Friday, December 1, 2017

Jesus Tomb Is A SHAM!!! WAKE UP Believers!

Age of 'Christ's tomb' is revealed???

It really is where Jesus was buried and resurrected 241=53p Falseness, Doubtable, 
Ingenuine (520=52 This is A Hoax) (272/2=136 Counterfeit) (641=116p Fictionize) 
(Su 3120=312/2=156 Fictitiously) (F 572/4=143 Misdirect, Falseness) 
(S 2025/45=45 Ridicule, Deceptious) (E 4255/115=37 Concocted, Pretend
(J 4705=475/5=95 Forgery, Bamboozled) (O 278/2=139 Fictitious, False Knowledge)

Buried and Resurrected 97 Fairy Tale, Imaginary. Mocker) (214/2=107 Trickery, 
Pretend) (128 Artificialize) (326/2=163=38p Trick, Hoaxster, Laughter
(F 266/2=133 Its Not Real(S 914/2=457=88p Artificial, Program) 
(E 1357/23=59 Conspirators, Green Screen(J 997=168p Fictitiously, Flatulentness
(O 123 Invented, Conspiracy, Trickster)

One Four 40 Falsehood, Delusional, Untruth (94 Forgery) (32 Not True, Damn Lies, Forgery
(95 Inaccurate, Forgery) (146/2=73=21p Hoax) (S 339/3=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, Fiction) (E 571=105p Illusion) (J 431=83p=23p Fraud, Fantasy) (O 63 Deliberate, Fart)

Fourteen 41 Dishonest, Mainstream, Fraudulent, Sham) (104 Not Real) 
(40 Falsehood, Delusional, Deceitful) (112 Conjurer, Profiteer, Hilarious, Imagination
(F 130 Operation) (S 384/4=96 Fakery, Fabricative) (J 486/3=102 Farce, Magic) 
(O 63 Deliberate, Fart)

14/22 Sham, Tomb

The creators of Jesus's Tomb wanted the zombie Christians to know just how mislead they are by publishing two photos of a section of the mortar and marble with the number 14 intentionally displayed. They use the photo media to such extents that with just two photos....they can mock the Christians and Jesus Believers which are numbers in the millions even billions.

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