Sunday, December 3, 2017

Total Manufactured News Item With Jesus Props Made Realistic

Fragments Of A 1,600-Year-Old Greek Document Describe Jesus' Teachings

A rare original Greek copy 125 Complicity (127 Manufactured) (233=51p Illusion, Dishonesty, Spurious) (361/19=19 Bogus) (F 285/3=95 Forgery) (S/J 1003=103 B.S.) 
(E 1403/23=61=18p Faked) (O 162 Hoodwinked)

Jesus' secret teachings 77 The Big Lie (113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, 
Not Factual) (230=23 Fraud, Duped) (310=31 B.S.) (Su 1380=138 Spurious, Pretender) 
(F 256/16=16 False) (S 930=93 Invented, Unactual) (E 1301=212p/2=106 Hoaxster) 
 (J 1531=242p/2=121 Ludicrous) (O 135 Ridicule)

THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY 99 Mockery, Delusion, Untrue (189/7=27 Faked) 
117 Improvise) (351=26T Lie) (F 709=79 The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(S 889/7=127 Manufactured) (E 1296/36=36 Mockery, Schemers) (J 836/22=38 Hoaxster, Laughter, Dupable) (O 134 Imposters)

First Apocalypse of James 92 Falsity, Laughter (124 Inauthentic) (254/2=127 Manufactured) (340=34 Mocker, Dupers) (F 332/4=83=23p Fraud, Fantasy, Duped) (S 1024/32=32 Taunt, Not True, Untruth) (E 1667=262p/2=131 Profiteer, Hilarious) (J 1757/7=251=54p Purpose Plan, Improvise) (O 160/2=80 Conceived)

Eight Of One Three 88 Program, Artificialize (160/2=80 Conceived) (65 Inauthentic, Mocker)(245/5=49 Purposeful) (Su 960=96 Fakery, Fabricative) 
(F 264/2=132 Shamming) (S 685/5=137=33p Fakery, Phony, Laughable) 
(E 718/2=359=72p Improvisation) (J 478/2=239=52p This is A Hoax) (O 118 Controlled)

Eight Of Thirteen 88 Artificial, The Great Deceiver (169/13=13 B.S.) 
(74 Baloney, Deceitfulness) (236/2=118 Controlled) (Su 1014=114 Inconceivable ) 
(F 247/13=19 Bogus) (S 694/2=347=69p This Is A Lie) 
(E 862/2=431=83p=23p Fraud, Duped) (J 532/4=133 This is A Hoax
(O 117 Improvise, Delusion)

Black And White 59=17p Lie (76 Unrealistic) 
(113 Dishonest, Mainstream, B.S., Not True, Fiction) (F 191=43p Its Not Real) 
(S 568/8=71 Unreal, Deceiver) (E 833/7=119 Duplicity
(J 1103=113 Operation, Green Screen) (O 80 Conceived)

Digitally Photographed In Black and White Colour 209 Artificiality, Deceitfulness 
(452/4=113 Mainstream, Operation, Fiction, B.S.) 
(223 The Synagogue Of Satan, Artificialize) (682/31=22 Laugh) 
(F 608/32=19 Bogus) (S 1922/31=62 Misdirect, Fictionize
(E 3008=38 Trick, Hoaxster, Dupable) (J 2558/2=1279=207p=27 Faked) 
(O 314/2=157=37p Concocted)

The numbers 113, 127, and 223 are numbers that indicates that this news item was totally made up but the believers will swallow this false narrative as if it was real.

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