Saturday, July 1, 2017

Heat Related Items.....Soft Drink Companies Won't Like This Blog!!!

If you want to beat the heat during those HOT summer days....then those soft drinks containing sugar won't help you.The soft drink company won't like this blog but it the truth...drinks containing sugar will increase your body temperature instead of cooling it. You may think you're cooled off but the sugar in your blood will metabolize quickly thus making you hotter.  So drink water or fruit juices instead of soft drinks!!!!!

If you want a hotter cup or bowl of soup and food stuffs then preheat the cup or bowl first then pour in or mix your'll get a hotter cup or bowl of foods that'll be hotter longer. have a slow moving drain. First you need to buy or borrow a shop vac with a wide hose to fit the drain and vacuum or suck up the plugged water. After that...pour boiling hot water into the drain and do this several times. If the boiling water doesn't do the trick then you'll need to buy or borrow a snake and really get deep and dirty.

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