Thursday, September 7, 2017

Can North Korea Launch An EMP Attack???

China Fears Radioactive Fallout From North Korea Blast


Thirty Six Wheels Displaying Two Loaded Missile Chutes 223 The Synagogue Of Satan
(263=56p Fairy Tale, Fingerable) (601=61=18p Faked) (668/4=167=39p Invented, Collusion)
(Su 3606=366/3=122 Amusingly, Untruth) (RSu 4008=48 Hoax) (F 809=140p Treachery)
(FB 1194/6=199=46p Deception, Controlled, Misdirect) (S 2246/2=1123=188p/2=94 Forgery)
(E 5317/13=409=80p Conceived, Gullible) (J 4557/49=31 B.S.)

radioactive fallout from North Korea’s latest nuclear test 209=29 Mocker, Baloney (304/8=38 Death, Trick) (605/11=55 Satan, Santa, Heaven) (745/5=149=35p Pretend) (Su 3630=363/3=121 Ludicrous, Amusingly) (F 657/9=73=21p Hoax) (FB 1208/8=151 Jesus Christ) (S 2355/15=157=37p Concocted) (E 3809=389=77p The Big Lie) (J 2999=430p=43 Its Not Real)

North Korea's Intermediate-Range Strategic Ballistic Rocket Hwasong-One Two Lifts Off 341/11=31 B.S. (424/8=53 Farcical, Controlled) (845/13=65 Its Not Real) (1126/2=563=103p B.S.) (Su 5070=57 Improvisate) (F 1157/13=89 Deceptive) (FB 1678/2=839=146p Imaginary, Fairy Tale, Jesus Christ)
(S 3400=34 Dupers, Baloney) (E 4850=485/5=97 Falsity, Mocker) (J 4460=446/2=223=48p Hoax)

It should be obvious that North Korea is showcasing deceptive, fraudulent military equipment for the purpose of fearmongering by the puppeteers pulling the strings on the puppets. As for the EMP capabilities….if they launch one of those….it will be the utilities companies shutting off the power and the mainstream media deceptive reporting that will come to light so to speak.

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