Saturday, September 29, 2018

Are Tsunami a Hoax???

Major quake prompts tsunami warning off Indonesia

Ring Of Fire 55/71/136/107 Improviso (55/71/136 Orchestrated) 
(55/71/170 Deceptiously, Delusiveness) (73/71/170 Enterprising) 
(73/107 Farcicality) (Org/ROrg 144/126 Excrements)

tsunami alert 45/54/90/99 Mockery (45/54/117/153 Deceptious) 
(54/54/117 Improvise) (45/54/81 Ridicule) ( 81/171/180 Improvability
(54/45/99/117 Delusion, Hoodwink) (Org/ROrg 146/178 MisInforming)

There’s a reason for the TSUNAMI ALERT and it is decoded as a MOCKERY.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Is this Boy Real Or Made Up???

Body Found In Search For Missing Six-Year-Old

Maddox Ritch 56/70/119/178 Superficial (Org/ROrg 151/146 Jesus Christ, 

Maddox Scott Ritch 70/101/169/209 Pretendingness (79/101/196/209 Sensationalists) 
(79/92/236 Characterizing) (Org/ROrg 202/230=101/115 Diverter (22/23 Duped))

Maddox Ritch Unclear Picture 285/390=95/130 Fraudulency, Superartificiality 
(Su/Rsu 1710/2340=171/234=57/78 Unscrupulously, Charlatan
(123/147 Conspiracy, Duplifying(132/192 Propagandize) 

One Police Officer Looking Back Intentionally 426/654=142/218 Superheroically (142/128Tricksters) (182/142 Unworshipful) (201/231 Unconvincibility
(120/123 Trickster, Collusion) 
(Org/ROrg 472/608=118/152 Unhuntable, Controlled)

Nobody depicted at Mobile Base 245/475=49/95 Forgery, Bamboozled 
(101/142 Shameless) (110/142 Tricksters) (151/110 Conspirative, Improvisatory
(169/119 Pretendingness) (101/187 Sensationalising(187/191 Impersonations
(119/205 Hoodwinkable, Preconceived) (119/223 The Synagogue Of Satan
(J 1051=151=36p Mockery) (Org/ROrg 329/373 ??)

No Persons At Mobile Base 95/121/212/301 Mischaracterization 
(86/139/239 Infeasibleness, Melodramatised) (86/103/238 Unoriginativeness
(104/166 Inventable, Actor Agent) (113/130 Dishonest Operation, Bull Shit) 
(113/157 Mainstream, Not Factual) (113/184 Green Screen, Debatefully) 
(Org/ROrg 246/321=82/107 Pretend)

The 3 photo decodes should bear witness that this is a scripted, manufactured tale of deception and bogusness.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Moses Parted The Basketball Court.....Praise Jesus!!

The Biblical Story Of Exodus:Fact Or Fiction

Moses liberated the Israelites from slavery in Egypt 547=101p=26p Lie (547/668=574/686=82/98 Inconceivability) (272/214=136/107 Improviso) (128/223 Artificialize) (227/232 Overdescriptively)
(223/290 The Synagogue Of Satan)

Pink Hand Shovel 77/103/185/220 Impossibilities (58/68/112/185 Imagination) (77/112/185 Implausibilities) (103/104/211 Inapprehensibility) (94/95 Forgery) (49/68/121 Contrivable) (68/77/112 Shammer) (Org/ROrg 174/204 Intentionalism)

Ark carrier depicted looking at you 333/477=111/159 This Is A Lie, Propagandists, Improbabilities (135/243 Characterising) (171/180 Improvability) (117/180 Undoubtable) (162/216 Premanufacture)
(198/126 Untruthfully) (Org/ROrg 345/465=69/93 Invented, Improbable, Characterizable)

One Out Of Four Carrier 108/108/243/270 Hyperintellectually (108/135/243 Characterising)
(108/108/243 Sensationalistic) (108/153/144 Purpose Plan) (Org/ROrg 223/290 The Synagogue Of Satan)

Ark of the Covenant 178/254=89/127 Manufactured (79/101/281 Overemphaticalness) (88/110/281 Commericalizations) (79/83/218 Superheroically) (79/191 Fingerable) (79/92 The Synagogue Of Satan) (83/88/128 Artificialize) (83/88 The Great Deceiver) (97/83 Mocker, Superdubiousness) (Org/ROrg 202/230=22/23 Duped)

It’s in your face mockery by the perpetrators of this archaeological discovery when two pictures decodes to render it to be a contrived, fabricated site. The intentions are in the decodes and they know that this Biblical Tale is a Hoax but they continue to keep the SLEEPERS informed with lies and deception.

GO on Youtube and watch the movie THEY LIVE link:

You’ll gain a better understanding about who THEY are. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Newbies To This Blog-Enrich Your Mind

For those that are new to this blog and are wondering what the heck is this dude doing with the numbers. I think it would be easier for the newbies to watch a few of Zachary K. Hubbard’s video on his youtube channel GEMATRIA EFFECTS NEWS. A couple of videos and you’ll be a Coincidence Theorist or Not!!! I learned and understood the practice of coding numbers into words with a few video but you may take a bit longer depending on your intelligence.

I have a terrific thinking mind so it didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on.

Also if you want a digital copy of Zachary’s Book which he spent five years of endurance and hardship to write and explain the practice of coding numbers into words then go to this web site and download the pdf file LETTERS AND NUMBERS for $5.00. He price the book at $5.00 so that anyone can afford to purchase this knowledge.

Link to download:

After the first be hooked and on your way to understanding Gematria.

Foreign Spies-Stay Away From CHIC-AGO

Chinese Agent Living In Chicago Arrested For Spying On U.S.

Ji Chaoqun 44/46/98/145 Laughings (44/55/89/154 Fictional) (44/46/145 Deceiver) 
(44/46/89/154 Deceptive) (Org/ROrg 98/145 Suspicionable, Puppetries, Namelessness)

Chinese Agent Living In Chicago 252/477=84/159 This Is A Lie, Substanceless, 
Conjurations (162/216 Premanufacture) 
(Org/ROrg 295/434=952/434=136/62 Counterfeit, Improviso, Portrayer)

enlistment by legal aliens 255/366=85/122 Fraudulent, Ludicrous, Staged Event 
(93/132 Invented. Characterizable) (93/204 Intentionalism) (111/204 Superartificially) 
(Org/ROrg 287/334=278/334=139/167 Superartificial)

Nine Hundred Second Military Intelligence Group 223=48p Hoax 
(475/659=475/695=95/139 Improvisational, Superartificiality
(223/290 The Synagogue Of Satan) (227/232 Overdescriptively)
(Org/ROrg 566/568=665/865=133/173 Government, Its Not Real)

The spy that came from China or is he a contrived person made up to sell a news article? The numbers tells me that the Chinese was named accordingly to mock the readers that believes this dribble.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

George Of The UnDead...Watch Out For That Tree!

George Michael Had 'Four Suicide Attempts'– Says Lover Fadi Fawaz

our suicide attempts 244/269=244/296=122/148 Fraudulent (82/161 Doubtable,
Trickstress, Concocted) (91/152 Deception, Bamboozle) (100/143 Misdirect) 
(Org/ROrg 225/288=75/96 Fabricative)

Fadi Fawaz 49/77/166 The Big Lie (41/77/166 Character) ( 41/104/166 Inventable) 
(Org/ROrg 101/142 Shameless)

Hairdresser/Lover 88/101/196 Sensationalists (101/88/155 The Great Deceiver
(101/88/128 Characteriser) (101/97/146 Disagreeability
(97/146 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) (106/164 Ridiculing) (110/106 Hoaxster) 
(Org/ROrg 202/230=22/23 Duped, Joke, Make Up)

stab himself two five times 127/197 Manufactured (109/134/217 Fictioneering) 
(143/181 Contrivances, Manipulative) (100/161/136 Trickstress
(100/179/145 Ununiqueness) (Org/ROrg 278/343=139/167 Superartificial)

George Michael Can’t Seem To GO Away. Five stabbings will do me in so why is George still breathing after 25 stabbings and lived to make out with lover Fadi Fawaz? George's passion for his lover and his hair sparks his survival instincts...that and the script that George and |Lover are following..

Monday, September 24, 2018

Japan Space Agency Lands Asteroid Probe On Godzilla's Lair...G'zilla Laughs And Mayhem Follows! It's True!!

Japanese Robot Rovers Lands And Probed Asteroid

Japanese robot rovers 94/113/238 Overintellectualized (58/112/131 Profiteer) 
(103/113 Bull Shit) (85/113 Superimprobableness) (49/121/176 Contrivable) 
(Org/ROrg 231/282=231/228 Transformationist)

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 127/98 Manufactured (104/193 Improvisational) 
(194/265 Condescensiveness) (104/166 Inventable, Fictioneer, Falsifiers) 
(Org/ROrg 334/503=334/350=167/175 Conspirators, Conspiratress)

asteroid 37/53/91/152 Bamboozle (53/91/170 Sensationalism) (46/53/91/152 
Deception(71/73/152 Mythification) (37/71/91 Unreal, Flimflams
(Org/ROrg 88/128 Artificialize, Commericalizations)

By the Numbers….Asteroids are faked, contrived objects manufactured in their Space Agency. No one has gone into deep space and landed a probe on an asteroid. Their mission….to hoax the public and to add to Japan’s debt. Similar to the hurricane disasters where the destructions creates chaos and the corporations benefits from the rebuilding process...the asteroid narrative demands that money be funneled from the government to deceive the public.