Saturday, April 14, 2018

Auctioneer Walter Cronkite Was There to Call The Auction

JFK’s Cuban Missile Crisis Map Sells For £100,000 At Auction

JFK’s Cuban Missile Crisis 88 Program, Artificial (133 Government, This is a Hoax) 
(155 Misconception) (250/2=125 Complicity (344/2=172 Inconceivability) 
(F 406=46 Deception, Manufactured) (S 1020=102 Farce, Magic) 
(E 1096/8=137=33p Fakery, Phony) (O 236/2=118 Controlled) 
 (Pr 781/11=71 Unreal, Falsified) (FB 494/13=38 Death, Hoaxster)

JFK examined the locations of the nine Soviet missile sites on Cuba 301/7=43 Its 
Not Real (643=117p Improvise) (869/11=79 Laughing/ The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(F 773=137p=33p Fakery, Phony) (FB 1281/7=183 Staged Events, Fictionizing) 
(S 2603=263=56p Imaginary, Fairy Tale) (J 3546//18=197 Manufactured) 
(O 642/6=107 Trickery) (Pr 2003=23 Fraud, Faker)

ended up selling for Ninety Seven Thousand Pounds 198/2=98 Ingenuine 
(529/23=23 Faked, Duped, Faker) (F 633/3=211=47p Contrived) 
(S 1999=303p/3=101=26p Lie) (E 3706/34=109=19 Bogus) 
(J 3016/=316/4=79 Laughing/The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(O 594/6=99 Mockery, Delusion) (Pr 1679/23=73 Fictioneering
(FB 1054=154 Fictionalizing, Shameproof)

Did the Fictitious map sell for 97,000 pounds or is it a work of fiction?? The Cuban Missile Crisis decoded as a hoax so don’t think that JFK is a hero….he’s was following a script….The Dupe The Public With a False Flag Event. Sadly, Everyone fell for the Deceptions and Lies with News reporting from Walter Cronkite…..America’s Most Truthful and Trustworthy News Anchor.

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