Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Male Mona Lisa...A Masterpiece Of Deception And Forgery???

Leonardo Da Vinci's Long-Lost Painting Of Christ Could Fetch $100 Million At Auction

long lost 'male Mona Lisa 94 Forgery (229=50p Bull Shit, Profiteer) (113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation) (311=64p Unrealistically, Impersonator) (F 281=60p Inconceivable, Hoax) (929=158p Deceitful) (E 904/8=113 B.S.,Not True, Not Factual, Fiction) (J 674/2=337=68p Imagination, False Knowledge) (O 183/3=61=18p Faked)

Haunting last work 69 This Is A Lie, Improvisate) (213/3=71 Unreal, Manufactured) (93 Invented, Unactual) (219’3=73=21p Hoax) (RSu 1314/9=146 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) (F 239=52p This is a Hoax) (S 773=137p=33p Fakery, Phony, Laughable) (E 1626/6=271=58p Fraudulent, Green Screen) (J 1656/8=207=27 Faked) (O 128 Dupable)

Salvator Mundi 52 This is a Hoax (169/13=13 B.S.) (Su 1014=114 Inconceivable) (83=23p Fraud Faker, Duped) (182/2=91 Bamboozle, Deception) (RSu 1092=192/2=96 Fakery, Freemason) (F 221/13=17 Lie) (S 624/6=104 Conjurer) (E 1285/5=257=55p Counterfeit, Falsified) (J 1325/25=53 Trickery, Complicity) (O 100 Falseness, Connivance)

Authentic Jesus Christ holding crystal ball in left hand 206=26 Lie (539/7=77 The Big lie) (Su 3234/49-66 Fakery) (280=28 Crafty) (757=134p Imposters) (F 617=113p Dishonest, Mainstream, Fiction) (S 2219/7= 317=66p Fakery, Fabricated, Trickster) (E 3419/13=263=56p Fingerable, Imaginary, Fairy Tale) (J 2849/77=37 Concocted, Bamboozle, Pretend) (O 352/4=88 Artificial, Program, The Great Deceiver)

Three Fingers Pointing Up Right Hand Gesture 234+432=666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan (459/3=153 Holy Bible, Deceptious) (198/2=99 Untrue, Delusion) (567/7=81 Ridicule, Knockoff) (RSu 3402=342/2=171 Improvisation) (F 641=116p Fictionize, Shameproof) (S 1789=278p/2=139 False Knowledge, Fictitious) (E 2484/23=108=18 Faked) (J 1754/2=877=151p Jesus Christ) (O 302/2=151=36p Mockery, Schemers)

The numbers reveal that the MALE MONA LISA is a work of forgery and deception. It’s not worth 100million pounds...it’s worth the price of the faked and phony JESUS CHRIST. This sale will mock the believers of this hoax and it will bring smiles to the perpetrators.


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