Friday, September 15, 2017

Pixelated Pictures And Immaculate Crime Scenes Renders This Event As A Hoax!!!

Jihadi Cell Planted Crude Tube Bomb

Pixelated Policemen Faces 105/5=21 Hoax (120/2=60 Misleading, Inconceivable) (222/2=111 This is A Lie) (399/3=133 This Is A Hoax) (Su 1332/2=666 Purpose Plan, Prophecy) (RSu 2394/14=171 Improvisation) (F 300=30 Made Up) (FB 441/21=21 Hoax) (S 1027=127 
Manufactured) (E 1311/57=23 Fraud, Duped, Faker) (J 831/3=277=59p Conspirators)

You’d expect to see blood stains on the victim’s bandages but no blood is seen anywhere??? So whee’s the blood and the victims appears to have no tramua. It’s all to neat and looks staged with crisis actors duping the public for a paycheck. The lone decode is very curious when you have police officers faces pixelated and you’ll know why they did that deed.

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