Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hollywood Makes REAL LIFE Events!!!

Three Really True Versions Of Same Plot

Victory at Entebbe 69/93/186/246 Controllableness (39/42/93/123 Invented
(78/138/186 Misdirection) (69/147 Conspiracy, Fairylike, Perpetuators) 
(69/111 This Is A Lie(Su/RSu 1116/1476=31/41 Not Real
(O/RO 218/214=109/107 Trickery) (LCH 201=21 Hoax)

Release Date-Dec 13, 1976=12+13+1+9+7+6=48 Hoax / 12+13+1+9+76=111 This is a Lie

Raid on Entebbe 69/114/237 Caricaturable, Characterised 
(60/75/114/237 Inconceivable) (Su/RSu 684/1422=38/79 Laughing
(FB 226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation….) (RTri 127 Manufactured)

Release Date-Jan 2,1977=1+2+1+9+7+7=27 Faked / 1+2+19+77=99 Mockery

Seven Days In Entebbe 73/107/190/296 Nonpracticableness (73/107/190 Farcicality
(73/89/190 Treacherousness) (73/98 Fabrication, Improvisations, Ingenuine
(73/109/107 Trickery) (89188 Fictionistic) (O/RO 248/238=124/119 Duplicity)

Release Date-May 11,2018=5+11+2+1+8=27 Faked / 5+11+2+81=99 Mockery

Basically the recent movie about a Tel Aviv to Paris airline hijacking and rescue is as bogus as the two other movies with the same plot outline. The numbers reveals that Hollywood is the land of fantasy and make-believe but to the average person…...the stories are real life events intentionally manufactured.

Decode Tel Aviv to Paris and discovery why they choose Paris as a destination point.




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