Monday, July 9, 2018

Canadian Prime Minister....Groper???

Canada Woman Breaks Silence On PM Groping Allegation

Rose Knight 54/54/126/144 Excrements (54/54/126 Improvise
(54/54/144 Purpose Plan, Impostors) (54/63/126 Mislead) (54/63/81 Incredible) 
(72/81 Improvability) (O 127 Manufactured)

Two decades ago 59/103/122/229 Noncreditable, Handcraftsman 
(50/103 Bull Shit) (122/67 Untruth) (76/122 Fraudulent) 
(50/76/122 Deceitfully, Invention) (O/RO 108/243 Sensationalistic)

Justin Trudeau (O/RO 173/178 Reconstituted, Noninherently) Decode the rest!

Three decodes on the alleg-ee and the alleg-er and they decode to a false event.

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