Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fear The End Of The Dollar Not The Rapture!!!!

Is The World Going To End THIS MONTH?

Biblical Rapture is coming April Two Three 183 Fictionizing (408=48 Hoax) 
(F 538/2=269=57p Questioning) (FB 811=141p Fictionizing, Untruths) 
(S 1668/12=139 Fictitious) (J 2248/8=281=60p Hoax) 
(O 271=58p Green Screen, Imagination) (Pr 1281/21=61=18p Faked)

The 'death planet' Nibiru appears in the sky 165/5=33 Fakery, Phony) 
(399/3=133 Its Not Real) (F 451/11=41 Not Real, Falsehood) 
(FB 796/4=199=46p Deception, Deceiver) (S 1624/14=116 Fictionize) 
(E 2676/12=223=48p Hoax/The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(O 251=54p Purpose Plan, Improvise) (Pr 1265/11=115 Baloney)

the sun, moon, and Jupiter will align in the constellation Virgo 287/7=41 Not Real, 
Fraudulent (647=118p Moon Landing) (757=134p Fictioneering, Inconceivably) 
(F 699/3=233=51p Dishonesty, Illusion) (FB 1292/17=76 Improvisational) 
(S 2467=365p/5=73=21p Hoax) (E 3914/38=103 B.S.) 
(J 4274/2=2137=322p/2=161 Doubtable) (O 676/26=26 Lie) 
(Pr 2035/5=407=47 Contrived)

Rapture 36/99/90 Mockery (36 /45 Schemers) (FB 197 Manufactured) 
(S 344/8=43 Its Not Real) (E 756/7=108 Hoodwinked) 
(J 526/2=263=56p Imaginary, Fairy Tale) (O 102 Farce, Magic) 
(Pr 332/2=166 Falsifiers)

April 23, 2018 – 4+2+3+20+18=47 Contrived / 4+2+3+2+108=119 Duplicity

We can see the Sun and the Moon but can we see JUPITER??? The only record of a planet Jupiter is mentioned in pictures from a NASA Space Probe sent to take pictures but are they real or faked???

From the decodes the rapture and the end of the world scenario is a work of fiction aimed at the terminal bible thumpers that really believes what the Bible tells them. Even the Christians would be foolish to thiuk that the world would end with a Planet X that nobody has seen and that has never approached Earth.

You and the world has more to fear from an implosion of the money supply which is starting to rear it ugly head. With all the money printing that the Federal Reserve has as done which creates inflation. Have you noticed the price of foods lately??? You’ll will pay more in the future so I buy the durable foods on sale and store them away because I know that it going to cost more. When a can tuna that cost $1.00 on sale now cost $ have inflation which will continue because the banks CAN’T Stop PRINTING MONEY. If they stop….The banks will collapse and you’re left with no money in the banks. I think that is the START of THE END OF THE WORLD and not WWIII or the rise of the ANTICHRIST.

ANTICHRIST 121 Ludicrous (F 381/3=127 Manufactured) (FB 232/2=116 Fictionize) 
(S 471/3=157 Mainstream) (J 440/4=110 Hoaxster) (O 135 Ridicule) 
(Pr 385/5=77 The Big Lie)

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