Friday, July 21, 2017

93 Years Old And Still Kicking Butts Or Is This A Hoax???

93-Year-Old Woman Trys To Be A Heroine

A 93-year-old woman was dragged during a carjacking Thursday morning outside a church in DeLand, police said. DeLand police said Darius Matthews, 20, and David Leo Perkins III, 21, of Daytona Beach, were arrested in the carjacking, which was reported around 8:15 a.m. at St. Peter's Catholic
Church before morning Mass. DeLand police Chief Jason D. Umberger said the DeLand woman had just opened her car door when Perkins snatched her car keys from her hand, and then he and Matthews got into her vehicle.

A Ninety Three (93) year-old woman 119 Urinative (290=29 Falsity, Mocker) (F 368/16=23 Fantasy, Duped) (FB 577=106p Nuclear Bomb) (S 1130=113 Mainstream, Fiction, Dishonest)
(E 2864/16=179 =41p Falsehood) (J 2374/2=1187=195p/3=65 Inauthentic)

The victim grasped onto the steering wheel to try to stop the men, but she ended up being dragged about 20 feet before falling to the ground as the men stole her tan four-door Chrysler, authorities said.
The woman was injured, but she was not taken to a hospital, police said. Umberger described the woman as resilient, articulate and cooperative. “She sustained some minor injuries -- cuts and scrapes and bruises. Thankfully, she wasn’t seriously injured, but she did sustain a couple injuries," Umberger said.

she ended up being dragged about two zero (20) feet before falling to the ground 309/3=103 B.S. (660=66 Fakery) (303/3=101=26p Lie) (1014=114 Inconceivable) (S 2830=283=61p=18p Faked)
(E 4521/33=137=33p Fakery, Laughable) (J 3641/11=331=67p=19p Bogus)

"This was more of a grab-and-go," Umberger said. He said it was "disturbing" that criminals would attack an elderly woman leaving a place of worship and, although the victim in this case did nothing wrong, he hopes citizens remember to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings. “I think, just as citizens of any area, we can’t stop the ill intentions of other people, but we can be as cognizant of our surroundings as we can, and just be aware of our surroundings from just a general safety standpoint," Umberger said. Matthews told police that he and Perkins were walking around DeLand when one of them suggested that it would be easier if they had a vehicle then Perkins walked away and returned with the stolen car, according to the arrest report.

This was more of a grab-and-go 106 Prophecy (241=53p Falseness, Trickery) (380=38 Trick)
(Rsu 2280=228/2=114 Inconceivable) (F 267/3=89 Fictional) (S 1046=146 Imaginary)
(E 1402/2=701=126p Improvise) (J 1612/4=403=43 Fairy Tale)

A 93 year old woman can biologically walk in this hoax. She somehow transformed her 93 year old body into SUPERWOMAN and catches up to the vehicle and somehow grab the steering wheel and dragged for some distance and somehow survived. 

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