Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Is The Florida Sinkhole A Real Disaster Or A Manufactured One???

Florida's Giant Sinkhole????

Florida's giant sinkhole has now claimed SEVEN homes: Three more properties are condemned by the 260ft void that is still growing. A seventh home has been condemned because of a Florida sinkhole that swallowed two homes in July. The seventh house was condemned Monday morning, after two were condemned Sunday and two on Friday.

Sinkhole 39 Invented (42 Invented, Freemason) (48 Hoax) (93 Invented Inactual) (123 Invented, Conspiracy)(F 119 Master Plan) (FB 185/5=37 Concocted) (S 373=74p Jesus, Baloney) (E 282/6=47 Contrived) (J 232/4=58 False Knowledge)

Three more properties are condemned by the Two Hundred Sixty Feet Void 310=31 B.S. (301/2=151 Jesus Christ) (724/4=181=42p Invented, Idiotic) (869/11=79=22p Laugh) (F 880=88 Artificial, Program) (FB 1442/14=103 B.S.) (S 2789=405p=45 Ridicule) (E 5953=781p/11=71 Falsified, Deceiver) (J 4853/23=211=47p Contrived)

The sinkhole at Lake Padgett Estates in Tampa first opened up on July 14 and destroyed two homes when the ground caved in. The sinkhole got bigger Friday night and is now about 260 feet wide at its widest point. Crews brought in earth to stabilize the banks. Once the edges are stabilized, workers
hope to remove debris. Authorities hope to create a boat ramp so they can work from a barge, which will float on water in the sinkhole.

sinkhole at Lake Padgett Estates in Tampa 127 Manufactured (206=26 Lie) (379=75pRetarded) (566/2=283=61p=18p Faked) (S 1604/4=401=41 Not Real) (E 2008=28 Falseness) (J 1278/18=71 Falsified)

July 14, 2017-7+1+4+2+1+7=22 Laugh/7+14+20+17=58/ 7+14+207+1=229=50p Deceitful

Overnight on Friday, an 80 by 10-foot-wide section of the sinkhole's banks collapsed. The sinkhole had previously been 235 feet wide and 50 feet deep. Cleanup was expected to begin on Friday but had to be postponed after the banks collapsed. County spokesman Doug Tobin said officials were reluctant to say the sinkhole was growing wider without a geological survey.

Eighty(80) by Ten(10)-foot-wide section 133 Its Not Real, This is A Hoax (128/2=64 Nonsensical) (322/14=23 Fraud, Faker) (380=38 Trick) (F 374/22=17 Lie) (FB 642/6=107 Pretend, Trickery) (S 1232/14=88 Artificial, Program) (E 3157=41=77 Damn Lies) (J 2497/11=227=49p Purposeful)

The numbers indicate that Sinkholes are Manufactured Hoaxes. If they are foaked then the hoaxsters went to great lengths to make these sinkholes real.


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