Monday, October 9, 2017

Are Archaeological Sites Real Or Manufactured Reality???

Archaeologists Exploring Northeast Wales Discovered 4,500 Years Old Tools

Archaeologist 61-18p Faked (74 Jesus, Baloney) (133 Its Not Real) (218/2=109 Bamboozler) 
(Su 798/7=114 Inconceivable) (RSu 1308=138 Spurious) (F 159 This is a Lie) 
(265/5=53 Ingenuine) (S 588/12=49 Dishonest, Operation) (E 574/7=82 Pretend) 
(J 424/8=53 Ingenuine)

Four Five Zero Zero Year Old 139 Fictitious, Damn Lies (113 Dishonest….) (310=31 B.S.) 
(311=64p Nonsensical) (Su 1860/20=93 Invented, Inactual) (F 466/2=233=51p Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (FB 614/2=307=37 Concocted) (S 1115/5=223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of 
Satan(E 3676/4=919=157p=37p Concocted) (J 2886/26=111 This is A Lie)

Stone Tools Photographed On Red Colored Background 223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of 
Satan (218/2=109=19 Bogus) (511/7=73=21p Hoax) (677=123p Invented, Conspiracy) 
(Su 3066/21=146 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) (RSu 4062=462 /6=77 The Big Lie) 
(F 693/7=99 Untrue, Delusion, Mockery) (FB 1015=115 Masonic, Baloney) 
(S 2051/7=293=62p Counterfeit) (E 2446/2=1223=200p Counterfeiters
(J 1816/8=227=49p Dishonest, Operation)

The First and Last decode exposes these archaeological sites as a fraud but formulate your own opinions.

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