Monday, January 8, 2018

Jerry Van Dyke...Murder BY Numbers OR Celebrity Islander

Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry Van Dyke 59=17p Lie (67=19p Bogus) (86 Sync with his age of 86) (166 Unrealistic) (F 236/2=118 Death, Controlled) (E 2075/25=83=23p Fraud , Faker, Duped) (J 2325/15=93 Invented, Unactual) (O 76 Joker)

Born Jul 27, 1931 - 7+27+1+9+3+1=48 Hoax/7+27+19+31=84 Shamming
/7+27+91+3+1=129/3=43 Its Not Real

Died Jan 5, 2018 - 1+5+20+1+8=35 Pretend, Farcical/1+5+20+18=44 Kill, Deceiver
/1+5+2+81=89 Fictional, Deceptive

Birth Year Numerology – 1+9+3+1=14 Sham/19+31=50 Deceitful/ 91+3+1=95 Forgery
Death Year Numerology - 20+1+8=29 Baloney/20+18=38 Death, Hoaxster
/2+81=83=23p Fraud, Faker, Duped

From Jul 27,1931 – Jan 5, 2018 is a period of 86y 5m 9d=8659/7=1237=203p=23 Fraud, Joker, Jester
                                                    is a period of 1037m=137=33p Fakery, Phony, Laughable
                                                    is a period of 4510w=451/11=41 Conjurer, Not Real, Mainstream
                                                    is a period of 31574d/2=15787=1841p/7=263=56p Imaginary, Fairy Tale, Collaboration

From Jan 1, 2018 – Jan 5, 2018 is a period of 4d or 96 hours=Freemason, Fakery

From Jan 5, 2018 – Jan 1, 2019 is a period of 11m 27d=1127/7=161 Concocted, Doubtable, Impersonator
                                                   is a period of 51w Dishonesty, Conspiracy, Illusion
                                                   is a period of 361d/19=19 Bogus

A car accident two years ago 96 Fakery, Freemason (138/2=69 This is a Lie) (231=21T Hoax) (390=39 Invented, Collusion) (RSu 2340=234+432=666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan) (F 257=55 Farcical, Fictionize) (S 1036/28=37 Concocted) (E 2094/6=349=70p This is a Hoax) (J 1934/2=967=103p B.S.) (O 127 Manufactured)

The numbers reveals that Jerry Van Dyke is either dead or living on Celebrity Island. The date between decodes points out that Jerry is a Hoaxster and from the start of 2018 to January 5 is a span of 4 days or 96 hours which is convenience for Jerry...The Freemason.

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