Thursday, July 12, 2018

Was The Titanic Ever Built???

RMS Titanic

Coordinates: 41°43′57″N 49°56′49″W = 41/49 Dishonest, Falsehood / 
41+49=90 Mockery

Titanic 50/76/113 Not True (31/50/113 Bull Shit) (O/RO 88/101 Sensationalising, Overemphaticalness) (RSq 2167/11=197 Manufactured)

RMS Titanic 45/72/126/144 Excrements, Ambiguitys (45/72/144 Culpable) 
(27/45/126 Mislead) (O/RO 129/141 Questioned, Mysticize) (LCH 99 Mockery)

RMS Olympic 53/64/143/127 Questioner, Mystifiers, (55/143/127 Tauntingly)
(53/55/127 Misinform) (64/127 Manufactured
(O/RO 119/151 Dupability, Impossible(Cha 36 Mockery)

HMHS Britannic 75/78/138/213 Garnisheement, Glorification
(78/66/183 Fictionizing) (66/78/138 Dishonesty) (66/96 Fakery)
(O/RO 198/153=66/51 Extemporize, Pretender)

White Star Line 64/80/163/188 Mystification (64/80/188 Fictionistic)
(37/80/107 Pretend) (O/RO 167/184 Ungenuineness)

April Tenth Nineteen Twelve (296/352=74/88 Artificialize) (116/127 Misinform
(134/217 Fictioneering, Inconceivably) (O/RO 356/292=178/146 MisInforming)

Southampton to New York City 113/130 Dishonest, Operation 
(113/157 Mainstream, Not Factual) (122/148 Fraudulent)
(122/121 Nonwonder, Invention) (131/139 Fictitious)

Second of three 65/79/137/214 Collaboration (51/65/137 Its Not Real) 
(J/RS 223=48p Hoax/The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(O/RO 159/192 Substanceless, Counterfeiter)

Sept 17 1908 – 9+17+1+9+8=44 Kill, Deception / 9+1+7+19+80=116 Fictionize

Harland and Wolff 67/86/139 Infeasibleness (F 191=43p Its Not Real) 
(O 226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation…) (RO 179=41p Not Real)

Olympic-class 66/48/147 Duplifying (48/66//177 Misleading, Propaganda) 
(O/RO 109/215 Improvisatorize)

Two six months to build 282/231=94/77 Sensationalizing (84/105 Foolish) 
(102/114 Inconceivable)

Twenty Six 48/159 This Is A Lie (51/66 Fictionable) (84/159 Substanceless
(F 211=47p Contrived) (O/RO 124/119 Duplicity, Con Artist)

1178/31=38 Death, Hoaxster

1178=One One Seven Eight 38//92/124 Laughter (38/79 Laughing
(79/101/205 Overemphaticalness) (O/RO 186/246=93/123 Invented)

Is it possible that they didn’t build one whole ocean liner and that the whole story of the Titanic and her sister ships were manufactured by the mainstream medias. If this scenario is true then it shows the power of the printing press and the people willing to dupe the public with manufactured historical events.

The story is coded as the Titanic hits an iceberg at 11;40pm and 2hr 40min later sinks which when you do the math and find out the time in minutes and can conclude that the event was faked.The date decode in the photo is more evidence of a scripted event told through the newspaper and radio broadcasts wherever available.

The numbers reveals a fictitious boat builder company and owner which leads me to think that they didn’t build the whole ocean liner but parts of it for the newspapers to have some aspects in which to manufacture the deceptions and lies.

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