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Steve McQueen Made His Escape By The Numbers. Thanks To Derek Creator Of The Web Site...Job Well Done!!!

Steve McQueen

Terence Steven "Steve" McQueen (March 24, 1930 – November 7, 1980) was an American actor. Called "The King of Cool", his "anti-hero" persona, developed at the height of the counterculture of the 1960s, made him a top box-office draw of the 1960s and 1970s. McQueen received an Academy Award nomination for his role inThe Sand Pebbles. His other popular films include The Cincinnati Kid, The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt, The Getaway, and Papillon, as well as the all-star ensemble films The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, and The Towering Inferno. In 1974, he became the highest-paid 
movie star in the world, although he did not act in films again for four years. McQueen was combative with directors and producers, but his popularity placed him in high demand and enabled him to command large salaries.

Terence Steven McQueen 89 Fictional (100 Misdirect) (233 =51p Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (307=37 Concocted) (F 337=68p False Knowledge) (S 933/3=311=64p Impersonator) (E 1601=161 Concocted) ( J 1531=242p/2=121 Ludicrous)

Steve McQueen 59=17p Lie (149=35p Pretend) (F 227=49p Conjurer) (S 569=104p Not Real)
(E 1193=196p Misconception) (J 1253/7=179=41p Mainstream, Dishonest)

Born March 24, 1930 – 3+2+4+1+9+3=22 Joke/3+24+1+9+30=67 Lying/3+2+4+91+3=103 B.S.

Died November 7, 1980 – 1+1+7+1+9+8=27 Faked/1+1+7+1+9+80=99 Fakery/1+1+7+108+9=126 Mislead

Birth Year Numerology –1+9+3==13 B.S./1+9+30=40 Fiction/91+3=94 Puppet
Death Year Numerology –1+9+8=18 Faked/1+9+80=90 Schemers/108+9=117 Improvise, Deceptious

From Mar 24, 1930–Nov 7, 1980 is a period of 50y 7m 14d=5714/2=2857=415p/5=83=23p Faker
                                                      is a period of 607m=111p This is A Lie

From Jan 1, 1980 – Nov 7, 1980 is a period of 44w Deception, Fictional
                                                     is a period of 311d=64p Impersonator

From Nov 7, 1980 – Dec 31, 1980 is a period of 54d Improvise

McQueen developed a persistent cough in 1978. He gave up cigarettes and underwent antibiotic treatments without improvement. Shortness of breath grew more pronounced and on December 22, 1979, after filming The Hunter, a biopsy revealed pleural mesothelioma, a cancer associated with asbestos exposure for which there is no known cure. A few months later, McQueen gave a medical interview in which he blamed his condition on asbestos exposure. McQueen believed that asbestos used in movie sound stage insulation and race-drivers' protective suits and helmets could have been involved, but he thought it more likely that his illness was a direct result of massive exposure while removing asbestos lagging from pipes aboard a troop ship while in the Marines.

December 22, 1979 – 1+2+22+1+9+7+9=51 Dishonesty /12+22+1+9+79=123 Invented,Conspiracy

associated with asbestos exposure 118 Death (179=41p Fraudulent) (379=75p Inconceivable) (431=83p=23p Fraud, Duped) (S 1429=226p/2=113 Operation,Mainstream, Dishonest)
(E 2998/2=1499=239p=52p This is A Hoax) (J 2588/4=647=118p Controlled)

he blamed his condition on asbestos exposure 171 Improvisation (207=27 Faked) (441/21=21 Hoax) (585/5=117 Improvise) (S 1771/23=77 Damn Lies) (E 2565/27=95 Inaccurate) (J 1795/5=359=72p Improvisation)

exposure while removing asbestos lagging from pipes 233=51p Spurious, Dishonest (557=102p Farce, Made Up) (FB 1114/2=557=102p Farce, Magic) (S 2132/26=82 Concocted) (E 3572/76=47 Contrived) (J 3562/26=137=33p Fakery)

By February 1980, evidence of widespread metastasis was found. While he tried to keep the condition a
secret, the National Enquirer disclosed that he had "terminal cancer" on March 11, 1980. In July, McQueen traveled to Rosarito Beach, Mexico, for unconventional treatment after US doctors told him they could do nothing to prolong his life. Controversy arose over the trip, because McQueen sought treatment from William Donald Kelley, who was promoting a variation of the Gerson therapy that used coffee enemas, frequent washing with shampoos, daily injections of fluid containing live cells from cattle and sheep, massage, and laetrile, an anticancer drug available in Mexico, but described as canonical quackery by mainstream scientists. McQueen paid for Kelley's treatments by himself in cash payments which were said to have been upwards of $40,000 per month ($115,000 today) during his three-month stay in Mexico. Kelley's only medical license (until revoked in 1976) had been for orthodontics. Kelley's methods created a sensation in the traditional and tabloid press when it became known that McQueen was a patient.

March 11, 1980 – 3+11+19+80=113 Mainstream, Disinfo, B.S., Fiction, Not True /3+11+9+180=203=23 Fantasy,Fraud,Faker

after US doctors told him they could do nothing to prolong his life 279/3=93 Invented, Inactual (684/9=76 Fiction) (801=81 Deliberate) (Su 4104=414/2=207=27 Faked) (S 2609=269=57p Improvisate) (E 4122/18=229=50p Purposeful, B.S.) (J 2782/26=107 Trickery)

McQueen returned to the US in early October. Despite metastasis of the cancer throughout McQueen's body, Kelley publicly announced that McQueen would be completely cured and return to normal life. McQueen's condition soon worsened and "huge" tumors developed in his abdomen.

In late October 1980, McQueen flew to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, to have an abdominal tumor on his liver (weighing around five pounds) removed, despite warnings from his US doctors that the tumor was inoperable and his heart could not withstand the surgery. McQueen checked into a small Juarez clinic under the assumed name of "Sam Shepard", where the doctors and staff were unaware of his actual identity.

weighing around five pounds 133 This Is A Hoax, Its Not Real (119 Master Plan) (286/13=22 Laugh, Joke) (S 1126/2=563=103p B.S.) (E 2104/8=263=56p Fingerable) (J 2524/4=631=115p Baloney, Convulsed)

On November 7, 1980, McQueen died of cardiac arrest at 3:45 a.m. at the Juárez clinic, 12 hours after
surgery to remove or reduce numerous metastatic tumors in his neck and abdomen. He was 50
years old. According to the El Paso Times McQueen died in his sleep.

One Two (12) hours after 79=22p Joke, Laugh (83=23p Jester, Joker) (223=48p Hoax)
(F 327/3=109=19 Bogus) (FB 444=3-4’s=34 Mocker) (S 783/27=29 Masonic, Mocker)
(E 1735/5=347=69p This Is A Lie., Illuminati)

The numbers tells me that Steve McQueen escaped the limelights by faking his death. A special thanks to Derek-Creator of The has made decoding as accurate as can be. For those that follow my blog and wonder where I get the numbers for these can go to and click CALCULATOR and type in the word(s).

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