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Anne Frank Deception And Trick-Or-Treater's Statement Of Your Choosing!!

Anne Frank

Annelies Marie Frank (Anne Frank) 12 June 1929 – February or March 1945 was a German-born diarist and writer. She is one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the 
Holocaust. Her diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, which documents her life in hiding during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II, is one of the world's most widely known books and has been the basis for several plays and films.

Annelies Marie Frank 103=27p Faked, B.S. (113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation) (175/5=35 Farcical) (311=64p Impersonator) (Su 1050=105 Illusion) (F 253=22t Laugh) (S 805=85 Falsehood) (E 562/2=281=60p Hoax) (J 472/4=118 Death, Not Real Name) (O 143 Falseness)

Anne Frank 48 Hoax, Propaganda (84 Daughter, Artful) (51 Conspiracy) (J 223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan) (O 72 Improvisation)

Otto Frank 48 Hoax (120 Illuminati) (123 Conspiracy, Trickster) (Su 720=72 Improvisation) (O 78 Phony)
Margot Frank 52 Duplicity (S 509=97p Imaginary) (E 565/5=113 Dishonest...) (O 89 Fictional, Deceptive)

Born 12 June 1929 –12+6+19+29=66 Fakery/1+2+6+91+2+9=111 This Is A Lie

Birth Year Numerology –19+29=48 Hoax /91+2+9=102 Made Up, Farce

The Diary of a Young Girl 114 Holocaust, Inconceivable (F 344/8=43 Its Not Real) (E 2337/19=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (O 141/3=47p Contrived

Born in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, she lived most of her life in or near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Born a German national, Frank lost her citizenship in 1941 and thus became stateless. The Frank family moved from Germany to Amsterdam in the early 1930s when the Nazis gained control over Germany. By May 1940, they were trapped in
 Amsterdam by the German occupation of the Netherlands. As persecutions of the Jewish population increased in July 1942, the family went into hiding in some concealed rooms behind a bookcase in the building where Anne's father worked.

By May One Nine Four Zero(1940) 113 Fake Sister, Dishonest (266/2=133 This Is A Hoax)
(F 422/2=211=47p Contrived) (J 1993=301p=31 B.S.) (O 150/2=75 Inconceivable)

Increased in July One Nine Four Two(1942) 147 The Lie (363/11=33 Pbony, Fakery) (J 3081=78t Phony) (F 519/3=173 Inauthentic) (O 235/5=47 Contrived)

Hiding in some concealed rooms 133 – This is A Hoax (137=33p Fakery, Farce) (S 1178/31=38 Trick, Dupable) (J 732/12=61=18p Faked) (O 222/2=111 This Is A Lie)

In August 1944, the group was betrayed and transported to concentration camps. Anne and her sister, Margot, were eventually transferred to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they died (probably of typhus) in February or March 1945, just weeks before the camp was liberated in April. Otto Frank, the only survivor of the family, returned to Amsterdam after the war to find that Anne's diary had
been saved by one of the helpers, Miep Gies, and his efforts led to its publication in 1947. It was translated from its original Dutch version and first published in English in 1952 as The Diary of a Young Girl, and has since been translated into over 60 languages. The diary, which was given to Anne on her thirteenth birthday, chronicles her life from 12 June 1942 until 1 August 1944.

In August One Nine Four Four(1944) 119 Star Of David. Duplicity (308=38 Death, Trick) (313=65p This Is A Hoax) (J 1508=158 Deceitful) (O 193=44p Kill, Bamboozle)

From 12 June 1942–1 August 1944 is a period of 2y 1m 20d=212/2=106 Hoaxster
                                                                is a period of 25m Dupable
                                                                is a period of 111w This Is A Lie
                                                                is a period of 781d/11=71 Unreal, Manufactured

On 3 September 1944, the group was deported on what would be the last transport from Westerbork to the Auschwitz concentration camp and arrived after a three-day journey. On the same train was Bloeme Evers- Emden, an Amsterdam native who had befriended Margot and Anne in the Jewish Lyceum in 1941. Bloeme saw Anne, Margot, and their mother regularly in Auschwitz, and was interviewed for her remembrances of the Frank women in Auschwitz in the television documentary The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank (1988) by Dutch filmmaker Willy Lindwer and the BBC documentary Anne Frank Remembered (1995)

3 September 1944 – 3+9+19+44=75 Inconceivable / 3+9+91+4+4=111–This Is A Lie

The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank 119 Duplicity, Master Plan (344 /8=43 Fairy Tale) (S 1359/9=151=36p Schemers, Mockery) (J 1761/3=587=107p Pretend, Trickery) (O 235/5=47 Contrived)

On 28 October, selections began for women to be relocated to Bergen-Belsen. More than 8,000 women, including Anne and Margot Frank, and Auguste van Pels, were transported. Edith Frank was left behind and later died from starvation. Tents were erected at Bergen-Belsen to accommodate the influx of prisoners, and as the population rose, the death toll due to disease increased rapidly. Frank was briefly reunited with two friends, Hanneli Goslar and Nanette Blitz, who were confined in another section of the camp. Goslar and Blitz survived the war, and later discussed the brief conversations they had conducted with Frank through a fence. Blitz described Anne as bald, emaciated, and shivering. Goslar noted Auguste van Pels was with Anne and Margot Frank, and was caring for Margot, who was severely ill. Neither of them saw Margot, as she was too weak to leave her bunk. Anne told Blitz and Goslar she believed her parents were dead, and for that reason she did not wish to live any longer. Goslar later estimated their meetings had taken place in late January or early February 1945.

Edith Frank 51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy (96 Fakery, Freemason) (S 446/2=223 The Synagogue of Satan, Hoax) (J 263=56p Fairy Tale) (O 73=21p Hoax)

As bald, emaciated, and shivering 113 Fake Sister, Dishonest... (230=23 Fantasy, Faker, Duped, Fraud) (499=95p/5=19 Bogus) (F 256/16=16 False) (S 1175/25=47 Contrived) (O 167=39p Invented, Spurious)

She did not wish to live any longer 144 Time, Purpose Plan (351=26t Lie ) (405=45 HaHAHAhAHa) (J 2844/79=36 Mockery, Schemers) (O 223=48p Hoax)

Otto Frank survived his internment in Auschwitz. After the war ended, he returned to Amsterdam, where he was sheltered by Jan and Miep Gies as he attempted to locate his family. He learned of the death of his wife, Edith, in Auschwitz, but remained hopeful that his daughters had survived. After several weeks, he discovered Margot and Anne had also died. He attempted to determine the fates of his daughters' friends and learned many had been murdered. Susanne ''Sanne'' Ledermann, often mentioned in Anne's diary, had been gassed along with her parents; her sister, Barbara, a close friend of Margot's, had survived. Several of the Frank sisters' school friends had survived, as had the extended families of Otto and Edith Frank, as they had fled Germany during the mid-1930s, with individual family members settling in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Otto Frank survived his internment 408=48 Hoax (402=42 Invented, Freemason) (J 2781/27=103 B.S.) (O 248/2=124 Duplicity, Laughter)

School friends had survived 118 Death, Thwartman (280=28 Bogus) (Rsu 2208=228/2=114 Holocaust, Inconceivable) (F 306=36 Mockery, Delusion) (E 1846/26=71 Unreal) (O 173=40p Deceitful, Conjure)

Had been gassed along with her parents 147 /7=21 Hoax (327/3=109=19 Bogus) (F 353=71p Falsified) (S 1447=229p=50p Unrealistic, Deceitful) (J 1866/6=311=64p Nonsensical) (O 220=22 Laugh)

He learned of the death of his wife 147 /7=21 Hoax (264/4=66 This Is A Lie) (E 1398/6=233=51p Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (J 1558/2=769=136p Counterfeit) (O 192/2=96 Fakery, Destiny)

Anne Frank Halloween Costume 113 Mainstream, Operation, Historian
(F 379=75p Retarded) (S 1150=115 Diverter, Masonic) 
(E 1670=167=39p Invented, Provoke) (J 1750/14=125 Complicity, Nonsensical)
(O 198/2=99 Delusion)

The author of this hoax wanted you to know and if you are awake you can spot the obvious LIES in the name “Annelies Marie Frank. The whole Frank Clan is a hoax by the numbers. The truth of her existence was revealed when the hiding in concealed rooms decoded to the infamous 133 code.It war all wartime propaganda to forment sympathies to get Americans and other nations to Hate the Germans during World War II.

This Halloween truthers that know that the Holocaust and Anne Frank are frauds should make a statement by dressing your young trick-or-treaters in a ANNE FRANK improvised costume from old clothings. Any child can dress up as a replicated ANNE FRANK and probably nobody would know the difference. Make a statement and educate the Jewish Holocaust believer just how much they have been deceived and by whom!!!!



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