Intentional) (J 2042/2=1021=172p Falsified)

He helped him set up his fu**ing offshore accounts 208/2=104 Not Real (206/2=103 B.S.) (469/7=67 Fictitious, Lying) (665/5=133 This is a Hoax) (Su 2814/7=402=42 Invented, Trickster) (RSu 399/3=133 Its Not Real) (F 495/5=99 Untrue) (FB 937=159p This Is A Lie) (S 1939/7=277=59p Green Screen, Brainpower) (E 2431/17=143 Misdirect, Falseness) (J 1781/13=137 Puppetry)

Orange Black Caucasian Brown 116 Manipulated (154 Fictional, Deceptive) (233=51p Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (442/13=34 Dupers, Mocker) (RSu 2652/26=102 Farce, Magic) (F 337=68p Puppet) (FB 462/6=77 The Big Lie) (S 1108=118 Controlled, Death) (E 1439=228p/2=114 Inconceivable) (J 1639/11=149 Provocation)

If it doesn't fit, you must acquit 118 Death, Controlled (152 Controlled, Deception) (361/19=19 Bogus) (341/11=31 B.S.) (Su 2166/19=114 Inconceivable) (RSu 2046=246/2=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (F 387/9=43 Its Not Real) (FB 721/7=103 B.S.) (S 1271/31=41 Conjurer, Not Real) 
(E 3151/23=137 Puppetry) (J 1981/7=283=61p Dupable)

Does OJ Simpson have the money stashed away in a secret place??? Will he be free from Zionist Control?? Will Ron Goldman be resurrected as the Second Comming Of Jesus Christ??? OJ is a puppet sellimg out for a paycheck. The whole trial was a race based mockery which was suppose to stir up racial tensions. The armed robbery was a faked narrative and OJ is playing his part as a stooge.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Did Leonardo da Vinci Paint The Mona Lisa???

The Mona Lisa NUDE?

Leonardo da Vinci 74 Jesus (88 Artificial, Program) (146 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) (259/7=37 Concocted) (Su 876/12=73=21p Hoax) (RSu 1554/2=777/7=111 This is a Lie) 
(F 198/2=99 Untrue) (FB 290=29 Masonic, Mocker) (S 671/11=61=18p Faked) 
(E 776/6=97 Falsity, Mocker) (J 1016/8=127 Manufactured)

Monna Vanna spelled with two n's 108=18 Faked (135/3=45 HaHaHaHAHA) (333/3=111 This Is A Lie) (369/3=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (Su 1998/3=666 Purpose Plan, Prophecy) 
(RSu 2214/2=1107=117 Improvise) (F 385/5=77 The Big Lie) (FB 664/8=83=23p Fraud, Faker)
(S 1243/11=113 Mainstream, Dishonest, Fiction, Not True) (E 2574/22=117 Improvise, Delusion)
(J 3344/38=88 Artificial, Program)

remarkably similar 79=22p Laugh (119 Duplicity) (187/11=17 Lie) (272/2=136 Gullible, Counterfeit)(Su 1122+2211=3333=4-3’s=43 Its Not Real) (FB 374/17=22 Laugh) (1632/4=408=48 Hoax)
(S 782/34=23 Fraud, Duped) (E 1258/34=37 Concocted) (J 868/28=31 B.S.)

Was The Mona Lisa Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci??? Why spell the Charcoal drawing of Monna Vanna with two n’s when one would suffice and would look proper??? If you think the numbers are telling you that the Moan Lisa was painted by a shadow artist then you’d be awake and can think for yourself. I don’t think Leonardo was a real person only some name that had to be attached to the shadow artist to be marketable.

Nuclear Extinction Exists On Mainstream Medias...NOT In Real Life!!!

Nuclear War Triggers Radioactive 'Plutocene' Change Course Of Evolution

Plutocene 39 Invented, Shamming (42 Invented, Freemason) (111 This is a Lie) 
(132/6=22 Laugh) (Su 666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan) (F 137=33p Fakery) (FB 221/13=17 Lie) 
(S 426/71 Unreal, Manufactured) (E 723/3=241=53p Trickery, Farcical) 
(J 483/21=23 Fraud, Fantasy)

Brown Yellow Orange Plutocene 128 Convulsed (124 Laughter, Duplicity) (335/5=67=19p Bogus) (367=73p=21p Hoax) (Su 2010=21 Hoax) (RSu 2202=222/2=111 This is a Lie) (F 439=85p Falsehood, Deceitful) (FB 666 Purpose Plan, Prophecy) (S 1245/15=83=23p Fraud, Fantasy) (E 2963=427p/7=61 Dupable) (J 3133/13=241=53p Falseness, Connivance)

Small Bottle Radioactive Plutocene 124 Laughter, Duplicity (182/2=91 Bamboozle, Unwise) (349=70p This is A Hoax) (488/4=122 Amusingly, Fraudulent) (Su 2094=294/3=98 Ingenuine) (RSu 2928/61=48 Hoax) (F 453/3=151=36p Mockery, Schemers) (FB 694/2=347=69p This Is A Lie) (S 1434/6=239=52p This is A Hoax) (E 2203=223 The Synagogue Of Satan, Hoax) (J 1883/7=269=57p /3=19 Bogus)

The Pluocene is another gimmick to instill fear and despair at what Nuclear War could do to the environment. What I would say to counter this narrative is that if they didn’t go to the moon and back then a ICBM will not and could not reach any target. So nuclear war will be fought in the mainstream medias and they are doing a admirable job at scaring the uninformed and unawakened. It take a lot of imagination and deception to put forth a idea such as this Plutocene storyline so wake up and pay attention to what they are trying to peddle which is GAR BARGE!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Can Carbon C 12-C 14 Dating Actually Date Rocks 3.95 Billion Years Ago????

Oldest evidence of life on Earth found in Canadian rocks

University of Tokyo Researcher Tsuyoshi Komiya No Wears Hat 253=22t Laugh (287/7=41 Inaccurate) (703=73=21p Hoax) (674/2=337=68p False Knowledge) (Su 4218/38=111 This is A Lie) (RSu 4044=444/4=111 Amusement, Corrupt) (F 911=156p Idiocracy) (S 2388/8=311=64p Fatbrained) (E 6688/76=88 Artificial, Program) (J 5378/2=2689=391p/17=23 Fraud, faker)

Carbon C One Two Dating 86 Conjure, Fantasy (103 B.S.) (203=23) (310=31 B.S.) (F 333/3=111 This is a Lie) (RSu 1860=186/2=93 Invented, Inactual) (FB 401=79p=22p Laugh) (S 868/28=31 B.S.) (1355/5=271=58p Fraudulent) (J 1485=54t Deceptious)

Carbon C One Three Dating 102 Farce, Magic (114 Inconceivable) (201=21 Hoax) 
(366/6=61=18p Faked) (Su 1206=126 Schemers) (F 331=67p Mainstream, Fictitious) 
(FB 397=78p Artful) (S 936/8=117 Improvise) (E 903=42t Invented, Freemason)
(J 633/3=211=47p Contrived)

Carbon C One Four Dating 97=25p Trick (110 Contrived) (205/5=41 Mainstream, Falsehood)
(Su 1230=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (F 335/5=67 Mainstream, Fictitious) (FB 405=45 Mislead)
(S 905=95 Inaccurate) (E 1051=151=36p Schemers, Mockery ) (J 771/3=257=55p Fictional)

If you think the numbers are lying to you then Canada has the Oldest Rock found on Earth and it took Japanese researchers to help the Canucks in this historic discovery. But if the numbers are correct then Carbon C 12, 13 and 14 dating is a joke….a fraud concocted by the SUPER DUPERS.

Another Bright Idea From Team Faked Moon Missions...Asteroid Hunters!!!

Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft Captures Beautiful Image Of Our Planet

Osiris-Rex 73=21p Hoax (62 Misdirect)(136=16t False) (107=28p Falseness, Deceit)
(Su 816=2=408=48 Hoax) (F 188/2=94 Forgery) (FB 270=27 Faked) (S 451/11=41 Ludicrous)
(E 1063=163=38p Trick, Dupable) (J 713/23=31 B.S.)

Asteroid-hunting spacecraft 114 Inconceivable (147/3=49 Dishonest, Operation) (276=23t Fraud, Fantasy, Duped) (399/3=133 This is a Hoax) (Su 1656/8=207=27 Faked) (F 302/2=151=36p Schemers, Mockery) (FB 551/19=29 Dupers) (S 1151=190p=19 Bogus) (E 1572/12=131 
Profiteer) (J 1092=192/2=96 Fakery, Freemason)

One Hundred Forty Million Miles Away 159/3=53 Connivance, Falseness (165/5=33 Fakery, Phony) (384/4=96 Fakery, Freemason) (453/3=151=36p Mockery, Schemers) (Su 2304=234+432=666/6=111 This is a Lie) (F 540=54 Improvise) (FB 762/6=127 Manufactured) (S 1469/13=113 Mainstream, Operation, Dishonest) (E 3246/6=541=100p Connivance) (J 2706/22=123 Invented, Conspiracy)

Incomplete digitized picture taken by Osiris-Rex 223=48p Hoax (245/7=35 Gullible, Crafty) (511/7=73 Crafty) (623/7=89 Deceptive) (Su 3066=366/3=122 Fraudulent) (F 589/19=31 B.S.) (FB 1019=171p Improvisation) (S 1981/7=283=61p=18p Faked) (E 4237/19=223 The Synagogue Of Satan, Hoax) (J 2697/29=93 Invented, Inactual)

NASA will contiue to do what they do best ….Lie and Lie again. If they can dupe the public with imaginary space flights and imaginary planets and the dumbdowned people believe their deceptions then they will dupe to eternity. The faked moon missions should have concluded NASA’s credibility but they keep manufacturing these hoaxes and the public shallows their propagandas.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Another Imposter Promoting The Holocaust Survivor Narrative?


HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR ANITA DITTMAN 123 Invented, Conspiracy (183/3=61=18p Faked) (384/4=96 Fakery, Freemason) (399/3=133 This is a Hoax) (Su 2304=234+432=666 Prophecy) (RSu 2394/21=114 Inconceivable) (F 1138/2=569=104p Not Real) (FB 739=131
Unrealistic, Fictitious) (S 1399=222p/2=111 This Is A Lie) (E 2976/32=48 Hoax) 
(J 2866/2=1433=227p=49p Damn Lies)

Anita Dittman Intentionally Looks Away At Camera 165/5=33 Fakery, Phony (258/6=43 Its Not Real) (480=48 Hoax) (654/6=109 Bamboozler) (Su 2880=288/2=144 Purpose Plan) 
(F 662/2=331=67p=19p Bogus) (FB 953=162p/2=81 Improvisation) (S 1950=195/3=65 Inauthentic) (E 3972/12=331=67p Fictitiou 81 s, Lying) (J 3012/12=251=54p Improvise)

Olive Tree Ministries 102 Farce, Magic (123 Invented, Conspiracy) (246/2=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (267/3=89 Deceptive, Fictional) (Su 1476/18=82 Pretend) (RSu 1602=162/5=27 Faked) (F 324/18=18 Faked) (FB 489/3=163=38p Dupable, Hoaxster, Laughter) 
(S 911=156p/2=78 Corrupt) (E 1416/12=118 Shunners) (J 1436/4=359=72p Improvisation)

Is she another person willing to promote the Holocaust as a survivor in order to get apaycheck as most hoaxsters do. Anita Dittman is possible a fake name with a fake family to create sympathy and sorrow for the long suffering Holocaust survivors.

Mockery Decodes For The Sleeping Masses


AL-QAIDA Leader Osama Bin Laden Killed 127 Manufactured (197=45p HaHaHAhAHA) (253=22t Laugh) (611/13=47 Contrived) (Su 1518/23=66 Fakery) (RSu 3666/39=94 Puppet) (F 565/5=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation) (FB 494/13=38 Death, Trick) (S 1373=220p=22 Laugh) (E 712/8=89 Fictional, Deceptive) (582/6=97 Imaginary, Fairy Tale)

Hamza Bin Laden Son Of Osama Bin Laden 127 Manufactured (170/2=85 Falsehood, Jester, Deceitful) (289/17=17 Lie) (548/4=137=33p Fakery, Phony) (Su 1734/34=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (F 497/7=71 Falsified, Unreal) (FB 570/3=114 Inconceivable) (S 1274/6=229=50p Deceitful, Purposeful) (E 1630=163 Farcical) (J 1190=119 Duplicity, Master Plan)

He “swore revenge” on the United States “in the name of his father,” 250/5=50 Operation, B.S. Purposeful) (263=56p Fairy Tale0 (592/8=74 Baloney, Jesus) (785/5=157=37p Concocted)
(Su 3552/32=111 This is A Lie) (F 670=67 Mainstream, Lying) (FB 1181=194p/2=97 Imaginary)
(S 2377=352p/4=88 Artificial, Program) (E 3688/8=461=89p Fictional, Deceptive) (J 3528/28=126 Mislead, Improvise)

Will Hamza Bin Laden swear revenge on his father’s name??? Is Hamza a real person or a creation of the mainstream media??? For those that don’t know this tidbit….ISIS is short for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service so Israel is deeply involved in the Bin Laden Narrative.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Medieval Canadian Reporters On Scene At Porpoise Burial....True Event!!!

Medieval Monks Buried A Porpoise And Archaeologists Have No Idea Why

Philip de Jersey 80 Conceived (73=21p Hoax) (161/7=23 Fraud, Faker) (217/7=31 B.S.) (Su 966/7=138 Spurious) (RSu 1302=132 Amusement, Shamming) (F 213/3=71 Unreal, Deceiver)
(FB 320=32 Not True) (S 651/7=93 Invented, Propaganda) (E 1115/5=223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan) (J 1355/5=271=58p Fraudulent)

a retreat for Benedictine monks 127 Manufactured (161/7=23 Fantasy, Duped) (289/17=17 Lie) (440/5=88 Artificial) (Su 1734/34=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (RSu 2640=264/4=66 Fakery)
(F 315/5=63 Untrue) (S 1234/2=617=113p Fiction, Operation, Not True) (E 1360=136 Gullible)
(J 950=95 Forgery)

Porpoise 59=17p Lie (40 Falsehood) (113 Dishonest, Mainstream, B.S.) (103 Conjure, Fantasy) (RSu 618/2=309=39 Invented, Collusion) (F 139 False Knowledge) (FB 225/15=15 Hoax) (S 393/3=131 Unrealistic) (E 464/4=116 Manipulated) (J 404=44 Fictional, Deceptive)

If the pyramid blog convinced you that they were manufactured then the Medieval period should be a hoax too. And judging by the numbers this news item is a fabrication complete with a fictitious archaeologist and narrative.

It Looks Like ANOTHER JOB By The People That Hoaxed The Moon Landings!!!

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures Look At Jupiter's Turbulent Clouds

NASA Juno spacecraft 61=18p Faked (110/2=55 Fictional) (187/11=17 Lie) (299/13=23 Fraud, Faker) (Su 1122/22=51 Dishonesty. Conspiracy) (F 317=66p Fakery) (FB 369/3=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (S 817/19=43 Its Not Real) (E 1051=151=36p Sum 1-36=666/6=111 This is a Lie) 
(J 1371/3=457=88p Artificial, Program)

The gas giant 48/60 Hoax (111 This is a Lie) (186/2=93 Invented, Inactual) 
(Su 666=36t Schemers, Mockery) (F 137/33p Fakery, Phony) (FB 221/13=17 Lie) 
(S 496=31t B.S.) (E 588/14=42 Fakery, Freemason) (J 368/16=23 Fraud, Faker)

Great Red Spot 67=19p Bogus (68 False Knowledge) (148/4=37 Concocted) 
(176/2=88 Artificial) (Su 888/8=111 This is a Lie) (RSu 1056=156/2=78 Artful) 
(F 226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Fiction) (FB 293=62p Misdirect, Counterfeit) 
(S 568/8=71 Manufactured, Unreal) (E 832/8=104 Not Real) (J 582/6=97 Absurd, Falsity, Imaginary)

Kaleidoscopic Planet Jupiter 127 Manufactured (152 Deception, Controlled) (289/17=17 Lie) (413/7=59 Taunt, Joker) (Su 1734/34=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (F 367=73p=21p Hoax)
(FB 575/5=115 Baloney) (S 1199/11=109=19 Bogus) (E 1414/14=101 Shameless)
(J 1594/2=797=139p Fictitious, False Knowledge)

My educated guess would lean toward the planet Jupiter being a complete fabrication from the people that brought you the Moon Landing Hoaxes. If they didn’t go to the moon then chances are that a planet probe couldn’t have gone up into space and traveled to that planet’s location.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Undeniable Gematria Decodes Reveal The SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN aka The HOAXSTERS Manufactured The Great Pyramids Of Egypt.

Archaeologists Uncover Secrets Of Mankind Miracles-The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza 117 Delusion, Improvise (108=18 Faked) (234+432=666 Prophecy) (333/3=111 This is A Lie) (Su 1404=144 Time) (F 338/13=26 Lie) 
(FB 464/4=116 Manipulated(S 969/19=51 Spurious, Dishonesty) (E 2313/9=257=55p Satan, Counterfeit) (J 1463/11=133 This Is A Hoax)

Four Complete Pyramids Two Incomplete Pyramids 223 The Synagogue Of Satan, Hoax (218/2=109=19 Bogus) (529/23=23 Fraud, Faker, Duped) (578/34=17 Lie) (Su 3174/23=138 Man Made, Spurious) (RSu 3468/68=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (F 685/5=137=33p Fakery) 
(FB 1052=152 Controlled) (S 1964/4=491=94p Forgery) (E 4129=568p/4=142 Shameless) 
(E 3329=469p/7=67 Fictitious, Lying)

Archaeologist Mark Lehner With Flashlight Turned On 223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan (245/5=49 Conjurer) (511/7=73=21p Hoax) (704=74 Baloney, Jesus) (Su 3066=366/3=122 Untruth) (RSu 4224/44=96 Fakery, Freemason) (F 693/9=77 The Big Lie) (FB 1015/5=203=23 Duped, Fantasy) (S 2086=286/2=143 Falseness, Misdirect) (E 2788/41=68 False Knowledge, 
Lying) (J 2508/22=114 Inconceivable)

A scroll of ancient papyrus 103 B.S. (131 Profiteer) (283=61p=18p Faked) (338/13=26 Lie) (RSu 2028=228/2=114 Inconceivable) (F 309=39 Invented, Man Made) (FB 565/5=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation) (S 1088=188/2=94 Forgery) (E 2029=229=50p Fictitious, Purposeful) 
(J 1409=223p The Synagogue Of Satan, Hoax)

The Synagogue Of Satan is laughing at the Goys that's asleep and are unaware of this massive hoax. It's undeniable when you absorb the decodes in this blog that The Great Pyramids of Egypt were manufactured to promote the travel and museum industries and its spinoff merchandising. When they were built is not to hard to contemplate when it takes heavy machinery to lift those blocks so I'll leave that for your imagination.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Stratford INCIDENT RESPONSE UNIT Dispatched To Deal With ACID ATTACK????

Gang Sprayed Crowds With Noxious Substance

Two Window Sprayed 81 Improvisation (234+432=666/6=111 This Is A Lie) (198/3=66 Fakery) (Su 1404=144 Purpose Plan) (RSu 1188/12=99 Untrue) (F 312/3=104=14 Sham) (FB 465/5=93 Invented Inactual) (S 794/2=397=78p Spurious, Artful) (E 2853/9=317=66p Fakery) (J 3593=503p=53 Controlled, Falseness)

POLICE INNER CORDON DO NOT CROSS 142/2=71 Unreal, Deceiver (146/2=73=21p Hoax)(331=67p Mainstream, Lying) (398/2=199=46p Deception, Deceiver) (F 1033=133 This is a Hoax) (FB 635/5=127 Manufactured) (S 1276/11=116 Manipulated) (E 1375/11=125 Complicity) (J 1105=115 Baloney)

INCIDENT RESPONSE UNIT 118 Controlled (116/2=58 Ludicrous, Fraudulent) (253=22t Laugh) (Su 1518/66=23) (RSu 1722/14=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (F 773=137p Its Not Real) (FB 486/18=27 Faked) (S 953=162p/2=81 Ridicule) (E 1369/37=37 Concocted) (J 979/11=89 Deceptive, Fictional)

Two Police Officer 90 HaHaHaHaHAHaHaHaHaHA (81 Deliberate, Ridicule) (180 Improvisation) (252/7=36 Schemers) (Su 1080=18 Faked) (F 258/6=43 Its Not Real) (FB 357/7=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (S 740=74 Jesus, Baloney) (E 1116/12=93 Invented Inactual) (J 1356/12=113)

Was this incident dangerous enough to call out the INCIDENT RESPONSE UNIT??? Apparently it was called out to ridicule the people that are duped by this manufactured news item.

Charity Woman From Canada Helps Mexico's Earthquake Survivors????

Ottawa Woman Vacationing In Mexico Helping Earthquake Survivors

Victoria Casanova 65 Inauthentic (106=16 False) (173=40p Untruth, Falsehood) (259/7=37 Concocted)(Su 1038=138 Dishonesty) (RSu 1554/14=111 This is a Lie) (F 225/3=75 Retarded) (344/8=43 Its Not Real) (S 733=130p Dishonest, Operation) (E 1388/4=347=69p Improvisate, This Is A Lie) (J 1838/2=919=157p=37p Concocted)

ACCESO PLAZA 39 Invented, Collusion (60 Misleading) (102 Farce, Made Up) (195/3=65 Inauthentic) (Su 612/12=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (RSu 1170=117 Improvise) (F 388/4=97 Mocker) (FB 193=44p Purpose Plan) (S 487=93p Invented, Propaganda) (E 1074=179p Not Real Name) (J 734/2=367=73p=21p Hoax)

OBEY PROPAGANDA Gray T Shirt 123 Invented, Conspiracy (129 Misguide) (285/3=95 Forgery) (363/11=33 Fakery) (Su 1710=171 Improvisation) (RSu 2178/22=99 Mockery) (F 727=129p Scripture) (S 1125/9=125 Complicity) (E 2526/6=421=82p Concocted) (J 1636/4=409=80p Conceived)

OBEY PROPAGANDA Grey T Shirt 127 Manufactured (125/5=25 Dupable, Trick) (289/17=17 Lie) (359=72p Culpable) (Su 1734/34=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (F 731/17=43 Its Not Real) (FB 561/17=33 Fakery) (S 1129=189p/3=63 Plot, Deliberate) (E 2530/110=23) (J 1640/40=41 Dishonest, Falsehood, Not Real)

This Look like a Job For Victoria Casanova From Ottawa BUT is she in Mexico helping the survivors of is she in cozy Canada duping the world with a Fake Shelter from only she can disclose.