Monday, August 7, 2017

Freddie Gray....Hoax Or Real Death By The Numbers

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray's death on April 19 leaves many unanswered questions. But it is clear that when Gray was arrested in West Baltimore on the morning of April 12, he was struggling to walk. By the time he arrived at the police station a half hour later, he was unable to breathe or talk, suffering from wounds that would kill him.

Freddie Gray 66 Fakery (102 Farce, Magic) (SU 612/12=51 Dishonest, Conspiracy) (RSu 1170=117 Improvise) (F 154 Fictional, Deceptive) (FB 202=22 Laugh) (S 487=93p Invented, Inactual) (E 921/3=307=37 Concocted) (J 601=61=18p Faked)

Gray was arrested in West Baltimore 135 Ridicule (369/3=123 Invented, Collusion) (441/21=21 Hoax) (Su 2214/2=1107=117 Improvise) (F 447/3=149 Purposeful) (E 3195/45=71 Unreal, Deceiver)
(J 3285/45=73=21p Hoax)

April 12, 2015 – 4+12+20+15=51 Dishonest, Conspiracy/4+12+2+105=123 Invented. Conspiracy

unable to breathe or talk, suffering from wounds that would kill him 254/2=127 Manufactured (313=65p Its Not Real) (677=123p Invented, Conspiracy) (Su 4062=462/7=66 Fakery) (RSu 5010=51 Dishonest, Conspiracy) (FB 1354/2=677=123p+321=444/4=111 Amusement) (S 2637/9=293=62p Counterfeit) (E 4592/28=164 This is A Hoax) (J 4262/2=2131=321p+123=444/4=111 This is a Lie)

Gray died Sunday from spinal injuries. Baltimore authorities say they're investigating how the 25-year-old was hurt— a somewhat perverse notion, given that it was while he was in police custody, and hidden from public view, that he apparently suffered injury. How it happened remains unknown. It's even difficult to understand why officers arrested Gray in the first place. But with protesters taking to the streets of Baltimore since Gray's death on Sunday, the incident falls into a line of highly publicized, fatal encounters between black men and the police.

Gray died Sunday from spinal injuries 160=16 False (191=43p Its Not Real) (385/5=77 Damn Lies) (479=92p Falsity) (Su 2310//15=154 Fictional,Deceptive) (F 437/19=23 Faker, Fraud) (FB 768/8=96 Fakery, Freemason) (S 1505/5=301=31 B.S.) (E 3004/4=751=133p This is A Hoax)
(J 2664/4=666/6=111 This is a Lie)

How it happened remains unknown 137=33p Fakery (133 This is A Hoax) (335/5=67 Mainstream, Fictitious) (Su 2010=21 Hoax) (F 361/19=19 Bogus) (FB 669/3=223=48p Hoax) (S 1280=128 Convulsed) (E 2315/5=463=90p Schemers, Mockery)(J 2785/5=557=102p Farce, Magic)

By the Numbers...Freddie Gray was a manufactured incident to unsuccessfully start a RACE WAR. A war to determine who is the most racist group in America....BLACK or WHITE.

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