Sunday, July 9, 2017

Diet Soft Drinks Exposed...ASPARTAME...GMO's You Should Not Consume!!!

Caution.....Aspartame Is Not What It’s Advertised To Be

So....You’re on a diet and you were told to lower your intake of sugar. You head for the marketplaces and pick up the most advertise diet products that you’ve been programmed to buy which are diet sodas from big name companies.

After consuming the diet sodas for a begin to notice your eyesight weakens and you have no idea why this is happening assuming that its a natural progression in life. Your newly worn eyeglasses would be a fashion statement but what if someone told you that your wearing glasses is directly related to your consumption of diet sodas.

It should be noted that diet sodas containing ASPARTAME should be banned from your daily intake. And if you’re trying to best the heat as outlined in my earlier blog and you thought that drinking diet sodas would be an alternative to sugared sodas....think again. I’d advise cautions when it come to drinking diet sodas from any’ll have to be aware of all those ingredients that are in these products. I’d drink 100% fruit juices or grab a banana or other fresh’s your best and all natural choice.

Educate yourself to what ASPARTAME is and everyone should be eating and drinkying foods that are natural in your eat and drink healthy!!!

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