Sunday, July 8, 2018

Humans On Mars...Bet ON Thee Trip TO WonderLand...Someday!!!

Girl Dream Of Becoming The First Human On Mars

Alyssa Carson 66/78/147 Improvisate (48/66/177 Misleading, Duplifying
(66/78/177 Unprofoundness, Misadventurous) (66/147 Questioning, Conspiracy
(66/177 Propaganda) (O 101=26p Lie) (RO 223=48p Hoax/ The Synagogue Of Satan)

Four stage plan 65/70/155/196 Misconception (56/97 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) 
(88/155 The Great Deceiver) (RSu 1176=48T Hoax) (65/97 Superdubiousness
(56/70 Hoodwinkable) (Tri 1307=137=33p Fakery, Phony, Laughable)

Humans to Mars 54/63/162/162 Depopulators (54/99 Delusion, Mockery
(54/63/99 Untrue (Sq/RSq 2712/24=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation….)
(O/RO 152/172=76/86 Misinformation (38/43 Follower, Laughter, Laughing, Falsity))

Neukum Crater / Neukum Crater on Mars for you to decode

Will humans set foot on Mars….not likely but NASA can use all the tricks in arsenal of deception and lies to dupe the public. The latest gimmick… lure the teenagers with a bogus girl dreaming to be the first humans on Mars. NASA will have to start with setting foot on the moon first….my mistake Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969 so what NASA Says must be true cuz NASA doesn’t LIE….that.s Un-Amaericana.

First Humans on Mars 75/114 Inconceivable Decode the rest and thete’s no denying that NOBODY is setting foot on Mars.

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