Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nuclear Radiation Sign IN YOUR FACE Code = 51

Nuke Fallout ALERT As Russian RADIOACTIVE LEAK Sweeps Across Europe

Two person wearing green radiation protection suit 233=51p Dishonesty, Conspiracy (566/2=283=61p=18p Faked) (253=22T Laugh) (622/2=311=64p Nonsensical)
(F 592/16=37 Concocted, Pretend) (S 2106=216/2=108 Acting) (O 351/3=117 Improvise)

Five To One 48 Hoax (111 This is a Lie) (666=36T Mockery, Schemers) 
(42 Invented, Corrupt) (132 Dishonesty) (F 189 Deliberate) (S 426/6=71 Manufactured
(E 795/5=159 This Is A Lie(J 965/5=193-44p Conceived, Concocted) (O 74 Jesus, Baloney)

Five Gray To One Yellow 101=26p Lie (254/2=127 Manufactured) 
(88 Artificial, The Great Deceiver) (259/7=37 Concocted) (384/4=96 Fakery, Freemason) 
(S 919=157p Mainstream, Conspirators(E 2918/2=1459=232p/2=116 Fictionize
(O 140 Treachery)

Five Red To One Orange 99 Delusion (198/3=66 Fakery, Trickster) (90 Mockery)
(288/2=144 Purpose Plan) (F 328/2=164 Intentional) 
(S 828/6=138 Dishonesty, Pretender) (E 1107=117 Improvise) 
(J 1237=203p=23 Fraud, Faker, Duped) (O 139 Fictitious, Damn Lies)

The mushroom cloud of the first atomic bomb over Nagasaki, Japan 234+432=666 
Prophecy, Purpose Plan, Illusion (594/6=99 Delusion) 
(297/11=27 Faked) (837/9=93 Invented, Unactual) (F 672/7=96 Fakery, Freemason) 
(S 2449/31=79 The Synagogue Of Satan(E 3285/45=73=21p Hoax) 
(J 3355/55=61=18p Faked) (O 407=47 Contrived)

The TERRIFYING images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 214/2=107=17 Lie
(223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan) (421=82p Pretend)
(236/2=118 Controlled, Death) (686/7=98 Ingenuine)
(F 759/23=33 Fakery, Phony, Laughable) (S 1856/16=116 Fictionize)
(J 1536/24=64 Unrealistically) (O 303/3=101 Shameless)

The well known nuclear radiation sign is coded as 51 (Five To One) which entails dishonesty and conspiracy. My earlier blogs dealing with nuclear weapons and its derivatives are decoded as a massive hoax. They have no nuclear capabilities to rain radiations onto your neighborhood….so there is no need to fear the end of the world and buy a fallout shelter. This business is a scam in a biblical sense so don’t fall for their deceptions and lies.

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