Tuesday, November 21, 2017

2,200 Years Old Skeletons Reveal Old Testament's Authors???

Authors Of The Dead Sea Scrolls May FINALLY Be Revealed After The Discovery Of 2,200-Year-Old Skeletons 

Dead Sea Scrolls 47 Contrived (137=33p Fakery, Phony, Laughable) (88 Artificial, The Great Deceiver) (241=53p Ingenuine, Trickery) (F 215/5=43 Its Not Real) (S 627/33=19 Bogus) (E 533/13=41 Not Real, Falsehood, Fraudulent) (J 463=90p Mockery, Schemers, Holy Bible) (O 92 Falsity)

More than three zero 97 Imaginary, Fairy Tale) (214/2=107=17 Lie) (83=23p Fraud, Faker, Duped) (245/5=49 Conjurer, Purposeful, Dishonest) (F 292/4=73=21p Hoax) (S 809=89 Fictional, Deceptive) (E 1717/17=101 Shameless) (J 1417/31=37 Concocted) (O 129/3=43 Its Not Real)

newly discovered Two Two Zero Zero-year-old skeletons (222/2=111 This is a Lie) (627/11=57 Fairylike, Questioning) (F 731/17=43 Its Not Real) (S 2202/6=367=73p=21p Hoax) (E 6855/15=457=88p Artificial, The Great Deceiver) (J 6655/121=55 Fictionize, Farcical, Complicity) (O 326/2=163 Conceived)

An celibate Jewish brotherhood known as the Essenes 193=44p Conceived, Nonsensical, Fictional) (490=49 Purposeful, Damn Lies) (239=52p Shameless, Contrived) (698/2=349=70p This is a Hoax) (F 568/8=71 Unreal, Deceiver) (S 2030/2=1015=115 Baloney, Diverter) (E 2884/28=103 B.S.) (J 3804/12=317=66p Fakery, Facsimiles) (O 324/18=18 Faked)

The Essenes 38 Hoaxster, Laughter, Trick (119 Duplicity) (52 This Is A Hoax) (151=36p Mockery, Schemers) (RSu 906=96 Fakery, Freemason) (F 171=18T Faked, Improvisation) (S 469/7=67 Fictitious, Lying, Mainstream) (E 578/17=34 Baloney, Dupers) (J 438/6=73=21p Hoax) (O 72 Culpable, Improvisation)

One pair of baby blue surgical gloves 141/3=47 Contrived (174/3=58 False Knowledge, Green Screen) (339/3=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Fiction) (498/6=83=23p Fraud, Duped) (Su 2034=234+432=666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan) (F 365/5=73=21p Hoax) (FB 677=123p Invented, Conspiracy) (S 1424/16=89 Fictional, Deceptive) (E 2535/39=65 Intentional, Its Not Real) (J 2215/5=443=86p Tricky, Conjure, Fantasy)

Will the ancient skeletons show the world who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?? The numbers tells you that the scrolls are a hoax.


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