Friday, October 20, 2017

Dinosaurs Had Mummification Technology 76,000,000 Years Ago...They are SMART Creatures!!!!

Most Complete Tyrannosaur Fossil Found And Dug Up

Dinosaur 38 Dupable, Trick (101=26p Lie) (52 This is a Hoax) (Su 606=66 Fakery)
(RSu 690=69 This Is A Lie) (F 127 Manufactured) (S 381/3=127=31p B.S.)
(E 614/2=307=37 Concocted) (J 474/6=79=22p Laugh) (O 62 Counterfeit, Fictionize)

The Seventy Six-million-year-old skeleton 163=38p Death, Dupable, Trick (460=46 Deception, Deceiver) (188/4=47 Contrived) (485/5=97 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) 
(Su 2760=276=23t Fraud, Faker) (F 538/2=269=57p Improvisate) 
(S 1685/5=337=68p Lying, False Knowledge) (E 3970=397=78p Phony, Artful) 
(J 2910=291/3=97=25p Dupable, Trick) (O 283=61p=18p Faked)

Palaeontologists 83=23p Fraud, Faker (200/4=50 Chicanery) (88 Artificial, Program)
(232/2=116 Shameproof) (F 226=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation) 
(S 760/5=152 Controlled) (E 983=166p Unrealistic) (J 6939=77 The Big Lie) 
(O 137=33p Fakery, Phony)

White Plaster Of Paris 96 Fakery, Freemason (111 This Is A Lie) 
(240=24 Made Up, Man Made) (273/3=91 Deception, Bamboozle) 
(Su 1440=144 Time, Purpose Plan) (RSu 1638/14=117 Improvise) 
(F 344/2=172 Falsified) (S 905/5=181=42p Fakery, Freemason) 
(E 1554/7=222 Manifest Destiny) (J 1674/18=93 Invented, Propaganda) 
(O 142 Shameless, Disloyalty)

Orange Sack No Name Brand White Plaster Of Paris 183/3=61=18p Faked 
(435/3=145 Complicity, Ingenuine) (231=21t Hoax) (645/15=43 Its Not Real) 
(F 669/3=223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan) (S 1835/5=367=73p=21p Hoax) 
(E 2244/44=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (J 2254/49=46 Deception, Deceiver) 
(O 298/2=149 Purposeful)

They can use any number for the millions of years that their FAKE DINOSAURS lived in the past but there’s are questions that they can’t answer. The dinosaurs lived according to this news article...76 million years ago….that’s 76,000,000 years ago. Let’s say that they lived 76 million years ago and then some thing caused them to die. Do the dinosaurs possess the knowledge of mummification???? Once dead...their bodies starts to decay and doesn’t stop decaying unless it is embalmed. do these palaeontologists able to unearth a whole dinosaur that lived 76 million years ago???? The only answer is that they manufactured the dinosaurs in a their dinosaur factory and then create the discovery sites manually.

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