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The Numbers Tells ME That Tim Tebow Russert Hoaxed The American Public BUT Who Cares???

Tim Russert

Timothy John "Tim" Russert (May 7, 1950 – June 13, 2008) was an American television journalist and lawyer who appeared for more than 16 years as the longest-serving moderator of NBC's Meet the Press. He was a senior vice president at NBC News, Washington bureau chief and also hosted an eponymous CNBC/MSNBC weekend interview program. He was a frequent correspondent and guest on NBC's The Today Show and Hardball. Russert covered several presidential elections, and he presented the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey on the NBC Nightly News during the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Time magazine included Russert in its list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2008. Russert was posthumously revealed as a 30-year source for syndicated columnist Robert Novak.

Timothy John Russert 88 Artificial (277=59p=17p Lie) (F 355/5=71 Deceiver, Unreal) (S 907=97 Falsity, Fairy Tale) (E 2230=223=48p Hoax) (J 2040=204/2=102 Made Up)

Tim Russert 45 Deliberate (72 Improvisation) (162/2=81 Ridicule) (108=18 Faked)

Born May 7, 1950–5+7+19+5=36 Mockery/5+7+19+50=81 Improvisation/5+7+91+5=108=18 Faked
Died June 13, 2008– 6+1+3+20+8=38 Death/6+13+20+80=119 Star Of David /6+1+3+200+8=218/2=109=29p Baloney

Birth Year Numerology –19+5=24 Farce/19+50=69 This Is A Lie/91+5=96 Fakery
Death Year Numerology –20+8= 28 Crafty/20+80=100 Connivance /200+8=208/2=104 Conjurer

From May 7, 1950– June 13, 2008 is a period of 58y 1m 6d/8=727=129p Misguide
                                                         is a period of 697m/17=41 Not real
                                                         is a period of 3031w=331=67p Fictitious, Inaccurate
                                                         is a period of 21,222d/162=131=32p Untruth

From Jan 1,2008 – June 13, 2008 is a period of 5m 12d/4=128 Disloyalty
                                                       is a period of 23w Jester, Fraud, Faker
                                                       is a period of 164d/2=82 Concocted

From June 13, 2008– Jan 1 2009 is a period of 6m 19d=114p Inconceivable
                                                      is a period of 28w Deceit, Crafty
                                                      is a period of 201d=21 Hoax

Shortly after 1:30 pm on June 13, 2008, Russert collapsed at the offices of WRC-TV, which houses the Washington, D.C. bureau of NBC News where he was chief. He was recording voiceovers for the Sunday edition of Meet the Press. In a speech he gave at the Kennedy Center, Brian Williams said that Russert's last words were, "What's happening?" spoken as a greeting to NBC Washington bureau editing supervisor Candace Harrington as he passed her in the hallway. He then walked down the hallway to record voiceovers in the soundproof booth and collapsed. A co-worker began 
CPR on him. The District of Columbia Fire and Rescue service received a call from NBC at 1:40 pm, and dispatched an EMS unit which arrived at 1:44 pm. Paramedics attempted to defibrillate Russert's heart three times, but he did not respond. Russert was then transported to Sibley Memorial Hospital, arriving at 2:23 pm, where he was pronounced dead. He was 58 years old.

Shortly after One Thirty pm 123 Invented, Collusion (330=33 Fakery) (F 408=48 Hoax) (S 1135/5=227=49p Purposeful) (E 2922/6=487=93p Propaganda, Unactual) ((J 1822/2=911=156p/2=78 Artful)

Russert collapsed at the offices of WRC-TV 199=46p Deception (206=26 Lie) (431=83p=23p Faker, Fraud Joker) (F 587=107p=28p Falseness) (E 3050/50=61=18p Faked)

He then walked down the hallway to record voiceovers in the soundproof booth and collapsed 433=84p/2=42 Fabricated, Misguide) (833=153p/3=51 Dishonesty, Spurious) (F 909/9=101 Diverter) (E 6337=825p/25=33 Fakery) (J 6927/3=2309=343p/7=49 Chicanery, Purposeful)

Paramedics attempted to defibrillate Russert's heart three times, but he did not respond 389=77p Damn Lies (439=85p Not real, Deceitful) (857=148p/2=74 Baloney, Masonic) (F 909=99 Delusion, Untrue) (S 3447/9=383=76p Unrealistic) (E 4871=652p/4=163=38p Death)

was then transported to Sibley Memorial Hospital 191=43p Its Not Real (601=61=18p Faked) (F 611/13=47 Contrived) (S 2003=23 Faker, Fraud, Fantasy) (E 3593=503p=96p Fakery)

arriving at Two Twenty Three (2:23) pm, where he was pronounced dead 241=53p Trickery (727=129p Misguide) (F 652/4=163=38p Death) (S 2219/7=317=66p Trash, Fakery) (E 4723=637p/7=91 Bamboozle)

Russert's longtime friend and physician, Dr. Michael Newman, said that his asymptomatic coronary artery disease had been controlled with medication (LDL-C was <70 mg/dL) and exercise, and that he had performed well on a stress test in late April. An autopsy performed on the day of his death determined that his history of coronary artery disease led to a myocardial infarction (heart attack) and ventricular fibrillation with the immediate cause being an occlusive coronary thrombosis in the left anterior descending artery resulting from a ruptured cholesterol plaque.

Russert is buried at Rock Creek Cemetery, next to the historic Soldiers' Home, in Washington's Petworth neighborhood. The Newseum in Washington, D.C., exhibited a re-creation of Russert's office with original elements such as his desks, bookshelves, folders, loose leaf papers and notebooks. In August 2014, the exhibit was disassembled at the Newseum and transported to the Buffalo History Museum. The exhibit entitled "Inside Tim Russert's Office: If it's Sunday It's Meet the Press", opened in October 2014 with Luke Russert and others giving opening remarks. The exhibit can be viewed during the normal business hours of the Buffalo History Museum.

Russert is buried at Rock Creek Cemetery, next to the historic Soldiers' Home, in Washington's Petworth neighborhood 491=94p Lackadaisical (563=103p B.S.) (1202/2=601=110p Contrived) (1390=139 Damn Lies) (F 1410=141/3=47 Contrived) (S 4562/2=2281=339p/3=113 Dishonest, DisInfo, Fiction, Not True) (E 7907=999p/9=111 This Is A Lie)

Did Tim MEET HIS MAKER or Is he on Limbo NewsCasters Isolation Camp on some Island???

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