Wednesday, August 2, 2017

News And Fake Photos By The Numbers.....Osama Bin Laden's Farcical Son....HAMZA

Osama Bin Laden's Son Criticizes Saudi Royal Family

Osama bin Laden's son Hamza has issued chilling messages aimed at the Saudi royal family. The 28-year-old, labelled the 'poster boy' for al Qaeda, is reportedly poised to lead the terror organisation in a bid to avenge his father's death. The first video message from Hamza released a year ago hailed lone-wolf terror attacks and called for an uprising in the kingdom, according to AlMonitor.

Osama bin Laden's son Hamza 109=19 Bogus (226/2=113 Mainstream, DisInfo, Fiction) (F 304=34 Mocker, Convulsed) (FB 449=87p Misguide, FIxed) (S 996/12=83=23p Fraud, Faker) (E 1513/17=89 Fictional) (J 1103=113 Operation, Not Real, Green Screen)

poster boy 45/54/135 Ridicule (108=18 Faked) (Su 810=81 Deliberate, Ridicule) (RSu 648/18=36=3-6's=666 Prophecy) (FB 270/3=90 Mockery) (S 450/5=90 Schemers) (E 1287/11=117 Improvise)
(J 837/9=93 Invented, Inactual)

a bid to avenge his father's death 157=37p Concocted (149=35p Pretend, Crafty) (256/16=16 False)
(Su 1536/16=96 Fakery) (S 1201=121 Ludicrous, Purposeful) (E 1489=237p/3=79 Fingerable)
(J 1439=228p/2=114 Inconceivable)

The second accused Abdul-Aziz bin Rahman Al Saud - the first monarch and founder of Saudi Arabia of being a British agent. Hamza claimed that the Saudis betrayed Islam by working with the 'crusaders' against the Ottoman caliphate. Hamza has been a prominent figure in several propaganda videos for al Qaeda, even as a young boy. He was ilmed calling for terrorist attacks on London, Washington and Paris in an audio message released by the organization in 2015. He has recorded four of theses types of messages in the last two years.

the Saudis betrayed Islam by working with the 'crusaders' against the Ottoman caliphate 320=32 Conjure, Not True (427/7=61=18p Faked) (842/2=421=82p Concocted, Pretend) (1129=189p/3=63 Plot, Mislead) (Su 5052=552/8=69 Improvisate, Fabricated) (F 920/8=115 Convulsed, Masonic)
(FB 1681/41=41 Not Real) (S 3397/43=79 Fingerable) (E 6494/34=191=43p Its not Real)
(J 5374/2=2687=390p=39 Invented, Collusion)

Hamza has been a prominent figure in several propaganda videos for al Qaeda 367=73p=21p Hoax (344/8=43 Its Not Real) (646/17=38 Trick) (1055/5=211=47p Contrived) (Su 3876/38=102 Made Up, Farce) (F 698/2=349=70p This is a Hoax) (FB 1290=129 Misguide) (S 2851=414p/2=207=27 Faked) (E 3913/43=91 Bamboozle, Unreal) (J 3763/53=71 Falsified, Unwise)

White Out Turban Hamza Photo 113 Mainstream, Fiction Not Real (121 Purposeful, Ludicrous) (320=32 Conjure, Damn Lies) (Su 1920=192/2=96 Fakery) (F 450=45 haHAhaHAHA (FB 635/5=127 Lunar Landing) (S 1160=116/2=58 Fraudulent, False Knowledge) (E 3173/19=167=39p Invented) (J 2603/19=137=33p Fakery)

The Laughable Photo Of Hamza Bin Laden with a White-Out Turban and its decode is all you need to know in this decode. The other facts on Hamza's supposed criticism of the Saudi Families is all contrived and concocted by the mainstream media. 

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