Monday, September 18, 2017

Kim Jong Un Is Ready To TOAST America.Are You Going Subimt OR Laugh???


Kim Jong-un threatens to turn US into ‘sea of flames’ with surprise attack and boasts America’s fate is in his hands after latest missile launch.

FISTS OF FURY 56 Collaboration (61=18p Faked) (164/2=82 Pretend) (133 Government, Its Not Real) (Su 123) (F 450=45 HAHAHaHaHA) (RSu 798/7=114 Inconceivable) (FB 317=66p Fakery) (S 549/9=61 Dupable) (E 1577/19=83=23p Faker, Duped) (J 1037=137=33p Laughable, Phony)

Four N Koreans Fists Pumping 119 Master Plan (133 This is A Hoax, Government) (326/2=163 Conceived) (322/2=161 Concocted) (F 456-654=198/2=99 Mockery) (FB 647=118p Controlled, Unhuntable) (S 1166/11=106 Expunger) (E 1793/11=163=38p Death, Dupable) (J 1353/11=123 Invented, Conspiracy)

Kim Jong-un sits watching his new missile launch out in open grounds 266/2=133 This is A Hoax (310=31 B.S.) (716/4=179=41p Dishonest, Fraudulent, Not Real) (F 768/8=96 Fakery, Freemason) (FB 796/4=199=46p (S 2676/12=223 The Synagogue Of Satan, Hoax) (E 4505=455/5=91 Unreal, Bamboozle) (J 4945/43=115 Masonic, Convulsed)

Check out what distance thr missile flew over Japan by….2,300 Miles=23 Faker Fantasy and the missile flew 2,100 Miles over Guam=21 HOAX

How does a nation that was so poor several years ago become a nuclear powerhouse….Two words ...Mainstream Media. The Shadow Government needed a dictator in the genre of Adolph Hitler and they produced Kim Jong un and it seems to be working as RECORD sales of BOMB SHELTERS are any indication of how frightened we are to spend money on protection from the mythical NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION.

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