Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Murder By The Numbers... Did Scott Peterson Actually Kill His Wife And Unborn Son???

Scott Peterson Was Arrested Death Of Wife And UnBorn Son

Twenty Five Twenty Six Twenty Five Twenty Four Dollar Bills 236/2=118 Death (268/4=67=19p Bogus) (740=74 Jesus, Baloney) (610=61=18p Faked) (Su 
4440=444/4=111 This is A Lie) (RSu 3660=366/3=122 Untruth) (F 1000=100 Connivance) (FB 1470/14=105 Incorrect) (S 2490=249/3=83=23p Faker Fraud) (E 9011=1120p=112 Profiteer) (J 8671/299=29 Dupers)

Two Missing Gun Grips 97=25p Trick (101 Shameless, Diverter) (259/7=37 Concocted) (227=49p Purposeful, Chicanery) (Su 1554/14=111 This Is A Lie) (F 363/3=121 Ludicrous) (FB 257=55p Farcical, Fictional) (S 889/7=127 Manufactured) (E 1708/28=61=18p Faked) (J 1818/18=101=26p Lie)

Five Upper Left Corner Strips On Fifteen Laminated Flyers 251=54p Hoodwinked (271=58p Ludicrous, Green Screen) (593=108p=18 Faked) (730=73=21p Hoax) (F 827=144p Purpose Plan) (FB 1177/11=107 Trickery, Pretend) (S 2308/4=577=106p=16 False) (E 3725/25=149=35p Pretend) (J 3015/45=67 Mainstream, Fictitious, Lying)

4 Stripes And 1 Stripe = 41 or 14 - SHAM

Opened Passenger Side Door 117 Improvise (252/2=126 Excrements, Improvise) (369/3=123 Conspiracy, Invented) (1512/14=108=18 Faked) (RSu 2214/2=1107=117 
Deceptious) (FB 504=54 Purpose Plan, Acting) (S 1057=157=37p Concocted) (E 954/9=106=16 False) (J 834/6=139 False Knowledge, Damn Lies)

4BLH142=DBLHADB 24 Artful (39 Invented) (33 Fakery) (156/3=52 Shameless, Duplicity) (Su 198/2=99 Mockery) (RSu 936/8=117 Improvise) (F 215/5=43 Its Not Real) (FB 59 Green Screen, Conspirators) (S 278/2=139 False Knowledge, Damn Lies) (E 51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (J 41
Mainstream, Fraudulent, Falsehood)

The pictures decodes this narrative of a man in 2003 killing is wife and unborn son a manufactured hoax meant to gain audience ratings and advertising dollars.


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