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Hey Albert Pike...Is North Korea The NEW ISLAM???

Albert Pike

Albert Pike (December 29, 1809 – April 2, 1891) was an attorney, soldier, writer, and Freemason. Albert Pike is the only Confederate military officer with an outdoor statue in Washington, D.C.

Albert Pike (F 151=36p Sum 1-36=666/6=111 This is a Lie) (S 449=87p Artificial) 
                                                        (E 432+234=666/6=111 This is A Lie) (J 292/4=73=21p Hoax)

Born Dec 29, 1809 –12+2+9+1+8+9=41-Fraudulent/12+29+18+9=68 Fabricated                                                          /1+2+2+9+1+8+90=113 – Dishonest,Mainstream, DisInfo, Historian, Fiction, B.S.

Died Apr 2, 1891 – 4+2+18+9+1=34-LIE/ 4+2+18+91=115-Freemasons/4+2+119+8=133-This IS A                                                                                                                                                          Hoax

From Dec 29, 1809 – Apr 2, 1891 is a period of 81y 3m 4d=8134/49=83=23p Faker, Fantasy
                                                        is a period of 975 m/75=13 B.S.
                                                        is a period of 4239 w/27=157=37p Corrupt, Concocted

From Jan 1,1891 – Apr 2, 1891 is a period of 3m 1d B.S.
                                                    is a period of 91d –Deception

From Apr 2, 1891 – Dec 31, 1891 is a period of 8m 29d =145p/5=29 Fabricates
                                                        is a period of 274 d /2=137=33p Freemason

Was an attorney, soldier, writer, and Freemason (466/2=233=51p Freemason, Conspiracy) 
                                                        (S 1796/4=449=87p) (E 3562/26=137=33p Phony, Laughable)

Pike died in Washington, D.C., at the age of 81, and was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery. Burial was against his wishes; he had left instructions for his body to be cremated. In 1944, his remains were moved to the House of the Temple, headquarters of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite. A memorial to Pike is located in the Judiciary Square neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Pike died in Washington, D.C. 133-A Hoax This IS (223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan) 
   (S 993/3=331=67p=19p Bogus) (E 1177+7711=8888=4-8's=48 Hoax) (J 1407=147=/7=21 Hoax)

At the age of (81) Eighty One 97=25p Trick (83=23p Fraud, Faker, Fantasy) (317=66p This is a Lie)                                                                                  (S 861/7=123 Conspiracy) (J 907=155p/5=31 B.S.)

Was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery 123+321=444/4=111 This Is A Lie (417/3=139=34p Mocker,                  Baloney) (285/15=19 Bogus) (F 389=77p The Big Lie) (E 2418/26=93 Uuactual, Propaganda)

The Albert Pike Memorial Temple is a historic Masonic lodge in Little Rock, Arkansas listed on the
National Register of Historic Places.

From what is before your eyes...Albert Pike is a Freemason Creation made up to have a person tell the tales of the Three World Wars.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the divergences caused by the 'agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to get to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.

We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the e ect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without
compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

Get the word out.....Albert Pike is a freemason creation and thus his words are hollow without any substance.....Do not think that because Pike say there will be a third world war...that it's going to happen. And even if they could start this war it doesn't mean DOOMSDAY is around the corner....they'll have a hard time creating DOOMSDAY if they don't have any NUKES!!!  

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