Sunday, June 11, 2017

HOMOSEXUALS....Are You Being Programmed And Are You Thinking For Yourself???


Are you really Gay OR IS IT a conditional response to an external stimulus? The external stimulus being the television programs which are promoting homosexual lifestyles. It's a conspiracy among the people that want to rule your self-worth by making the male species more feminine so that you will easily submit.

Television is mass mind control and it's really effective. If you were not gay as a boy growing up and then when you reach your teen years you start to have desires for the same that response your own idea or is it a consequence of watching television programs promoting the gay lifestyle? There are people in the entertainment fields that are under direct orders from executives to make programs that will promote homosexual behaviour. Do you....a thinking male or female want to be programmed to be a person that is within the realm of mind control or are you a person that can think for themselves? The rulers of this planet do not want free-thinking people. They would be more in favour of a society of slaves or non-thinking people.

Being gay either by birth or by external you know what the health risk are for living this lifestyle? The asshole was never designed take punishment from sexual intercourse so if you want serious health problems, which will surely need to stay away from sodomy.
If you believe and not think that I am selling you is a lie then go online and investigate for yourself. Remember this....the television programs is promoting the gay lifestyle and not the heath risk that's associated with the gay programming. If you knew what the health risks are then that would not suite their objective which is mind control.

If you like being feminized then continue to watch TV but if you want to be a free thinking person then go online and start educating yourself with why Obama is the first BLACK and GAY president. Do you think it's a co-incidence that the President is gay at the same time TV is programming your mind with gay thoughts? If you did not know....Government is MIND CONTROL....GOVERN----MENT!!!

If you want to be a real thinking man or woman then what nature has done is to provide you with the instructions to enjoy life and any UN-natural instructions will do you bodily just do not know it until it's to late. Do not permit these tyrants to THINK For You.....THINK For Yourself!!!

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