Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Grenfell Protest Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words And Thoughts...You Just Need To SPOT and DECODE Them!!!

BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS-The Grenfell Tower Protest

'BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS' Downing Street protest – Thousands of angry protesters march on Whitehall chanting ‘May must go’ while demonstrators descend on Grenfell Tower as tensions erupt over fire

BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS 93 Propaganda, Saturn, Unactual (183/3=18 Faked) (F 625/25=25 Trick) (FB 349=70p Grenfell, This is a Hoax)(S 778/2=389=77p Damn Lies) (J 561/17=33 Phony, Laughable)

The angry crowd marched on Whitehall in the City demanding answers and voicing their frustrations at the Government.

THOUSANDS of angry protesters marched on Downing Street demanding justice for those affected by the Grenfell Tower inferno.

The crowd of people carrying placards chanted “no justice, no peace” as they voiced their frustrations at the Government’s response to the disaster, which killed at least 30.

which killed at least (30) Thirty 111 This is a Lie (282/6=47 Contrived) (F 308=38 Death) (FB 563=103p B.S.) (S 1122+2211=3333=4-3's=43 Fairy Tale) (J 2010=21 Hoax)

Protesters carrying banners reading ‘Justice for Grenfell’ marched from Whitehall to Downing Street

JUSTICE FOUR GRENFALL 96 Fakery, Freemason (111 Is This A Lie) (222/2=111 This is a Lie) (F 716/6=179=41p Falsehood, Not Real)(S 887=154p Fictional, Deceptive) (E 1302/14=93 Propaganda) (J 1522/2=761=135p Insufficient)

black and white 113 Dishonest, DisInfo, Fiction Not True (FB 226/2=113 Operation, Surgery, Mainstream) (833/7=119 Master Plan) (J 1103=113 B.S. Green Screen, Scottish)

Is it a Hoax or is the Grenfell tower incident real with real deaths?? The fire, for sure, is real but it's often said that the Zionists have to tell the masses what they are going to do before actually doing the deed. But they tell you in codes which is why the pictures tell you what they are 
gematria. Their intentions and plans are all laid out for you to just have to decode their evil deeds.

In my mind the picture and other decodes tells me that the Grenfell fire was set on purpose and if 30 people died then they were ritually sacrificed but I think that it was an empty building and the mainstream reports give the fire incident more realism. The perpetrators of this hoax are loving this protest because the deception of people killed in the fire gives them more negative energies...which is what the protesters are releasing. To dupe the public that people died is Heaven or I should say Hell to the Zionists....They love these deceptions.

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