Friday, July 21, 2017

One Picture Decoded Shows Earthquake Is A Hoax

Killer Earthquake Hits The Med

At least two people are dead and hundreds more injured after a powerful earthquake struck off the
Turkish coast overnight, triggering a tsunami that hit tourist resorts in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and damaging buildings across the region. The epicentre of the magnitude-6.7 quake was off
Bodrum, southwest Turkey, with the country's Aegean coast and Greek holiday islands including Kos and Rhodes worst affected.

The epicentre was off Bodrum, southwest Turkey 179=41p Falsehood, Not Real (208=28 Crafty) (521=98p Ingenuine) (F 599=109p=19 Bogus) (FB 1039=139=34p Baloney) (S 1886/41=46 Deceptive, Conceived) (E 4607=467=91p Bamboozle, Deception) (J 4177=574p/7=82 Pretend)

Six Point Seven 83=23p Fraud, Fantasy, Duped (101=26p Lie) (191=43p Its not Real) (F 269=57p Incorrect, Craps) (FB 379=75p Inconceivable) (S 646/17=38 Trick) (E 1658/2=829=145p Ingenuine, Deceiver) (J 1498/14=107 Pretend, Trickery)

Holidaymakers led hotels in terror as the quake hit before running for their lives to higher ground as
tsunami waves surged through beachfront resorts moments later, deluging hotels and bars, carrying away cars and depositing boats in town streets. The two fatalities were reported on the island of Kos, with the victims crushed under a collapsed bar ceiling. Parts of a historic mosque in Kos Town also collapsed into the street and rescuers were this morning sifting through rubble looking for trapped

two fatalities 52 This is a Hoax (61=18p Faked) (83=23p Fraud, Faker) (160=16 False) (191=43p Its Not Real) (Su 960=96 Fakery, Freemason) (S 615/5=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (E 1321=216p Lackbrained) (J 1391/13=107=17 Lie)

Kos's mayor said at least 100 people there were hurt, including tourists, and the island was also badly affected by the tsunami. At least 70 people were admitted to hospitals in Bodrum, with many injured in the panic to leave buildings during the tremors. Video taken when the quake hit showed staff and patients at Bodrum State Hospital cowering for cover, while the devastation caused a large electrical ire to break out in the city after a power pylon came crashing to the ground.

One Zero Zero (100) people there were hurt 180=18 Faked (405=45 Delusion, Deliberate) (F 483/3=161 Concocted) (FB 807=87 Misguide) (S 1455/15=97 Falsity, Imaginary) (E 3771/9=419=81p Improvisation) (J 3141/9=349=70p Misconception)

CAFE AEMAOS 33 Fakery (42 Freemason, Invented) (57 Improvisate) (69 Improvisate, Fabricated)
(201=21 Hoax) (F 329/7=47 Contrived) (S 419=81p Ridicule, Deliberate) (E 222/2=111 This Is A Lie, Corrupt) (J 192/2=96 Fakery, Freemason)

If you notice that some or all pictures have that STAGED LOOK to them. The pictures are to neat and looks like someone just threw a lot of stuff together in a orderly fashion. But the giveaway is the picture shown on this blog. There’s no doubt in my mind that this earthquake is a hoax.

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