Tuesday, August 29, 2017

For Accurate Gematric Words That Fits The Numeric Value..Use The GEMATRINATOR's Dictionary Database.

The Gematrinator Web Site is great for getting accurate Gematria numerical values but for getting an accurate or representative word that fits the Gematric value....it lacks the words. So...I had to rely on the Gematrinator’s Dictionary data base. At first... I used Windows 10 which was not the right choice for the sofware....every functions ran slow. Then I decided to run Windows 7 and the Microsoft Office 2010 edition and presto...faster load time and faster access to the dictionary database.

Then I thought....if I could quickly scan a page at a time and save the Gematric Value for future references then I would not have to load up the dictionary for any specific numbers. So...I thought to use Microsoft Word and that did the trick. First load up the dictionary with Excel then find the tab that indicates SORT BY VALUES then click CUSTOM SORT then enter the value that you want to sort. Press execute tab then afetr the program stop sorting , scroll to the top where the first word appears and click that word. Now scroll down to the last word and press SHIFT and left Click...you should have tthe whole list of words highlighted. Press Conrtol C to Copy the list onto Microsoft Word and save the text doccument as any indentifying value you wnat.

You now have a list of words with X- Gematria values for you to scan through quickly and you can save it for future references.

For Mac Users...The Dictionary Database should Run if you can load up Office 2010 with Boot camp. For Linux users...use playonlinux program and run Office 2010....complete tutorials on Youtube.com


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